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1754 Books Listed from the Bibliography (by Title) Processed on 8/18/2019
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1151 Book, Chapter
993830 Book, Chapter Barnett, M.A
993998 Book, Chapter J. Byron (2011) Paget Henry, Shouldering Antigua and Barbuda: the Life of V.C. Bird Hertford: Hansib Publications 2010 in Social and Economic Studies Vol. 60, Nos 3&4, pp. 226-231
993677 Book, Chapter Mowatt L
993910 Book, Chapter Satchell, Veront
994788 Book, Chapter Shirley, Tanya
993785 Book, Chapter Shirley, Tanya
993829 Book, Chapter ‘Geographies of Opportunity, Geographies of Constraint’ Barker, D.
994620 Book, Chapter ‘Higher Education and Sustainability in the Caribbean region.’ Down, L.
994174 Book, Chapter “Cytochrome P450 enzyme inhibitors from nature” Badal S; Sheilds ; Delgoda R
993843 Book, Chapter “Factors Impacting on Whether and How Businesses Respond to Early Warning Signs of Financial and Economic Turmoil: Jamaican Firms in the Global Crisis” Tennant, David.
995250 Book, Chapter “Finding Finance, Minerals and Tourists” Monteith, Kathleen E. A.
994709 Book, Chapter “Introducción (introduction)” Figueroa, Mark
994996 Book, Chapter “Knowledge networks in the tourism sector of the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch conurbation: a preliminary analysis.” McLeod, M.; Vaughan, D. R.; Edwards, J.
995295 Book, Chapter “Radon monitoring in sites of economical importance in Jamaica” Grant,C.N.; Lalor, G.C; Balcazar, M
994705 Book, Chapter “The Caribbean Community’s Fourth Pillar: The Evolution of Regional Security Governance” J. Byron
800 Book, Chapter “The systemic inflammatory response to cardiopulmonary bypass” Landis, R.C.; de Silva, R.J.
993771 Book, Chapter “Thinking Through Tourism.” McLeod, M
993778 Book, Chapter “Virus diseases of fruit crops”. Tennant, P; Fermin, G; Fisher, L; Fuchs, M
1901 Book, Chapter Dying and death Pottinger, Audrey M.
993881 Book, Chapter ICTs and Agriculture in Jamaica: Exploring the Possibilities of M Waller, Lloyd.
993964 Book, Chapter Mining omic technologies and their application to sustainable agriculture and food production systems. Benkeblia, N
994784 Book, Chapter On the typology of clauses in Papiamentu. Continuity, divergence and convergence in language, culture and society on the ABC-Islands Kouwenberg, Silvia; Muysken, Pieter.
4204 Book, Chapter Poverty and irregular migration in the Caribbean Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
994640 Book, Chapter Review of Primary and Secondary Schools’ Organisation and Instructional Practice in Curriculum Delivery- Montserrat Spencer-Ernandez, J.; Edwards-Kerr, D.
994960 Book, Chapter Special issue: Potato 5. FOOD Benkeblia, N. (Guest Editor)
993934 Book, Chapter Tourism Management McLeod, M. .
7176 Book, Chapter 'A 'Second Emancipation': The Transfiguration of Garvey's 'Racial Empire' in Rastafarian Thought' Stephens, Gregory
994432 Book, Chapter 'A new Model for Evaluating the Online Tutorial: Does your Tutorial Reflect your Mission.” Kerr,Paulette
5138 Book, Chapter 'After the Rain', 'Time', 'The Seamstress', 'Man and Girl by the Sea' George, Verna E
5214 Book, Chapter 'Bay you bkiye, pote mak sonje' la representation litteraire du massacre de 1937 dans les romans Haitiens de 1937 a 2001 N'Zengou-Tayo, Marie-José
7584 Book, Chapter 'Come to Jamaica and Feel Alright!': Marketing Reggae as Heritage Tourism Cooper, Carolyn
3924 Book, Chapter 'Driber tan mi side': Creolisation and the labour process in St. Kitts-Nevis, 1810-1905 Richards, Glen L
7963 Book, Chapter 'English fever’: documenting the Caribbean diaspora in ‘The Colony’. Mains, Susan
412 Book, Chapter 'Females of abandoned character'? Women and protest in Jamaica, 1838-1865 Wilmot, Swithin
993601 Book, Chapter 'How Climate Change Education is Influencing Pedagogy for Teacher Education’ Down, L.
7347 Book, Chapter 'I Mus Play Mas' Robinson-Walcott, Kim
2697 Book, Chapter 'La subregión de la - CARICOM/CARIFORUM en el periodo 1999-2000: ¿Hacia un nuevo modelo de gobernabilidad regional?' Byron, Jessica
6119 Book, Chapter 'Meck West Indies Federate' : Celebrating the arts of regional integration in the poetry of Louise Bennett Cooper, Carolyn
5294 Book, Chapter 'Nah vote again': Representations of governance in Jamaican popular culture Cooper, Carolyn J.
7434 Book, Chapter 'No nook of ground secure from rash assault? Ecotourism, heritage tourism and the Jamaican Maroons' Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
7346 Book, Chapter 'On The Road' Robinson-Walcott, Kim
6531 Book, Chapter 'Petticoat rebellion'?:Women in emancipation in colonial Jamaica Shepherd, Verene A.
5260 Book, Chapter 'Reduplication as lexical and syntactic aspect marking: The case of Guyanese creole Devonish, Hubert St.L.
3518 Book, Chapter 'Sense make befoh book': Grenadian popular culture and the rhetoric of revolution in Merle Collins's Angel and The Colour of Forgetting Cooper, Carolyn J.
3864 Book, Chapter 'Stories' and 'histories' in late-seventeenth century Jamaica Robertson, James
522 Book, Chapter 'The old order changeth': Vestry politics in two of Jamaica's parishes, Portland and Metcalfe, 1838-1865 Wilmot, Swithin
993279 Book, Chapter 'To dwell together in unity': Referendum on West Indian federation, 1961 Johnson, Michele A.
7256 Book, Chapter 'We not slave again': enslaved Jamaicans in early freedom, 1838-1865 Wilmot, Swithin
6219 Book, Chapter 'Welcome to Jamrock': Reggae Tourism and the Politics of Identity in Jamaica. Cooper, Carolyn
994920 Book, Chapter . “Intra-uterine growth restriction in developing countries: Impact on child mental development and behavior.” Walker SP; Chang SM
434 Book, Chapter = La Meunerie de Barbegal, Fontvielle Walsh, Kevin
1015 Book, Chapter =Immigration et ethnicité au Rayaume-Uni: Ségrégation socio-géographique à Liverpool et le concept de Quart-Monde Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth, M
995078 Book, Chapter [18 Posters] Elusive Yet Real: The Islamic Heritage of the Maroons and the Enslaved Africans in Jamaica Afroz ,Sultana
5382 Book, Chapter [Biographies] Gigliotti, Simone L
994968 Book, Chapter ‘Documents’ in Louise A. Breen (ed.), Converging Worlds: Communities and Cultures in Colonial America: A Sourcebook , Robertson, James
993083 Book, Chapter ‘Something Old, Something New….’ WikiLeaks and the Collaborating Newspapers Exploring the Limits of Conjoint Approaches to Political Exposure Dunn, Hopeton
480 Book, Chapter ‘That Vagabond George Stewart of England’: Leonard Howell’s Seditious Sermons, 1933–1940 Robertson, James
993831 Book, Chapter “Accessing and Producing Tissue Culture Banana Plantlets in Costa Rica and Jamaica: Insights on Distributive Consequences of Emerging Technologies” Bortagaray, I., Gatchair, S.
993898 Book, Chapter “Caribbean Creole Languages.” Kouwenberg, Silvia.
994936 Book, Chapter “Chapter 7: Tertiary Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) In the Caribbean: A call for Engagement” Morris, Halden A.
993904 Book, Chapter “Developing the Caribbean Scholarly Text: Journal Publishing at the University of the West Indies.” Paul, Annie
993988 Book, Chapter “Early child development in developing countries: The role of nutrition and stimulation.” Baker-Henningham H; Grantham-McGregor S; Walker S
994352 Book, Chapter “Foreword” in Jamaica 50 Scrapbook: The Birth of a Nation. Kingston Hope, Donna P.
994428 Book, Chapter “In vitro assessment of chromones, alkaloids and other natural products from Caribbean plants as potential anti-tuberculars and chemopreventors” Francis S; Morris D; Shields M; Jacobs H; Delgoda R
994987 Book, Chapter “Metaphors of Writing and Intersections with Jamaican Male Identity.” Jones, Carmeneta; Milson-Whyte.Vivette
993835 Book, Chapter “Pidginization and Creolization.” Kouwenberg, Silvia
995127 Book, Chapter “Pre-harvest factors influencing fruit quality after harvest” Benkebelia, N; Tennant, P; Jawandha,S.K.; Gill, P.S.
993797 Book, Chapter “Promoting Equity through Early Child Development Interventions for Children from Birth through Three Years of Age.” Walker SP
994891 Book, Chapter “Rastafari as an Afrocentrically Based Discourse and Spiritual Expression.” Barnett, M.A; Onoura, Adwoa.
993920 Book, Chapter “Rastafari as Philosophy and Praxis” Bamikole, Lawrence O.
994292 Book, Chapter “Tackling the ‘kinky eroticism’ of studying women in the heterosexist classroom” Marshall, A
993807 Book, Chapter “Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions of Secondary Reform and Implementation: China and Canada Comparison”. Joong, Y. P.; Ryan, T.
994267 Book, Chapter “The Cold War and United States Military Aid to Pakistan1947-1960” Afroz, Sultana
994739 Book, Chapter “The Perceptions of Teachers in Sierra Leone’s Secondary Education Reform”. Chapter in Robert A. DeVillar & Binbin Jiang (eds.). Transforming Education: Global Issues, Experiences and Perspectives Joong, Y.P.; Noel, K.
993733 Book, Chapter “This is an Empire War!”’ Contextualizing issues of Britishness, Gender and Jamaican Loyalty during World War I and II’ Bean, Dalea .
994900 Book, Chapter “Top-down, bottom-up or a synthesis?’ An exploration of implementation theory and Public Sector Reform Practice: The Case of Jamaica” Schoburgh, Eris D.
994771 Book, Chapter “Understanding Tourism: A Critical Introduction.” McLeod, M.
993994 Book, Chapter ”From Wareika Hill to Zimbabwe: Exploring the Role of Rastafari in Popularizing Reggae Music” Barnett, M.A.
849 Book, Chapter A 'new world' view from the periphery Nettleford, Rex
3353 Book, Chapter A 'riotous and unruly lot': Irish indentured servants and freemen in the English WEst Indies, 1644-1713 Beckles, Hilary McD.
992944 Book, Chapter A black woman's tale Small, Jean
7849 Book, Chapter A Caribbean life: An interview with Lloyd Best. Meeks, Brian; Bogues, Anthony
993215 Book, Chapter A Case Study of Citizen-to- Government Mobile Activism in Jamaica: Protesting Violations of the Rule of Law with Smart Phones Waller, L.; Taylor, A.
3279 Book, Chapter A comparative analysis of silicon-based photovoltaic modules [Abstract only] Myer, Leary O.; Williams, Sheryl
2953 Book, Chapter A comparative study of the enteric parasitic fauna of the small indian mongoose, herpestes auropunctatus, from an area of human disturbance and an adjacent undisturbed area in St. Catherine, Jamaica [Abstract only] Daley, Lisa P.; Lewis, Delano; Vogel, Peter A.; Wilson, Byron S.; Robinson, Ralph D.
5119 Book, Chapter A for average B for bad and P for paid : Grade inflation prospects for the Caribbean Bastick, Tony
993189 Book, Chapter A geographical focus for environment and development in the Caribbean McGregor, D. F. M; Barker, David
2906 Book, Chapter A growth depression model for coral density banding in montastraea annularis Mendes, Judith M.; Woodley, Jeremy D.
3577 Book, Chapter A history of poetry Baugh, Edward
476 Book, Chapter A new impetus in the Caribbean de Bruin, Marjan
993200 Book, Chapter A new Model for Evaluating the Online Tutorial: Does your Tutorial Reflect your Mission Kerr, Paulette
6721 Book, Chapter A one-way street just off the global digital superhighway: Debating monopoly control and policy-making in Caribbean telecommunications Dunn, Hopeton S.
6184 Book, Chapter A paediatric and perinatal HIV/AIDS leadership initiative in Kingston, Jamaica Christie, Celia D.; Steel-Duncan, Julianne C.
6465 Book, Chapter A perspective on ethics and Caribbean business Cowell, Noel M.
3287 Book, Chapter A preliminary assessment of the fishable resources of Portland Bight, St. Catherine [Abstract only] Aiken, Karl, A.; Hay, Brandon; Montemuro, Steven
1938 Book, Chapter A preliminary study of the effects of some West Indian medicinal plants on blood sugar levels in the dog. Morrison, Errol Y.; West, Manley E.
3268 Book, Chapter A preliminary study on the monthly mean daytime global radiation in the Kingston area [Abstract only] Amarakoon, Dharmaratne M
3618 Book, Chapter A review of educational reform in the Caribbean since Jomtien Evans, Hyacinth L.
3640 Book, Chapter A review of educational research in Jamaica Hamilton, Marlene A
5220 Book, Chapter A stake in the soil: Land and creole politicians in free Jamaica, the 1849 election Wilmot, Swithin
8182 Book, Chapter A Stitch in Time: General Lessons from Specific Cases. A Sysnthesis of Adaptation Findings from the AIACC Programme. Leary, Neil; Burton, Ian; Adejuwon, James; Barros, Vicente; Batimaa, Punsalmaa; Biagini, Bonizella; Chinvanno, Suppakorn; Cruz, Rex; Dabi, Daniel; de Comarmond, Alain; Dougherty, Bill; Dube, Pauline; Githeko, Andrew; Abou Hadid, Ayman; Hellmuth, Molly; Kangalawe, Richard; Kulkarni, Jyoti; Kumar, Mahendra; Lasco, Rodel; Mataki, Melchior; Medany, Mahmoud; Mohsen, Mansour; Nagy, Gustavo; Njie, Momodou; Nkomo, Jabavu; Nyong, Anthony; Osman, Balgis; Sanjak, Elamin; Seiler, Roberto; Taylor, Michael A.; Travasso, Maria; von Maltitz, Graham; Wandiga, Shem; Wehbe, Monica
1496 Book, Chapter A strategic approach to technology Girvan, Norman P
3252 Book, Chapter A study of the benthic macroinvertebrate community in the estuarine region of selected Jamaican rivers [Abstract only] Bent, S. M.; Hyslop, Eric J.
462 Book, Chapter A tale of two states: Language, lit/orature and the two Jamaicas Cooper, Carolyn J; Devonish, Hubert St. L.
2534 Book, Chapter A very public private man: Trinidad's Eric Eustace William (1911-1981) Mohammed, Patricia
7341 Book, Chapter Abortion in Jamaican and International Law Vasciannie, Stephen
4232 Book, Chapter Abstractions for directing self-organising patterns Coore, Daniel N.
1883 Book, Chapter Abutilon trisulcatum: A choline-rich plant with memory improvement potential Gossell-Williams, Maxine D.; Simon, Oswald R.
7961 Book, Chapter Access to justice. Mains, Susan
3902 Book, Chapter Access to tertiary education in the Commonwealth Caribbean in the 1990s Miller, Errol L.
6254 Book, Chapter Accessing higher education : Transition within an era of change Grant-Woodham, Jeanette
6253 Book, Chapter Accreditation and evaluation system in the English-speaking Caribbean Roberts, Vivienne
3066 Book, Chapter Accurate determination of the angular displacement of the shaft of a motor [Abstract only] Falconer, Lindon; Walwyn, Donald R
993623 Book, Chapter Ackee fruit (Blighia sapida L.) Emanuel, M. A. and Benkeblia, N.
2916 Book, Chapter Activity levels and maternal-child behavior in undernutrition: Studies in Jamaica Meeks-Gardner, Julie; Grantham-McGregor, Sally M.
2999 Book, Chapter Activity of extracts of ten Jamaican plants against Strongyloides stercoralis (Nematoda) [Abstract only] Forbes, Wayne M.; Robinson, Ralph D.
8181 Book, Chapter Adapting to dengue risk – what to do? Taylor, Michael A.; Chen, Abraham A.; Rawlins, Samuel; Heslop-Thomas, Charmaine; Amarakoon, Dharmaratne; Bailey, Wilma; Chadee, Dave; Huntley, Sherine; Rhoden, Cassandra; Stennett, Roxanne
2498 Book, Chapter Adolescence and violence in Jamaica Williams, Lincoln O.
992907 Book, Chapter Adoption and Diffusion Patterns of FOSS in Jamaican SMEs: A Study of Perceptions, Attitudes and Barriers McNaughton, Maurice L.; Thompson, Sheryl.; Duggan, Evan W.
3405 Book, Chapter Adrar Bous Allsworth-Jones, Philip
6503 Book, Chapter Adult education through the cultural arts :The case of the UWI Extra Mural Department Fergus, Howard A.
6504 Book, Chapter Adult education, experimental learning , and the knowledge worker: Solution to the crisis in the banana industry of the Windward Islands? Austin, Ian
7402 Book, Chapter Africa, Sub-Saharan Logan, Mawuena
451 Book, Chapter Africa: Submerged mother Warner-Lewis, Maureen
7053 Book, Chapter African aesthetica (A 29) Bewaji, John A.
2871 Book, Chapter African Caribbean religions Chevannes, Barry
5262 Book, Chapter African Languages and critical discourse Bewaji, John
992962 Book, Chapter African religion in the English-speaking Caribbean Alleyne, Mervyn C.
3887 Book, Chapter African-Guyanese political disempowerment during the nineteenth century Moore, Brian L.
7730 Book, Chapter Africans in early English Jamaica (1655-1700): The Akan-dominance myth. Kouwenberg, Silvia
7377 Book, Chapter Africans in Medieval Deccan Baptiste, Fitzroy A.; McLeod, John; Robbins, Kenneth X.
7293 Book, Chapter Africans in Medieval North India, Bengal, and Gujarat Baptiste, Fitzroy A.; McLeod, John; Robbins, Kenneth X.
3800 Book, Chapter Afterword Morris, Mervyn E.
3408 Book, Chapter Agadez Allsworth-Jones, Philip
3981 Book, Chapter Age determination of fishes using otoliths (earstones) Aiken, Karl A.
3104 Book, Chapter Age, growth and reproduction of the lane snapper Lutjanus sybagris (Linnaeus, 1785) in Jamaican waters [Abstract only] Aiken, Karl A.
7553 Book, Chapter Ageing: The reality Eldemire-Shearer, Denise
1503 Book, Chapter Airports in Jamaica: A case study in airport privatization through a combination of PPI mechanisms (Wraparound) Sampson, Cezley
996064 Book, Chapter Alfred Valentine Cresser, Julian
404 Book, Chapter Alice Spinner Bryan, Patrick E.
5499 Book, Chapter Alignment assessment: Battling grade inflation in the English speaking Caribbean Bastick, Tony
6682 Book, Chapter Allan Harold Goose, Dave St.A.
993305 Book, Chapter Alternative husbandry: Slaves and free labourers on livestock farms in Jamaica in the 18th and early 19th centuries Shepherd, Verene A.
700 Book, Chapter Alton Ellis Smith, Matthew
1104 Book, Chapter Ambient langauge and learner output in a Creole environment Carrington, Lawrence D.
2353 Book, Chapter Ambivalence, sexuality and violence in the construction of Caribbean masculinity Branche, Clement
3409 Book, Chapter Amekni Allsworth-Jones, Philip
495 Book, Chapter American media impact on Jamaican youth: the cultural dependency thesis Brown, Hilary
6612 Book, Chapter Amorphous computing Coore, Daniel N.
5408 Book, Chapter An analysis of Jamaican technical high school students' attitudes to technical and vocational education Soyibo, Kola; Thomas, James
3367 Book, Chapter An economic life of their own: Slaves as commodity producers and distributors in Barbados Beckles, Hilary McD.
3801 Book, Chapter An evaluation of bibliographic materials of non-traditional religions in Jamaica: Revival and rastafari Palmer, Dorothy M
3240 Book, Chapter An investigation of the current status of spiny lobster fisheries in Jamaica [Abstract only] Gittens, Lester; Aiken, Karl A.; Oxenford, Hazel
5230 Book, Chapter An overview of library cooperation in the Caribbean Ferguson, Stephney
2880 Book, Chapter Analyses of dasheen (colocasia sp.) and cocoyam (xanthosoma sp.) genomes using PCR-based DNA fingerprinting techniques Brown, V.M.D.; Asemota, Helen N.; Ahmad, Mohammed H.; Thangavelu, M.; Mantell, S.H.
2910 Book, Chapter Analysis of lanthanides using XRF spectroscopy[Abstract] Chin, A.; Howe, Andrea; Fiddler, Frederick; Lalor, Gerald C.; Vutchkov, Mitko K.; Thompson, Marlon K.; Kahwa, Ishenkumba A.
7549 Book, Chapter Ancient Africa: The Europocentric/Afrocentric Debate Revisited Baptiste, Fitzroy A.
3293 Book, Chapter Antifeedant properties of various formulations of neem oil against citrus root weevils [Abstract only] Robinson, Dwight E.; Mansingh, Ajai
2888 Book, Chapter Antifungal activity of neem oil using fungi pathogenic to yam (dioscorea sp.) Millar, M.; Mitchell, Sylvia A.; Ahmad, Mohammed H.
7186 Book, Chapter Application of carbonate cyclostratigraphy and borehole geophysics to delineate porosity and preferential flow in the karst limestone of the Biscayne aquifer, southeast Florida Cunningham, K; Renken, R; Wacker, R; Robinson, E; Zygnerski, M; Shapiro, A
993522 Book, Chapter Application of Cutting Edge Technologies in an Academic Cataloging Department: Linking Classroom with Practice Harris, Sasekea
2483 Book, Chapter Application of nuclear techniques for multi-element analysis in natural products Lalor, Gerald C.; Vutchkov, Mitko K.
2869 Book, Chapter Applications of the nuclear analytical facilities at ICENS to research in natural sciences Vutchkov, Mitko K.; Lalor, Gerald C.; Allsworth-Jones, Philip; Bailey, Wilma R. ; Greenaway, Alan; Hyslop, Eric J.; Kahwa, Ishenkumba A.; Robinson, E.N.
3411 Book, Chapter Aquatic civilization Allsworth-Jones, Philip
5199 Book, Chapter Architectures of confidence? Robertson, James
996002 Book, Chapter Arthur Wint Cresser, Julian
3413 Book, Chapter Asokrochona Allsworth-Jones, Philip
3475 Book, Chapter Assessing the predictive validity of the ATLP-75 selection test for Caribbean nurses Bastick, Tony; Hardware, Valerie J.
3661 Book, Chapter Assessing the quality of distance education: The case of the University of the West Indies Whiteley, Peter N.
3395 Book, Chapter Aterian Allsworth-Jones, Philip
993 Book, Chapter Attitudes of Jamaican adolescents to popular 'dance-hall' music Hamilton, Marlene A
5734 Book, Chapter Background and introduction to human rights in Jamaica: International and domestic obligations Vasciannie, Stephen
6432 Book, Chapter Background to the canal Bryan, Patrick E.
7403 Book, Chapter Baden-Powell, Robert Stephenson Smyth Logan, Mawuena
2571 Book, Chapter Balance of payments liberalization, poverty, and distribution in Jamaica King, Damien
7374 Book, Chapter Bare nouns in Berbice Dutch creole Kouwenberg, Silvia
994644 Book, Chapter Baroniceris Barta Calmus and Chevalier, 1980, p 200 Stemann, Thomas
8213 Book, Chapter Barriers to Control of Diabetes Mellitus in a Developing Country: A Search for Effective Interventions in Research Trends in Nutrition. Duff, Edith M.; McFarlane-Anderson, Norma; D.; Wright-Pascoe, Rosemarie A.
1504 Book, Chapter Barriers to excellence Coke, Frances
1908 Book, Chapter Barriers to successful community based rehabilation in Jamaica Thorburn, Marigold J.
1858 Book, Chapter Basic information on HIV/AIDS in children Pierre, Russell B.
1893 Book, Chapter Basic psychosocial needs of children with HIV/AIDS Pottinger, Audrey M.
3571 Book, Chapter Basic skills in Guyana Jennings, Zellynne D.
552 Book, Chapter Before and beyond negritude Dash, Jean Michael
3412 Book, Chapter Begho Allsworth-Jones, Philip
473 Book, Chapter Belittling the great tradition, in good humour Baugh, Edward
3415 Book, Chapter Benin Allsworth-Jones, Philip
6143 Book, Chapter Berbice Dutch Kouwenberg, Silvia
381 Book, Chapter Berbice Dutch Kouwenberg, Silvia
371 Book, Chapter Berbice Dutch creole Kouwenberg, Silvia
992989 Book, Chapter Between Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors: Female Employees in the Hotel Industry in Jamaica. Bean, Dalea M.; Spencer, Andrew J.
993702 Book, Chapter Between Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors: Female Employees in the Hotel Industry in Jamaica. Bean, Dalea ; Andrew Spencer
2771 Book, Chapter Between the living and the dead: The apotheosis of rastafari heroes Chevannes, Barry
3837 Book, Chapter Beyond grammar: Teaching English in an anglophone creole environment Pollard, Velma
994040 Book, Chapter Bio chemical and molecular genetic testing used in the diagnosis and assessment of cystic fibrosis McGrowder, D.
4904 Book, Chapter Bioactivity of hexane extract of blighia sapida konig on the cattle tick, boophilus microplus and the sweet potato weevil, cylas formicarius elegantulus Wilson, Arlene; Mansingh, Ajai
2692 Book, Chapter Biochemical changes associated with the cell wall of yam (Dioscorea cayenensis) tubers during short-term storage [Abstract only] Lobban, K.; Wheatley, Andrew O.; Asemota, Helen N.
3070 Book, Chapter Biocontrol potential of the nematode, Steinernema Carpocapsae (Weiser), in the management of the citrus root weevil, Exophthalmus vittatus Linn. in Jamaica Myers, Jacinth; Robinson, Dwight E.; Dalip, Kathy M.; Mansingh, Ajai
3226 Book, Chapter Biodiversity within agrodiversity in small farming systems of the Rio Grande watershed, Jamaica Spence, Balfour A.; Semple, Hugh M.
3165 Book, Chapter Biodiversity within the agricultural diversity of small farming in the Rio Grande watershed, Jamaica Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.; Semple, Hugh M.; Spence, Balfour A.
2674 Book, Chapter Biological and molecular characterization of papaya ringspot virus (type p) isolates from selected areas in Jamaica [Abstract only] Chin, Melanie; Tennant, Paula F.; Ahmad, Mohammed H.
2432 Book, Chapter Biological diversity and its conservation in Jamaica Yee, Trevor H..
3134 Book, Chapter Biomonitoring of the lower Rio Cobre, St. Catherine, Jamaica, using Macroinvertebrates and Zooplankton as indicators of organic pollution [Abstract only] Ruddock, Sheries; Hyslop, Eric J.
3239 Book, Chapter Biomonitoring of the north Elim River, Jamaica: Changes in the benthic macroinvertibrate community with reduced levels of heavy organic pollution (dunder) [Abstract only] John, Kimberly; Hyslop, Eric J.
3297 Book, Chapter Biostratigraphic investigation of species of the larger foraminiferal species Cushania silvestri in eocene rocks, Jamaica [Abstract only] D'Aguilar, Georgette; Robinson, Edward
1038 Book, Chapter Biotechnological advances towards improved yam production and storage Asemota, Helen N.
2441 Book, Chapter Biotechnology for yam (Dioscorea sp.) production improvement: A challenge for women scientists Asemota, Helen N.
7535 Book, Chapter Biotransformation of terpenes and steroids by fungi Reese, Paul B
8159 Book, Chapter Black and Minority Ethnic Issues. Bennett, Joanna
2862 Book, Chapter Black corals from Jamaican reef-wall environments Warner, George F.
995318 Book, Chapter Black Female Sexuality: The Self- Defined Marshall, A.; Maynard, D.
993477 Book, Chapter Black Female Sexuality: The Self- Defined Marshall, Annecka L.; Maynard, D.
993286 Book, Chapter Black politics in free Jamaica, 1838-1865 Wilmot, Swithin
3588 Book, Chapter Black testators: Fragments of the lives of free black Africans and free black creoles in Trinidad 1783-1877 Campbell, Carl C.
993249 Book, Chapter Blacks in the diaspora: Redefinitions for the third millennium Nettleford, Rex
6689 Book, Chapter Blake, Vivian Plummer, Nicole
4263 Book, Chapter Blood, respiratory and neuromuscular physiology Young, Ronald E.
621 Book, Chapter Blurring cultural boundaries: The balm yard in Olive Senior's 'Discerner of Hearts' and Erna Brodber's Mayal Pollard, Velma
40 Book, Chapter Bob Lemoine Nzengou-Tayo, Marie-José
610 Book, Chapter Bob Marley Smith, Matthew
993272 Book, Chapter Bob Marley Cooper, Carolyn J
7007 Book, Chapter Bob Marley Rastafari and the Jamaican tourist product Niaah, Jalani; Stanley-Niaah, Sonjah N.
7740 Book, Chapter Bob Marley, Rastafari and the Jamaican Tourist Product Niaah, Jalani A.; Stanley Niaah, Sonjah N.
3943 Book, Chapter Body image, physical beauty and colour among Jamaican adolescents Miller, Errol L.
6694 Book, Chapter Bogle, Paul Wilmot, Swithin
3976 Book, Chapter Breeding resistance against the papaya ringspot virus disease of papaya using tools of agricultural biotechnology Tennant, Paula F.
389 Book, Chapter Breve panorama de los estudios linguisticos en el Caribe Alleyne, Mervyn C.
6471 Book, Chapter Bridging the gap: Ethics, social capital and economic accumulation in Jamaica Johnson, Anthony S.
5237 Book, Chapter British colonies: The Caribbean Robertson, James
6247 Book, Chapter Building bridges of collaboration in hegher education ; The UNICA situation Parkins, Lorna
993515 Book, Chapter Building Community Access Cybercentres and the Development Challenge in the Caribbean Bailey, Arlene N.
993024 Book, Chapter Building Community Access Cybercentres and the Development Challenge in the Caribbean Bailey, Arlene
993207 Book, Chapter Building Partnerships in Educational Programming for Healthy Communities Prendergast, Patrick
626 Book, Chapter Building values in an organisation: The role of the HRD practitioner Mills, Oliver
779 Book, Chapter Built by labour- the Caribbean Nettleford, Rex
6669 Book, Chapter Burke, Rudolph Augustus Bean, Dalea M.
993281 Book, Chapter C.L.R. James on black self-determination in the United States and the Caribbean Richards, Glen
994187 Book, Chapter Cadmium Lalor., G.C.
7452 Book, Chapter Cancers: The changing patterns Hanchard, Barrie
6902 Book, Chapter Canvasses of representation: Stuart Hall, the body and dancehall performance. Hope, Donna P.; Stanley Niaah, Sonjah N.
3416 Book, Chapter Cap Manuel Allsworth-Jones, Philip
3396 Book, Chapter Capéletti Allsworth-Jones, Philip
995756 Book, Chapter Capitalism and slavery: The evidence reconsidered. Satchell, Veront
3399 Book, Chapter Capsian Allsworth-Jones, Philip
2415 Book, Chapter Captured shadows, tongue-tied witnesses, 'complellants' and the courts: Obya and social control Harriott, Anthony
995564 Book, Chapter Cardiometabolic risk in marasmus and kwashiorkor survivors Boyne, Michael S; Thompson, Debbie S; Francis-Emmanuel, Patrice M; Tennant, Ingrid A; Forrester, Terrence E
6250 Book, Chapter Cardiovascular diseases in the Caribbean : Historical highlights, current situation and future perspectives Wilks, Rainford J.; Tulloch-Reid, Marshall K.; Fraser, Henry
6704 Book, Chapter Caribbean agriculture in the new global environment Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth; Jardine-Comrie, Adonna
3368 Book, Chapter Caribbean anti-slavery: The self-liberation ethos of enslaved blacks Beckles, Hilary McD.
3977 Book, Chapter Caribbean ascidiacea Goodbody, Ivan
7853 Book, Chapter Caribbean black power Meeks, Brian
8046 Book, Chapter Caribbean climate scenarios for the Caribbean: Limitations and needs for biodiversity studies. Chen, Abraham A.; Taylor, Michael A.; Farrell, David; Centella, Abel; Walling, Leslie
993027 Book, Chapter Caribbean Creole Languages. Kouwenberg, Silvia
5259 Book, Chapter Caribbean Creoles Devonish, Hubert St.L.
846 Book, Chapter Caribbean cultural identity Nettleford, Rex
805 Book, Chapter Caribbean culture: Paradoxes of the 1990s Nettleford, Rex
484 Book, Chapter Caribbean cultures and mass communication technology: Re-examining the cultural dependency thesis Brown, Aggrey
3559 Book, Chapter Caribbean cultures, global mass communication, technology and opportunity in the 21st century Brown, Aggrey
1246 Book, Chapter Caribbean democracy: Decay or renewal? Munroe, Trevor
1376 Book, Chapter Caribbean development and the Caribbean people: The present as history Witter, Michael
7639 Book, Chapter Caribbean E-government portals or gateway websites: Implications for libraries and librarians Durrant, Fay
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5058 Book, Chapter Caribbean experience in the international women's movement: issues, process, constraints and possibilities Bailey, Barbara
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4931 Book, Chapter Caribbean governance: Solving the St. Kitts-Nevis dilemma and the Caribbean-Atlantic wide participation conundrum. [Abstract] Duncan, Neville C.
995987 Book, Chapter Caribbean ICTs: Strategic Issues, Challenges and Opportunities in Caribbean ICTs Dunn, Hopeton S.; Minto-Coy, Indianna
7376 Book, Chapter Caribbean labour markets: Potential of the CSME for reducing gender disparities Bailey, Barbara; Ricketts, Heather
878 Book, Chapter Caribbean male: Endangered species? Lindsay, Keisha
4208 Book, Chapter Caribbean migration and the transnationalization of social capital Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M
3364 Book, Chapter Caribbean modernism Dash, J. Michael
2593 Book, Chapter Caribbean thought and the political process Munroe, Trevor
5796 Book, Chapter Caribbean tourism and the FTAA Boxill, Ian; Ramjeesingh, Diaram; Segree, Marjorie D.
1311 Book, Chapter Caribbean-Central American relations and the FTAA Girvan, Norman P
5865 Book, Chapter CARICOM and international integration: Aspects of the investment debate Vasciannie, Stephen
2510 Book, Chapter CARICOMP: A Caribbean network of marine laboratories, parks and reserves for coastal monitoring and scientific collaboration Kjferve, B.; Ogden, J. C.; Garzon-Ferreira, J.; Jordan-Dahlgren, E.; De Meyer, K.; Penchaszadeh, P.; Wiebe,W. J.; Zieman, J. C.; Woodley, Jeremy D.
6481 Book, Chapter Carimensa's Masters' degree in cultural therapy Gibson, Roger; Hickling, Frederick W.; Matthies, Brigitte K.
468 Book, Chapter Caryl Phillips Morris, Mervyn E.
5938 Book, Chapter Case 14 comments: Training grant decisions: What is wrong and what should be done? Isaacs, Hedy L
993652 Book, Chapter Case Study ‘Literature and Education for Sustainable Development’ Down, L.
993649 Book, Chapter Case Study: Literature and Education for Sustainable Development Down, Lorna O
3865 Book, Chapter Celebrating Christmas in Jamaica, 1865-1920: From creole carnival to 'civilized' convention Moore, Brian L.; Johnson, Michele A.
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510 Book, Chapter Central America’s Caribbean Coast Sierakowski, Robert
3952 Book, Chapter Challenges educators face in delivering computer instructions in 'equipped' educational institutions in Jamaica Morris, Halden A.
5812 Book, Chapter Challenges for Academic Research in Tourism in the Caribbean Boxill, Ian
1460 Book, Chapter Challenges for small states in a global business environment Punnett, Betty Jane
7563 Book, Chapter Challenges in Gathering Research Data from Graduates: The Learning Outcomes from the CHTM survey Salvaris, Christos; Sharma, Tika; O'Reilly, Ainsley
5939 Book, Chapter Challenges in implementing tourism and hospitality joint degrees: The case of the University of the West Indies and University of Technology, Jamaica Jayawardena, Chandana; Taylor-Cooke, Marcia
995778 Book, Chapter Challenges in Institutionalising Democratic Governance via Popularly Elected Mayor: The Case of Jamaica Schoburgh, Eris D.; Ryan, Roberta.
7552 Book, Chapter Challenges to promoting agro-biodiversity in Caribbean small-farming systems: a Jamaican case study Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.; Spence, Balfour
5215 Book, Chapter Challenging the 'civilizing mission': Cricket as a field of socio-cultural contestation in Jamaica, 1865-1920 Moore, Brian L.; Johnson, Michele A.
1783 Book, Chapter Change, family life, coping strategies and seniors Eldemire-Shearer, Denise A.
994946 Book, Chapter Chapter 7: Tertiary technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in the Caribbean: A call for engagement. Morris, Halden A.
7073 Book, Chapter Characteristics of an effective school: A theoretical perspective Cook, Loraine D.
7936 Book, Chapter Characteristics of an effective school: A theoretical perspective. Cook, Loraine
472 Book, Chapter Characteristics of Maroon music of Jamaica and Suriname Warner-Lewis, Maureen; Whylie, Marjorie
454 Book, Chapter Charles Hyatt Allen, Carolyn
7938 Book, Chapter Charting the Education Transformation Path: Towards models of praxis for teacher development for school improvement in Jamaica. Feraria, Paulette J.
7265 Book, Chapter Charting the education transformation path: Towards models of praxis for teacher development for school improvement in Jamaica. Feraria, Paulette.
3599 Book, Chapter Chiefs and the making of industrial policy in Africa Hinds, Allister E
7311 Book, Chapter Children and Violence: Interventions at School and at Home Meeks-Gardner, Julie
6685 Book, Chapter Children's literature Grant, Norma L.
7174 Book, Chapter Children's Literature in the English-speaking Caribbean Shelley-Robinson, Cherrell
3282 Book, Chapter Circulation patterns in Discovery Bay [Abstract only] Chung, R.; Webber, Dale F.
6658 Book, Chapter Citizenship and subalternity of the voice within globalization: Dilemmas of public sphere, civil society and human rights in the periphery Carr, Robert
5449 Book, Chapter Citizenship education and the reform of the primary teacher education social studies curriculum in Jamaica Davis-Morrison, Vileitha
2529 Book, Chapter City limits: Urbanization and gender roles in the 21st century Mohammed, Patricia
6258 Book, Chapter Civil Society Participation in Governance in Jamaica and Belize Witter, Michael
587 Book, Chapter Claiming an identity they taught me to despise: From Mayotte Capécia to Michèle Cliff Wilson, Elizabeth
6672 Book, Chapter Clarke, Austin Bucknor, Michael A.
768 Book, Chapter Class, race and gender issues in child rearing in the Caribbean Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
3506 Book, Chapter Classroom observation during teaching practice: Some pragmatic and methodological issues Brown, Monica M.
4934 Book, Chapter Cleaner technologies: The implications for developing nations Clayton, Anthony
690 Book, Chapter Clement Dodd Smith, Matthew
4218 Book, Chapter Climate and sugar cane yield Chen, Abraham Anthony; Amarakoon, Dharmaratne M.
4216 Book, Chapter Climate Epidemiology Chen, Abraham Anthony; Amarakoon, Dharmaratne M.
7189 Book, Chapter Climate of Central America and the Caribbean Taylor, Michael A.; Alfaro, Eric J.
731 Book, Chapter Clinical supervision of teachers: The striving for relevance Myers, Samuel
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5544 Book, Chapter Coastal studies Douglas, Myrna
3009 Book, Chapter Coastal zone management Wade, Barry A.; Webber, Dale F.
5436 Book, Chapter Collaboration in teacher education : Reflections on the UNESCO/Mico College/IOE literature for sustainable development project Down, Lorna; Morgan, Karen
993703 Book, Chapter Collaboration of UWI and Columbia University Edwards, Dennis
6648 Book, Chapter Collection development and management in small academic libraries in Jamaica: Where is my budget? Palmer, Dorothy
6349 Book, Chapter Collection development and management in small academic libraries in Jamaica: Where is my budget? Palmer, Dorothy M.
2525 Book, Chapter Come to Jamaica and feel all right Campbell, Shirley; Perkins,Althea; Mohammed,Patricia
2770 Book, Chapter Coming in from the cold: Native religions and the problem of democracy in Jamaica. Chevannes, Barry
993818 Book, Chapter Commentary on 'When the tables turned’: A social work intern’s moral dilemma in a Botswana police station Baker, Peta-Anne
3885 Book, Chapter Commonwealth Caribbean education in the global context Miller, Errol L.
3893 Book, Chapter Commonwealth Caribbean education: An assessment Miller, Errol L.
825 Book, Chapter Commonwealth Library Association Amenu-Kpodo, Norma Y
993912 Book, Chapter Communication and Citizenship: Rethinking Crisis and Change: Reflections on the Theme of IAMCR’s 2010 Conference Dunn, Hopeton; Manuel Pinto ; Helena Sousa
1209 Book, Chapter Communication through names: A study of Igbo personal names concerning mortality: Implications for population policy Uche, Chukwudum
2377 Book, Chapter Community development and Caribbean tourism Jayawardena, Chandana
3337 Book, Chapter Community tourism in Jamaica Hayle, Carolyn E
2812 Book, Chapter Community tourism: Applying the lessons in the Caribbean Jayawardena, Chandana
2860 Book, Chapter Comparative genomics of hot pepper (capsicum sp.) accessions from Jamaica Lyn-Sue-Chin, A.E.; Young, W.A.; McLaughlin, Wayne A.
993238 Book, Chapter Comparative Perspectives on the Origins, Development and Structure of Amazonian (Karipúna) French Creole Ferreira, Jo-Anne, S.; Alleyne, Mervyn C.
5217 Book, Chapter Comparisons: The Caribbean Shepherd, Verene; Payne, Carleen
995772 Book, Chapter Conclusion: Towards a Model of Developmental Local Governance. Schoburgh, Eris D.; Martin, John.; Gatchair, Sonia.
1218 Book, Chapter Conference overview Witter, Michael
4963 Book, Chapter Conflict, gender relations and the health of women in two low income communities In Jamaica Henry-Lee, Aldrie; Bailey, Wilma R.; Branche, Clement
7255 Book, Chapter Confronting postcolonial legacies through pre-service teacher education: the case of Jamaica Evans, Hyacinth; Tucker, Joan
3978 Book, Chapter Conservation of Jamaica's terrestrial fauna: endemic reptiles and amphibians Wilson, Byron S.
293 Book, Chapter Conservation strategy for the Jamaican Iguana, Cyclura collei Vogel, Peter, A.; Nelson, R.; Kerr, R.
2508 Book, Chapter Consideration in the construction of gender-related development indicators for Jamaica Mohammed, Patricia
3647 Book, Chapter Constraints on content and methodology preparation: Commonwealth Caribbean teachers colleges Jennings, Zellynne D.
996049 Book, Chapter Constructing Visibility: Indian Women in the Jamaican Segment of the Indian Diaspora Shepherd, Verene A.
3846 Book, Chapter Constructing visibility: Indian women in the Jamaican segment of the Indian diaspora Shepherd, Verene A.
994596 Book, Chapter Constructing Visibility: Indian Women in the Jamaican Segment of the Indian Diaspora Shepherd, Verene
6472 Book, Chapter Contemporary ethical dynamics in the physical sciences Kahwa, Ishenkumba
996032 Book, Chapter Contemporary Globalized Popular Cultures: Re-configuring Vodou Traditions in the Serialized Novels of Gary Victor Le Revenant Cévaër, Françoise
2665 Book, Chapter Contemporary scenarios- the aboriginal miracle Palacio, Joseph O
547 Book, Chapter Content de Bruin, Marjan; Nicholson, Hilary; Gayatry, Persad
879 Book, Chapter Continuity and change in all-age schools, 1948-88 Evans, Hyacinth L.
386 Book, Chapter Continuity vs. creativity in Afro-American language and culture Alleyne, Mervyn C.
4239 Book, Chapter Contour hedgerows in an agroforestry system: Effects on crop productivity and soil fertility Lowe, Donna; Cohen, Jane E.; McDonald, Morag
3755 Book, Chapter Contrapuntal conversation and the performance floor Shields-Brodber, Kathryn A.
3838 Book, Chapter Contrasting problems facing universities in the developed and developing worlds: The same difference Nettleford, Rex
423 Book, Chapter Control, resistance, accommodation and race relations: Aspects of the indentureship experience of Indian immigrants in Jamaica, 1845-1921 Shepherd, Verene A.
3770 Book, Chapter Convergence and explanations in creole genesis Kouwenberg, Silvia
6173 Book, Chapter Conversations on the edge Robinson-Walcott, Kimberly Anne
2586 Book, Chapter Cooperation and conflict in the US-Caribbean drug connection Munroe, Trevor
3237 Book, Chapter Coral communities in transition: A case study from the Jamaican fossil records [Abstract only] Stemann, Thomas A.
1497 Book, Chapter Corporate ethics and the Jamaican business culture Munroe, Trevor
5795 Book, Chapter Cote d'Ivoire Rapley, John
995982 Book, Chapter Count Ossie Smith, Matthew
995990 Book, Chapter Courtney Walsh Cresser, Julian
2731 Book, Chapter Creating the productivity culture: The link between productivity and human resources Ying, Neville
7732 Book, Chapter Creole formation and second language acquisition: contentious issues. Kouwenberg, Silvia
1915 Book, Chapter Creole then and now: The problem of definition Allen, Carolyn
2481 Book, Chapter Creolisation in action: The slave labour elite and anti-slavery in Barbados Beckles, Hilary McD.
3807 Book, Chapter Creolisation processes in linguistic, artistic and material cultures Warner-Lewis, Maureen
3276 Book, Chapter Cretaceous to eocene evolution of central Jamaica [Abstract only] Mitchell, Simon F.
3932 Book, Chapter Cricket and the artistic tradition: West Indian cricket as a performing art Nettleford, Rex
6138 Book, Chapter Crime and Violence in the Tourism Sector: Perception and Reality Harriott, Anthony
5861 Book, Chapter Criminalizing cultural practice: The case of ganja in Jamaica Chevannes, Barry
1229 Book, Chapter Crisis, adjustment and social change: A case study of Jamaica Anderson, Patricia; Witter, Michael
5454 Book, Chapter Critical ingredients for integrating information technology into the education system Morris, Halden A
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1459 Book, Chapter Cross-national management Punnett, Betty Jane
3446 Book, Chapter Crossing boundaries: Race, gender, identity in short narrative fiction by women writers of the Dominican Republic Bankay, Anne-Maria Y.
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529 Book, Chapter Crown lands and peasant development in Jamaica 1895-1910 Satchell, Veront M.
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3892 Book, Chapter Cultural reconfigurations in the African Caribbean Warner-Lewis, Maureen
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718 Book, Chapter Currency unification in the British Caribbean, 1922-51 Hinds, Allister E
2408 Book, Chapter Current trends in higher education and the implications for the UWI Clayton, Anthony
993353 Book, Chapter Customer service ti ps for the solo librarian: Dealing with patron problems Stubbs, Sandra
494 Book, Chapter CXC and the teaching of mathematics Tomlinson, Esperanza
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994308 Book, Chapter Cytochrome P450 enzyme inhibitors from nature Badal, S.; Sheilds, M.; Delgoda, R.
2465 Book, Chapter Cytoskelett Wolf, Klaus W.
3418 Book, Chapter Daima Allsworth-Jones, Philip
995118 Book, Chapter Dancehall: Origins, History, Future. Hope, Donna
550 Book, Chapter Daniel Fignolé Smith, Matthew
6688 Book, Chapter Danticat, Edwidge N'Zengou-Tayo, Marie-Jose
3400 Book, Chapter Dar es-Soltane II Allsworth-Jones, Philip
3410 Book, Chapter Dating the transition between middle and upper paleolithic in Eastern Europe Allsworth-Jones, Philip
993704 Book, Chapter Decentralisation Policy for Regional Service Delivery Osei, Philip; Tennant, David F
802 Book, Chapter Defining and discussing gender: A Caribbean perspective Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
3552 Book, Chapter Defining the role of linguistic markers in manufacturing classroom consent Bryan, Beverley A.
3263 Book, Chapter Deflowering as a control measure for the moth, Pyroderces rileyi walsingham (Lepidotera: Cosmopterigidae) in bananas in Jamaica [Abstract only] Henry, Deborah; Garraway, Eric
7404 Book, Chapter Defoe, Daniel Logan, Mawuena
7859 Book, Chapter Democratic Decentralisation in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Is there a Case for New Roles and Relationships? Schoburgh, Eris D.; Ragoonath, Bishnu
4942 Book, Chapter Dependence, cumulative causation and the Caribbean Karagiannis, Nikolaos
3651 Book, Chapter Deportees in Nova Scotia: The Maroons, 1796-1800 Hinds, Allister E
992970 Book, Chapter Derek Walcott Morris, Mervyn E.
5190 Book, Chapter Developing children in Jamaica : Public primary schools: Experiences at grade one Davies, Rose
373 Book, Chapter Developing technical vocabulary for Jamaican creole Devonish, Hubert St. L.
5908 Book, Chapter Developing, managing and sustaining the first Tourism and Hospitality Master's Degree in the Caribbean Jayawardena, Chandana
3203 Book, Chapter Development and use of passive monitors for the assessment of air quality [Abstract only] Richards, Mark; Grant, Ian; Pinnock, Willard R.
5805 Book, Chapter Development policy options for CARICOM in an era of free trade Freckleton, Marie; Karagiannis, Nikolaos.
7962 Book, Chapter Development: cultural imperialism. Mains, Susan
995738 Book, Chapter Developmental Local Governance: A Critical Discourse in ‘Alternative Development' Schoburgh, Eris D.; Martin, John.; Gatchair, Sonia.
3419 Book, Chapter Dhar tichitt Allsworth-Jones, Philip
995677 Book, Chapter Diabetes in the Caribbean Boyne, Michael S
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7405 Book, Chapter Diop, Birago Logan, Mawuena
4496 Book, Chapter Disciplinary Practices Among Parents of Six Year Olds in Jamaica Samms-Vaughan, Maureen E.; Williams, Sian; Brown, Janet
3872 Book, Chapter Discours et représentations ethniques dans les premiers romans français de Raphael Confiant: Le nègre et l'amiral, Eau de café et L'allée des soupirs N'Zengou-Tayo, Marie-José
994671 Book, Chapter Discourse on Rastafarian reality Nettleford, Rex
2509 Book, Chapter Discovery Bay, Jamaica Gayle,Peter M. H.; Woodley,Jeremy D.
994737 Book, Chapter Discrimination Hickling, F.; Robertson-Hickling, H.
995400 Book, Chapter Discrimination Robertson-Hickling, H.; Hickling, F. W.
4585 Book, Chapter Disrupted Caregiving Relationships and Emotional Well Being in School Age Children Living in Inner City Communities Pottinger, Audrey M.
2558 Book, Chapter Distance education in Antigua: Past and present challenges Osoba, Ermina
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3607 Book, Chapter Documenting cultural heritage: Focusing on the oral history collections at the University of the West Indies Brown, Enid; Rouse-Jones, Margaret
993825 Book, Chapter Documents Robertson, James
5498 Book, Chapter Does disruptive classroom behaviour make adolescent Caribbean students more popular or less popular with their peers? Bastick, Tony
3447 Book, Chapter Dominican plantations and land tenure in the Dominican Republic, 1900-1916 Bryan, Patrick E.
660 Book, Chapter Don Drummond Smith, Matthew
5016 Book, Chapter Dr. Olive Lewin: Jamaica’s first lady of folk music Heap, Brian S.
3654 Book, Chapter Draw wisdom and listen: How to eat and remain human Nettleford, Rex
3962 Book, Chapter Dream cities (poem) McKenzie, Earl
5935 Book, Chapter Drug courts in Jamaica: Means to an end or end in itself? Harriott, Anthony; Jones, Marlyn
439 Book, Chapter Du reggae au ragga: que reste-t-il de la contestation? Cooper, Carolyn J
570 Book, Chapter Dumarsais Estimé Smith, Matthew
3546 Book, Chapter e-Government and the Internet in the Caribbean: An initial assessment Durrant, Claudette
2870 Book, Chapter Early childhood stimulation programmes in Jamaica Powell, Christine A.; Walker, Susan P.; Grantham-McGregor, Sally M.
2917 Book, Chapter Early childhood supplementation and cognitive development, during and after intervention Walker, Susan P.; Powell, Christine A.; Grantham-McGregor, Sally M.
3501 Book, Chapter Early post-emancipation Jamaica: The historiography of plantation culture, 1834-1865 Campbell, Carl C.
5102 Book, Chapter Earthquake monitoring Newman, Dunstan
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156 Book, Chapter Echinoderms Donovan, S.K.; Paul, C.R.; Lewis, D.N.
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986 Book, Chapter Ecological determinism in Caribbean history Higman, Barry
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2894 Book, Chapter Economic policy and the Caribbean labour market Witter, Michael
6426 Book, Chapter Edith Dalton James Josephs, Aleric
7705 Book, Chapter Education and society requiem for western education in Africana societies to transcend plantocracy, coloniality and neo-coloniality. Bewaji, John A.
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5121 Book, Chapter Education in the Caribbean, 1930- 1990 Campbell, Carl C.
3820 Book, Chapter Education training and the new workplace: Some introductory remarks Miller, Errol L
1115 Book, Chapter Educational development in some Eastern Caribbean countries: Perspective on current needs Fergus, Howard A.
3657 Book, Chapter Educational reform in Guyana in the post-war period Jennings, Zellynne D.
3889 Book, Chapter Educational reform in independent Jamaica Miller, Errol L.
6438 Book, Chapter Edward Jordon Wilmot, Swithin
996038 Book, Chapter Edward Jordon Wilmot, Swithin
395 Book, Chapter Edward Kamau Brathwaite Dash, Jean Michael
7082 Book, Chapter Edwidge Danticat Nzengou-Tayo, Marie-José
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3250 Book, Chapter Effect of the alumina waste on diversity and abundance of the benthic macroinvertebrates of the upper Rio Cobre [Abstract only] Nesbeth, D. A.; Hyslop, Eric J.
2690 Book, Chapter Effect of yam and dasheen extracts on lipid metabolism in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats [Abstract only] Grindley, P. B.; Omoruyi, Felix O.; Asemota, Helen N.; Morrison, Errol Y.
1867 Book, Chapter Effects of environmental factors on psychological adjustment in very low birthweight and higher birthweight Jamaican adolescents Lambert, M.C.; Samms-Vaughan, Maureen E; Schmitt, Kirsch E.; Paneth, N.
2907 Book, Chapter Effects of the crude extracts of hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. on protein and lipid sequestration by ovaries and eggs of boophilus microplus canestrini Blair, Marcia; Mansingh, Ajai
2908 Book, Chapter Efficacy of household disinfectants to suppress scutellonema bradys infestation of sweet yam (dioscorea alata) planting material Hutton, Dave G.; Dunkley, Glaister
993144 Book, Chapter El impacto regional e internacional de The Mighty Sparrow en la esfera del calypso. Bruni, Nina Andrea
461 Book, Chapter Elean Thomas Cooper, Carolyn J
2414 Book, Chapter Electing change in Mexico Boxill, Ian
3989 Book, Chapter Electrical control of the wetting properties of metal surfaces coated with oxidisable organic films Mulder, Willem H.
1934 Book, Chapter Electroencephalography in severe malnutrition Young, Ronald E.; Robinson, Steven
7163 Book, Chapter Elements of Kalab’arj syntax. Harry, Otelemate G.
995977 Book, Chapter Élie Lescot Smith, Matthew
993049 Book, Chapter Emancipate yourself from mental slavery Lewis, Rupert
6529 Book, Chapter Emancipation and the ritualization of memory Chevannes, Barry
979 Book, Chapter Emancipation in action: workers and wage conflicts in Jamaica, 1838-1848 Wilmot, Swithin
6526 Book, Chapter Emancipation-unfinished business Dunn, Hopeton S.
5174 Book, Chapter Emergency response Robinson, Karlene
3166 Book, Chapter Emigration dynamics in the Anglophone Caribbean Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
7077 Book, Chapter Emperor, Exiles, and Intrigues: The Case of Nineteenth-century Haitian Heads of State in Jamaica Smith, Matthew J.
2573 Book, Chapter Empirical evidence of structural invariance of money demand in Barbados Ghartey, Edward, E
2971 Book, Chapter Empirical evidence that algorithm animation promotes understanding of distributed algorithms Tudoreanu, Mihail; Wu, Rong; Hamilton-Taylor, Ashley G.; Kraemer, Eileen
7496 Book, Chapter Employers and New Initiatives in Industrial Relations Ying, Neville
2884 Book, Chapter Endocrine emergencies Ladenson, P.W.; Boyne, Michael S.
2970 Book, Chapter Energy consumption and economic development in the Middle East: Implications for an environmentally sustainable development Arimah, Benedict C.
4215 Book, Chapter Energy resource studies in Jamaica Amarakoon, Dharmaratne M.; Chen, Abraham Anthony
5057 Book, Chapter Engendering governance: Strategies for promoting gender equality Bailey, Barbara; Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
995631 Book, Chapter Engineered Resistance to Viruses: A Case of Plant Innate Immunity Tennant, Paula F.; Fuchs, M
6960 Book, Chapter Engines of change: Industrialization and society in the United States, 1820-1920 Smith, Matthew
642 Book, Chapter English in its place Bryan, Beverley A
3665 Book, Chapter English in the English-Speaking Caribbean: Questions in the Academy Taylor, Monica
1322 Book, Chapter Entrepreneurship among blacks: Towards a theory of symbolic articulation Boxill, Ian
4235 Book, Chapter Environment, resources, and development: Some reflections on the Caribbean research agenda McGregor, Duncan; Barker, David
6057 Book, Chapter EP/Small Hotels: Prospects for the Future. Crick, Anne P.
1764 Book, Chapter Epidemiological considerations in the assessment of disability Paul,Tomlin J.; Thorburn, Marigold J.
3979 Book, Chapter Epidemiology and transmission of parasitic infections in humans and animals in Jamaica and the Caribbean region Robinson, Ralph D.
993129 Book, Chapter Equatorial Guinea Okenve, Enrique
993130 Book, Chapter Equatorial Guinea Okenve, Enrique
671 Book, Chapter Eric Williams versus Stanley Hammond, 1946: The nationalist agenda of education in the West Indies Campbell, Carl C.
7183 Book, Chapter Ethical Issues in Psychiatry: A Caribbean Perspective Hickling, Frederick W.; Lolas, Fernando ; Sorel, Eliot; Hutchinson, Gerard
6470 Book, Chapter Ethics and development: The public - private interface Wint, Alvin G.
6469 Book, Chapter Ethics and international relations :Transparency in international investment process Vacianne, Stephen
7735 Book, Chapter Ethics and morality : Critical exploration of western and African philospohical perspectives Bewaji, John A.
5249 Book, Chapter Ethics and morality in Yoruba culture Bewaji, John
6466 Book, Chapter Ethics and morality: Critical exploration of Western and African philosophical perpectives Bewaji, John A.
1485 Book, Chapter Ethics and social responsibility of business Lindo, Locksley
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2883 Book, Chapter Evaluation and treatment of endocrine disorders Boyne, Michael S.; Dobs, A. S.; Krasner, A. S.; Provost, Thomas T.
995560 Book, Chapter Evaluation and treatment of endocrine disorders Boyne, Michael S; Dobs, AS; Krasner, AS; Provost, TT
3298 Book, Chapter Evaluation of media, methods of culture and fertilizer for the commercial cultivation of anthuriums in Jamaica [Abstract only] Chun, Tai; Potluri, Sasikala D.; Devi Prasad, P. V.
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2680 Book, Chapter Evolution of cabbage leaf curl virus from Jamaica [Abstract only] Roye, Marcia E.; McLaughlin,Wayne A.; Maxwell,D. P.
2681 Book, Chapter Evolution of Carica spp. for resistance to papya ringspot virus [Abstract only] Turner, S.; Tennant, Paula F.; Ahmad, Mohammed H
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2630 Book, Chapter Exchange market efficiency: Perspectives from Jamaica, an emerging market Ghartey, Edward, E
551 Book, Chapter Exile and recent literature Dash, Jean Michael
3871 Book, Chapter Exorcising painful memories: The writers of the Créolité movement and slavery: Chamoiseau's Texaco and Confiant's Eau de café N'Zengou-Tayo, Marie-José
5782 Book, Chapter Experiences of mature women in higher education: Implications for practice and policy Johnson, Rosemarie A.; Gordon-Stair, A.
4299 Book, Chapter Exploitation of Jamaican Tuber Crops for Natural Products Utilization Omoruyi, Felix O.; McAnuff, Marie; Dilworth, Lowell L.; Morrison, Errol Y.; Asemota, Helen N.
4213 Book, Chapter Exploration and exploitation of mineral deposit in Jamaica Jackson, Trevor A.
600 Book, Chapter Fabre Geffrard Smith, Matthew
1069 Book, Chapter Facilitating changes in artisanal fishery practice at Discovery Bay, Jamaica Woodley, Jeremy D.
3645 Book, Chapter Facilitating gifted learners in Jamaican primary schools: Challenges and explorations Hall, Winnifred Madge; Narinesingh, Marguerite
1247 Book, Chapter Facilitation of teacher education: Country report for Jamaica Marrett, Christine
3352 Book, Chapter Facing the digital millennium: Culture, communication and globalization in Jamaica and South Africa Dunn, Hopeton S.
1174 Book, Chapter Factors affecting the choice of science subjects by high school students: A pilot study Bailey, Barbara; Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
993224 Book, Chapter Factors Impacting on Whether and How Businesses Respond to Early Warning Signs of Financial and Economic Turmoil: Jamaican Firms in the Global Crisis Tennant, David
2354 Book, Chapter Factors that shape the initiation of early sexual activity among adolescent boys and girls Kempadoo, Kamala; Dunn, Leith L
3939 Book, Chapter Farewell function (poem) Morris, Mervyn E.
129 Book, Chapter Farming on the fringe: Small scale agriculture on the edge of the Cockpit Country Barker, David; Miller, David, J.
4077 Book, Chapter Fate of pesticides in soil, water and sediment Dasgupta, Tara P.
4257 Book, Chapter Fatherhood in risk environments Bailey,Wilma R.; Branche, Clement; Jackson, Jean; Lee, Amy
2580 Book, Chapter Fatherhood in the African-Caribbean landscape Chevannes, Barry
995784 Book, Chapter Fats Bowen Forbes, C.; Goldson Barnaby, Andrea
995565 Book, Chapter Fats Bowen Forbes, Camille; Goldson Barnaby, Andrea M
5714 Book, Chapter Fear of criminal victimization in a reputedly violent environment Harriott, Anthony
995298 Book, Chapter Feasibility and Cost Benefit Analysis Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in Jamaica and the Caribbean. TPM-MSB. Jackson, C.; Courtney and Dunn, Hopeton
3383 Book, Chapter Female enslavement and gender ideologies in the Caribbean Beckles, Hilary McD.
1172 Book, Chapter Feminism and educational research and understanding: The state of the art in the Caribbean Bailey, Barbara
3122 Book, Chapter Fertility Information Appliance Ngalamou, Lucien; Rose, David
3172 Book, Chapter Field guide to St. Vincent Robertson, R. E.; Jackson, Trevor A.
7185 Book, Chapter Field surveys and inventories Barker, David
995916 Book, Chapter Field Trip 1: Geology of the White Limestone between Middlesex and Riverhead, Parish of St. Ann, Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.
995859 Book, Chapter Field Trip 2: Selected geological sites in the parishes of western St Andrew and St Thomas Mitchell, Simon F; Stemann, Thomas A.
3012 Book, Chapter Fieldwork: A key component in teaching geology and geomorphology at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica Donovan, S. K.; Jackson, Trevor A.; Miller, David J.
6730 Book, Chapter Financing agriculture and trade. Barclays Bank (DCO) in the West Indies, 1926-1945. Monteith, Kathleen E. A.
994881 Book, Chapter Financing Sustainable Development in Small Island Developing States Witter, Michael
994014 Book, Chapter Finding Finance, Minerals and Tourists in Part Two of Economic Activities other than Sugar Monteith, Kathleen E. A.
3199 Book, Chapter First report of the occurrence on a population of gambusia affinis holbrooki (Girard, 1854) in Jamaican freshwaters, and an examination of aspects of the biology of the species [Abstract only] Hoo, Lesley S.; Hyslop, Eric J.
1551 Book, Chapter Flexible and rigid chain-linked bis-pyridmidine and bis-purine deravatices as potential intercalating agents Szentpály, L.V.,; Parkanyi, C.; Yuan, H.; Martin-Montez, M.; Tsai, K.M.; Aung, T.; Essoussi, H.T.
3675 Book, Chapter For consciousness (poem) Morris, Mervyn E.
3246 Book, Chapter Forecasting local isolated thunderstorms in Jamaica [Abstract only] Walwyn, Donald R.; Coy, Andre D
5894 Book, Chapter Forecasting tourist arrivals: Accounting for non-stationary to improve forecasting accuracy Alleyne, Dillon
1275 Book, Chapter Foreign capital inflows and Caribbean development McBain, Helen
1483 Book, Chapter Foreign investment and human resource development: The case of Alcan Jamaica Panton, Keith
994649 Book, Chapter Foreign portfolio investments: An alternative means of attracting foreign currency? Hunter, Delroy
5551 Book, Chapter Foreword Bryan, Patrick E.
2698 Book, Chapter Formalgenetik Wolf, Klaus W.
1486 Book, Chapter Forming strategic alliances: The University of the West Indies and the private sector Jones-Graham, Karen; Shackleford, Karen
3809 Book, Chapter Forms of African spirituality in Trinidad and Tobago Warner-Lewis, Maureen ; Eastman, Rudolph
2293 Book, Chapter Fostering the creative imagination Small, Jean
3236 Book, Chapter Fractal character of landslides in Jamaica [Abstract only] Ahmad, Rafi
4994 Book, Chapter Framing the Postcolonial: Annie Paul on Christopher Cozier Paul, Annie
3566 Book, Chapter Frank Collymore and the miracle of Bim Baugh, Edward
6695 Book, Chapter Free villages Wilmot, Swithin
2358 Book, Chapter Freedom of association and collective bargaining in the Jamaican tourism industry Taylor, Orville W
2905 Book, Chapter Freshwater thiarid snails as biological monitors of aluminum levels in the Rio Cobre River Shakes, S.; Lalor, Gerald C; Vutchkov, Mitko K.; Hyslop, Eric J.
719 Book, Chapter Friendly societies and labour organisation in the Leeward Islands, 1912-19 Richards, Glen
493 Book, Chapter Frog of Britain proudly waving Pollard, Velma
3867 Book, Chapter From bondage to political office: Blacks and vestry politics in two Jamaican parishes, Kingston and St. David, 1831-1865 Wilmot, Swithin
3856 Book, Chapter From CBI to ACS: Some cultural dimensions Miller, Errol L.
1279 Book, Chapter From decolonization to neo-liberalism: What have we learned about development Levitt, Kari
995726 Book, Chapter From Developmental Local Government to Developmental Local Governance. Schoburgh, Eris D.; Martin, John.; Gatchair, Sonia.
5809 Book, Chapter From Mcdonaldization to customization: training the service worker in the new era Crick, Anne P
7380 Book, Chapter From Neo-Liberalism to the New Medievalism Rapley, John
3851 Book, Chapter From object to subject: The affirmation of female subjectivity in Quince Duncan's La paz del pueblo and Kimbo Ramsay, Paulette A.
993233 Book, Chapter From performer to school music teacher: A problem of identity Tucker, Joan M.
993259 Book, Chapter From periphery to centre : Teaching Caribbean literature within a postcolonial /Commonwealth context Pollard, Velma
995924 Book, Chapter From Plantations to Services: A Historical and Theoretical Assessment of the Transition from Agrarian to Service- Based Industries in the Caribbean Rhiney, Kevon
6910 Book, Chapter From the port of princes to the city of kings: Jamaica and the roots of the Haitian diaspora Smith, Matthew
992913 Book, Chapter From the port of princes to the city of kings: Jamaica and the roots of the Haitian diaspora Smith, Matthew
995921 Book, Chapter Future of Food and Agriculture in the Caribbean in the Context of Climate Change and Globalization: Where Do We Go from Here? Beckford, Clinton; Rhiney, Kevon
3123 Book, Chapter Fuzzy Implementation of Discrete Event Controllers using Petri Nets-to-Fuzzy Sets Conversion Approach Ngalamou, Lucien; Donaldson, Christopher
460 Book, Chapter G. Arthur Brown Monteith, Kathleen
6053 Book, Chapter Ganja and the road to decriminalisation in Jamaica Chevannes, Barry
5853 Book, Chapter Ganja in Jamaica Chamberlin, J. Edward; Chevannes, Barry
5855 Book, Chapter Garrison politics and criminality in Jamaica: Does the 1997 election represent a turning point? Figueroa, Mark; Sives, Amanda
2616 Book, Chapter Gender and adult sexuality Chevannes, Barry
3625 Book, Chapter Gender and Caribbean media de Bruin, Marjan
2419 Book, Chapter Gender and health in governmental allocations: An analysis of the Ministry of Health's budget 1997/98 Hamilton, Pansy I.
5603 Book, Chapter Gender and human rights issues in the Commonwealth Caribbean Byron, Jessica .
5989 Book, Chapter Gender and power in contemporary society: a case-study of student government Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
7348 Book, Chapter Gender and professional identity among Caribbean journalists de Bruin, Marjan
3723 Book, Chapter Gender and representation in European accounts of pre-emancipation Jamaica Shepherd, Verene A.
479 Book, Chapter Gender and the context of media work de Bruin, Marjan
1074 Book, Chapter Gender as a dynamic concept in the media Nicholson, Hilary
3606 Book, Chapter Gender discrimination in education and employment: The marginalised men and wasted women of Dominica Bastick, Tony
5275 Book, Chapter Gender equity, information and communications technology and connectivity Durrant, C. Fay
3844 Book, Chapter Gender issues in science education Whiteley, Peter N.
2420 Book, Chapter Gender myths and realities: Education and women's social advancement in Jamaica Bailey, Barbara
365 Book, Chapter Gender perspectives in a teacher education distance programme Tomlinson, Esperanza; Bailey, Barbara
5192 Book, Chapter Gender politics and media production de Bruin, Marjan
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5984 Book, Chapter Gender stereotypes: perceptions and awareness of a sample of Jamaican adolescents Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.; Pencle, Carmen
5266 Book, Chapter Gender, history education & development in Jamaica Shepherd, Verene A.
409 Book, Chapter Gender, migration and settlement: The indentureship and post-indentureship experience of Indian females in Jamaica Shepherd, Verene A.
3792 Book, Chapter Gender, power and politics: An alternative perspective Miller, Errol L.
5062 Book, Chapter Gendered realities: Fact or fiction?: The realities in a secondary level co-educational classroom Bailey, Barbara
5656 Book, Chapter Gendering the political executive's space: The changing landscape Whicker, Marcia Lynn; Isaacs, Hedy L
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994446 Book, Chapter Genetic Diversity and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1: Orville Heslop
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3181 Book, Chapter Geographical information systems (GIS) and health Bailey, Wilma R.; Ward, Elizabeth; Ashley, Deanna E.; Semple, Hugh M.; Jones, Nadine
995857 Book, Chapter Geographies of Globalization, Climate Change and Food and Agriculture in the Caribbean Beckford, Clinton; Rhiney, Kevon
233 Book, Chapter Geologic provinces of the Caribbean region Draper, Grenville; Jackson, Trevor A.; Donovan, S.K.
177 Book, Chapter Geology education in the anglophone Caribbean Jackson, Trevor A.
6065 Book, Chapter Geology of the Blue Mountain range Ahmad, Rafi
6208 Book, Chapter Geomorphology and the urban tropics: Building an interface between research and usage Gupta, A. ; Ahmad, Rafi
1304 Book, Chapter George Beckford and plantation economy Girvan, Norman P
470 Book, Chapter George Stiebel Monteith, Kathleen
6437 Book, Chapter George William Gordon Wilmot, Swithin
995979 Book, Chapter George William Gordon Wilmot, Swithin
6486 Book, Chapter Geriatric psychiatry Eldemire-Shearer, Denise; Gibson, Roger
2538 Book, Chapter Getting the systems right: Experience at the University of the West Indies Marrett,Christine; Harvey,Claudia
6433 Book, Chapter Gladys Longbridge-Bustamante Josephs, Aleric
993751 Book, Chapter Global Technologies and the Business of Jamaican Culture: Maximizing the Potential of ICTs and New Media Dunn, Hopeton
2779 Book, Chapter Globalisation and labour market transformations: Implications for women's human resource development in Jamaica Bailey, Barbara; Dunn, Leith L
3357 Book, Chapter Globalisation and the north-south divide: Power asymmetries in contemporary international economic relations Benn, Denis
2311 Book, Chapter Globalisation and the role of the trade union movement Phillips, Marva; Maxwell, Shakira
6715 Book, Chapter Globalisation from below: Caribbean cultures, global technologies and the WTO Dunn, Hopeton S.
6123 Book, Chapter Globalization and governance in Jamaica Munroe, Trevor
3113 Book, Chapter Globalization and the development of a Caribbean migration culture Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.
2544 Book, Chapter Globalization and workplace change: The new industrial relations and strategic options for Caribbean Trade Unions Cowell, Noel M.; Singh, G.
2867 Book, Chapter Globalization, regionalism and options for the labour movement Bogues, Anthony
1111 Book, Chapter Gold watch and six other poems Fergus, Howard A.
6696 Book, Chapter Gordon, George William Wilmot, Swithin
4939 Book, Chapter Governance in small societies: The importance of strong democracy Duncan, Neville C.
5669 Book, Chapter Governance under threat: The Impact of corruption and the fight against corruption Munroe, Trevor
5654 Book, Chapter Governance, social protection and employment in CARICOM: Is labour missing? Taylor, Orville W
4220 Book, Chapter GPS and electronics Skobla, Joseph
7137 Book, Chapter Grafting a new history: Rastafari memory gems articulating a ‘Hermeneutics of Babylon' Niaah, Jalani A.
557 Book, Chapter Grammaticalization and word order in the history of Berbice Dutch Creole Kouwenberg, Silvia
2299 Book, Chapter Growth and bearing of nematode-infested yellow yam dipped in household disinfestants Hutton, Dave G.
2548 Book, Chapter Growth and sustainable development through University-industry collaboration in biotechnology Ahmad, Mohammed H.
992918 Book, Chapter Growth triangles and production integration within the Caribbean Community Benn, Denis
2495 Book, Chapter Guyana's historical sociology and the novels of Beryl Gilroy and Grace Nichols Brodber, Erna
2657 Book, Chapter Haiti's rocky road to democracy Boxill, Ian
3813 Book, Chapter Haitian children in popular migration as seen by Edwidge Danticat and Maryse Conde N'Zengou-Tayo, Marie-José
993265 Book, Chapter Haitian children in popular migration as seen by Maryse Condé and Edwidge Danticat N'Zengou -Tayo, Marie-José
6803 Book, Chapter Harold Allan Gosse, Dave
5580 Book, Chapter Has obsolescing bargain obsolesced: Negotiating with foreign investors Wint, Alvin G
3401 Book, Chapter Haua Fteah Allsworth-Jones, Philip
4082 Book, Chapter Hazardous materials inside and outside the work place environment Kahwa, Ishenkumba A.
2707 Book, Chapter Healing the nation: Rastafari exorcism of the ideology of racism in Jamaica Chevannes, Barry
2918 Book, Chapter Health and nutritional determinants of school failure Grantham-McGregor, Sally M.; Walker, Susan P.
2780 Book, Chapter Health related behaviours of youth: Implications for national development Uche, Chukwudum; Norman, Lisa R
3747 Book, Chapter Hens can crow too: The female voice of authority on air in Jamaica Shields-Brodber, Kathryn A.
741 Book, Chapter Heritage tourism and the myth of a Caribbean paradise Nettleford, Rex
6673 Book, Chapter Hill, Ken Buddan, Robert Maxwell
2456 Book, Chapter Hip-Hopping across cultures: crossing over from reggae to rap and back Cooper, Carolyn J.
518 Book, Chapter History and politics: A survey of the historical literature of the Dominican Republic Bryan, Patrick E.
3918 Book, Chapter History in the curriculum: Public elementary schools in the late nineteenth century in Jamaica King, Ruby
6345 Book, Chapter History of Caribbean Migration to Colombia: The island of San Andres Johnson, Anthony S.
605 Book, Chapter History teaching in the Caribbean: Role play as a technique Allen, Beryl
6178 Book, Chapter HIV/ AIDS and Transportable Diseases: Impact on the Tourism Sector. Boxill, Ian; Lewis, Kerry-Ann; Frey, Rosemary; Martin, Paul; Treasure, Denise; Bowen, Wayne; Joseph,Taromi
7179 Book, Chapter HIV/AIDS - The rude Awakening/Stemming the tide Bain, Brendan C.
4528 Book, Chapter HIV/AIDS and Affected Jamaican Children: A Vulnerable Generation Pierre, Russell B.; Ramsay, Donnette Hope; Loudon, Mark
7259 Book, Chapter Home Alone Williams, Lincoln
3000 Book, Chapter Houses as assets and as homes: Urban construction and devaluation in Ibadan Arimah, Benedict C.
5800 Book, Chapter Human capital and systems of innovation in African development Oyelaran- Oyeyinka, Banji; Barclay, Lou Anne
1802 Book, Chapter Human resource management in Jamaica: Responding to challenging times Jayawardena, Chandana; Crick, Anne, P
2485 Book, Chapter Human resource management in Jamaica: Responding to challenging times Crick, Anne P
915 Book, Chapter Human retroviral disease: Human T-cell lymphotropic viruses. Tschachler, E.; Hanchard, Barrie; Reitz, M.S.
5725 Book, Chapter Human rights in Jamaica: International and domestic obligations Vasciannie, Stephen
693 Book, Chapter Humour in Cuban community theatre Pereira, Joseph R
995703 Book, Chapter Hypoglycemia Boyne, Michael S
7322 Book, Chapter I Shot the Sheriff: Gun Talk in Jamaica's Popular Music Cooper, Carolyn
3439 Book, Chapter Iberomaurusian Allsworth-Jones, Philip
3771 Book, Chapter Iconicity in Caribbean Creole reduplication: Inflection versus derivation Kouwenberg, Silvia; LaCharite, Darlene
994973 Book, Chapter ICT Policy-Making and International Trade Agreements in the Caribbean Dunn, Hopeton
994370 Book, Chapter ICTs and the Environment Taylor, M. A.; Williams, R.
1366 Book, Chapter Ideological aspects of the writing and reception of How Europe Underdeveloped Africa Lewis, Rupert
5997 Book, Chapter Ideology, identity, culture Nettleford, Rex
3440 Book, Chapter Ife Allsworth-Jones, Philip
3441 Book, Chapter Igbo-Ukwu Allsworth-Jones, Philip
651 Book, Chapter Illiteracy, gender and high schooling in Jamaica Miller, Errol
5219 Book, Chapter Image and representation : Black women in historical accounts of colonial Jamaica Shepherd, Verene A.
3724 Book, Chapter Image, representation and the project of emancipation: History and identity in the Commonwealth Caribbean Shepherd, Verene A.
977 Book, Chapter Images of women in the short stories of Olive Senior Pollard, Velma
18 Book, Chapter Impact of information on policy formulation in the Caribbean Chambers, Audrey; Boissiere, Noel
3243 Book, Chapter Impacts of habitat degradation on birds breeding in the life zone of tropical dry forests [Abstract only] Douglas, Leo; Vogel, Peter A.
7362 Book, Chapter Implications for Social Service Delivery in a Weak Social Policy Environment Henry-Lee, Aldrie
3275 Book, Chapter Improvement of commercial cultivation of dendrobiums through substrate and nutrient modification: Biological and economic analysis [Abstract only] Tai Chun, Paulette; Potluri, Sasikala D.; Devi Prasad, P.V.
7075 Book, Chapter Improving classroom management and discipline through the use of non-verbal language techniques Anderson, Susan
7818 Book, Chapter Improving Classroom Management and Discipline through the use of non-verbal Language Techniques. Anderson, Susan R.
5863 Book, Chapter In retrospect: Community tourism - Applying lessons in the Caribbean Jayawardena, Chandana
475 Book, Chapter In the Caribbean, a complex situation Brown, Aggrey
6990 Book, Chapter Indian immigration, settlement and repatriation: The case of Jamaica Shepherd, Verene
536 Book, Chapter Indian migrant women and plantation labour in 19th and 20th century Jamaica: Gender perspectives Shepherd, Verene A.
5218 Book, Chapter Indians in Jamaica: From indentured labourers to respectable citizens Shepherd, Verene A.
3776 Book, Chapter Indians, Jamaica and the emergence of a modern migration culture Shepherd, Verene A.
993426 Book, Chapter Indigenous societies of the Circum-Caribbean and South America Josephs, Aleric
3286 Book, Chapter Individual zooplankton species show spatial distribution trends far better than total abundances [Abstract only] Dunbar, F. N.; Webber, Mona K.
3304 Book, Chapter Indoor levels of NO2 measured using passive monitors [Abstract only] Singh, Raywattie; Pinnock, Willard R.
2932 Book, Chapter Induced polyploidy in mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) wilczek) [Abstract only] Vaidya, Kisan R.
4267 Book, Chapter Induction of breast tumours in rats for assaying natural products for anti-tumour properties Menzie, Janet M.
7080 Book, Chapter Industrial relations theory and practice with reference to Jamaica Cowell, Noel M.
5906 Book, Chapter Informal financial activity in Jamaica: A preliminary analysis of the recent experience with pyramid schemes Kirton, Claremont
320 Book, Chapter Informality and Developmental Local Government Schoburgh, Eris D.
3327 Book, Chapter Information Appliance for Diabetic Patients Ngalamou, Lucien; Campbell, Arnold; Coore, Daniel N.
2939 Book, Chapter Information appliance for diabetic patients Ngalamou, Lucien
992915 Book, Chapter Information Literacies and People Empowerment in the Global South Dunn, Hopeton S.; Johnson-Brown, Sheena
3334 Book, Chapter Information Technology Training in Developing Countries Abernethy, Ken; Gabbert, Paula; Reichgelt, Han
5508 Book, Chapter Infusing key issues of sustainability in the teaching of literature Down, Lorna
5390 Book, Chapter Infusion of technology in education: Issues and challenges for the Caribbean Peart, Moses
5272 Book, Chapter Inherited cityscapes: Spanish Town, Jamaica Robertson, James
995603 Book, Chapter Inhibition of cytochrome P450 1 enzymes by apocynin and other Jamaican natural products: Assessing potential for chemoprevention and drug-herb interactions Francis, Sheena; Nwokocha, Chukwuemeka .R; Delgoda, Thejani.
2679 Book, Chapter Initiation of field-grown yam (Dioscorea sp) vines into culture: Dealing with contamination [Abstract only] Riley, C. K.; Wheatley, Andrew O.; Asemota, Helen N.; Ahmad, Mohammed H
1176 Book, Chapter Innovation and change strategies: The case of CXC Bailey, Barbara
3812 Book, Chapter Innovations in sugar cane mill technology in Jamaica, 1760-1830 Satchell, Veront M.
227 Book, Chapter Insects and other arthropods as trace-makers in non-marine environments and palaeoenvironments Donovan, S.K.
993146 Book, Chapter Insights from the 1938 (All Jamaica) Economic and Industrial Conference Figueroa, Mark
5667 Book, Chapter Institutional design for sub-national governance Jones, Edwin
994753 Book, Chapter Institutional pressures and social work ethics: a case from Jamaica Baker, Peta-Anne
993112 Book, Chapter Integration movements in the Anglophone Caribbean to 1990. Satchell, Veront
6121 Book, Chapter Integration vs cooperation: Rethinking CARICOM Seaga, Edward
2924 Book, Chapter Interest in landslide hazard information: Parallels between Kingston, Jamaica and the San Francisco bay region Howell, D. G.; Brabb, E. E.; Ahmad, Rafi
3673 Book, Chapter Interiors (poems) Williams, David W.
1477 Book, Chapter International management research: A contingency approach Punnett, Betty Jane; Shenkar, Oded
992990 Book, Chapter Internet access management in Jamaican public libraries: The role of policy Gordon, Barbara A.
3795 Book, Chapter Interview with Kwame Dawes Morris, Mervyn E.
993714 Book, Chapter Intra-uterine growth restriction in developing countries: Impact on child mental development and behaviour Walker, S. P.; Chang, S. M.
1490 Book, Chapter Introducing the native religions of Jamaica Chevannes, Barry
834 Book, Chapter Introduction Nettleford, Rex
4233 Book, Chapter Introduction to amorphous computing Coore, Daniel N.
6185 Book, Chapter Introduction: Beyond the body count Bruin de, Marjan ; Ross, Karen
7850 Book, Chapter Introduction: Remembering New World. Meeks, Brian
6701 Book, Chapter Introduction: Return of a native son Meeks, Brian
994818 Book, Chapter Introduction: The Audacious M.G. Smith Meeks, Brian
7848 Book, Chapter Introduction: The Audacious M.G. Smith Meeks, Brian
3074 Book, Chapter Invasion of the Cockpits: Patterns of encroachment into the wet limestone rainforest of Cockpit Country, Jamaica Miller, David J.
5040 Book, Chapter Is the goal of regional integration still relevant among small states? The case of the OECS and CARICOM Lewis, Patsy
7173 Book, Chapter Is the Pain in Your Belly Bottom? Extending the boundaries of Jamaican Creole to Non-Native Users Shields-Brodber, Kathryn A.
3594 Book, Chapter Is validity more reliable than reliability is valid? Bastick, Tony
1016 Book, Chapter Island systems and the paradox of freedom: Migration in the post-emancipation Leeward Islands Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth, M
2501 Book, Chapter Isolation and characterization of some natural products from Jamaican bitter yam, Dioscorea Dumentorum McAnuff, M.; Asemota, Helen N.; Anderson, N.M.; Harding, Wayne W.; Jacobs, Helen M.
2885 Book, Chapter Isolation and characterization of steroidal sapogenins from the Jamaican bitter yam McAnuff, M.; Asemota, Helen N.; Anderson, N.M.; Harding, Wayne W.; Jacobs, Helen M.
5986 Book, Chapter Issues confronting new entrants to tourism Hayle, Carolyn E.
3492 Book, Chapter Issues in gender and gender equality in the Caribbean Evans, Hyacinth L.
3420 Book, Chapter Iwo eleru Allsworth-Jones, Philip
995757 Book, Chapter Izon visibility in the Caribbean new world diaspora. Wariboko, Waibinte; Harry, Otelemate; Devonish, Hubert
253 Book, Chapter Jamaica Robinson, Edward
7320 Book, Chapter Jamaica Carr, Robert; Figueroa, J.P; Carr, Peter
5063 Book, Chapter Jamaica Bailey, Barbara; Davis, Michelle
5061 Book, Chapter Jamaica Bailey, Barbara
7343 Book, Chapter Jamaica Baker, Peta-Anne
6706 Book, Chapter Jamaica Meeks, Brian
4873 Book, Chapter Jamaica Warner, George F.; Goodbody, Ivan
7526 Book, Chapter Jamaica Pottinger, Audrey M.
7536 Book, Chapter Jamaica Harriott, Anthony
341 Book, Chapter Jamaica Aiken, Karl, A.
4203 Book, Chapter Jamaica Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M; Spence, Balfour
7664 Book, Chapter Jamaica Davies, Rose Y; Brown, B.; Williams, S.
5737 Book, Chapter Jamaica in international competition Wint, Alvin G.
6683 Book, Chapter Jamaica Labour Party Gosse, Dave St. A.
7321 Book, Chapter Jamaica Labour Party Gosse, Dave
6523 Book, Chapter Jamaica's emerging tradition in film: Presenting the female body in dancehall queen Wood-Moseley, Rachel
2413 Book, Chapter Jamaica's ethnomedicine: Its potential in the health care system Lowe, Henry I.; Mansingh, Ajai
2585 Book, Chapter Jamaica's Michael Manley (1924-1997): Crossing the contours of charisma Meeks,Brian
2661 Book, Chapter Jamaica's proposed freedom of information act: Approaching open government Munroe,Trevor
7432 Book, Chapter Jamaica: A dialogue with masculinity Clifford, Mark; Mains, Susan P.
1361 Book, Chapter Jamaica: A framework for managing the reform process Jones, Edwin
1252 Book, Chapter Jamaica: Administrative reform: An overview Mills, Gladstone E.; Witter, Winston
1502 Book, Chapter Jamaica: Public enterprise reform Sampson, Cezley
7177 Book, Chapter Jamaica: Recent initiatives in early childhood policy Davies, Omar; Davies, Rose
1193 Book, Chapter Jamaica: Urbanization in Jamaica during the years of crisis Anderson, Patricia; Gordon, Derek; Robotham, Don
6154 Book, Chapter Jamaican Creole and Jamaican English : Phonology Devonish, Hubert ; Harry, Otelemate
5993 Book, Chapter Jamaican dance theatre : celebrating the Caribbean heritage Nettleford, Rex
2608 Book, Chapter Jamaican diasporic identity: The metaphor of yaad Chevannes, Barry
614 Book, Chapter Jamaican education: Need for a systems approach to planning Jones, Sonia
3761 Book, Chapter Jamaican folk and popular music in secondary schools: What educational benefits do students derive? Tucker, Joan M.
3333 Book, Chapter Jamaican iguana (Cyclura collei) Vogel, Peter A.
2925 Book, Chapter Jamaican medicinal, food and other plants with toxic potential Magnus, Kenneth; Yee, Trevor H.; Lowe, Henry I.; Mansingh, Ajai
377 Book, Chapter Jamaican relatives in focus Christie, Pauline
2676 Book, Chapter Jamaican yams: Nature's own medicine [Abstract only] McAnuff, M.; Omoruyi, Felix O.; Harding, Wayne W.; Wheatley, Andrew O.; Anderson, N.M.; Jacobs, Helen M.; Morrison, Errol Y. ; Asemota, Helen N.
459 Book, Chapter Jean Breeze Cooper, Carolyn J.
3402 Book, Chapter Jebel Irhoud Allsworth-Jones, Philip
3421 Book, Chapter Jenne-jeno Allsworth-Jones, Philip
996046 Book, Chapter Jimmy Cliff Smith, Matthew
515 Book, Chapter John Wickham Baugh, Edward
6697 Book, Chapter Jordon, Edward Wilmot, Swithin
3909 Book, Chapter Journal (poem) Williams, David W.
2659 Book, Chapter Jubilee assessment: Some achievements of the University of the West Indies Fergus, Howard A
3296 Book, Chapter Jupiter landslide, Rio Grande Valley, Jamaica: A large prehistoric slide dam [Abstract only] Laughton, Dionne V.; Robinson, Edward
3338 Book, Chapter Kalinago (Carib) resistance to European colonization of the Caribbean Beckles, Hilary McD.
6520 Book, Chapter Kamau Brathwaite and the creolization of history in the anglophone Caribbean Richards, Glen
6518 Book, Chapter Kamau Brathwaite and the Haitian boat people: Dream Haiti or nightmare of the Caribbean intellectual Tayo-Nzengou, Marie-Jose
6216 Book, Chapter Keynote address: Tourism as the Driver of Change in the Jamaican Economy Seaga, Edward
993639 Book, Chapter Kingston Harbour in Jamaican Economic Space Witter, Michael
7406 Book, Chapter Kingston, William Henry Giles Logan, Mawuena
3423 Book, Chapter Kintampo Allsworth-Jones, Philip
3517 Book, Chapter L'abolition de la traite des esclaves et de l'esclavage dans les Antilles britanniques Campbell, Carl C.
3626 Book, Chapter L'impact de la liberalisation de Bruin, Marjan; Brown, Aggrey
6894 Book, Chapter L1 transfer and the cut off point for L2 acquisition processes in creole formation. Kouwenberg, Silvia
7037 Book, Chapter L2 acquisition and creole genesis. Stewart, Michele M.
652 Book, Chapter La iniciativa privada y la tecnología informática en las escuelas de Jamaica Miller, Errol
5385 Book, Chapter La migration populaire haitienne au theatre: Pelin tet de franketienne et D.P.M. Kannte de Jean Mapou N'Zengou-Tayo, Marie-José
7462 Book, Chapter La Montagne ensorcelée: la promesse d’une oeuvre. Nzengou-Tayo, Marie-José
995166 Book, Chapter La narrativa de Marcio Veloz Maggiolo y su rol en la construcción de la crítica literaria en la República Dominicana Bruni, Nina Andrea
3905 Book, Chapter La syntaxe de la quantification negative Peters, Hugues M.
2775 Book, Chapter Labour law, statutory arbitration and the termination of employment: Exercising rights rightly Davis, Clinton; Taylor, Orville W
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1010 Book, Chapter Leadership in Practice: High Performing Principals in the Jamaican School System Hutton, Disraeli M.
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993977 Book, Chapter Log on: Toward Social and Digital Islands Paul, Annie
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447 Book, Chapter Lorna Goodison Baugh, Edward
498 Book, Chapter Lorna Goodison Baugh, Edward
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6480 Book, Chapter Love Punaany Bad : Negotiating Misogynistic Masculinity in Dancehall Culture Hope, Donna
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440 Book, Chapter Mary Jane Seacole Josephs, Aleric
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996041 Book, Chapter Mutabaruka Smith, Matthew
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5643 Book, Chapter My generation comes to power: A time for Caribbean leadership and political transformation Buddan, Robert
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3672 Book, Chapter Negotiations (poems) Williams, David W.
2447 Book, Chapter Neo-liberalism and mercantilist: Ironic parallels Figueroa, Mark
5738 Book, Chapter Neoliberalism and mercantilism: ironic parallels Figueroa, Mark
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996043 Book, Chapter Paul Bogle Wilmot, Swithin
6435 Book, Chapter Paul Bogle Wilmot, Swithin
466 Book, Chapter Paul Keens-Douglas Morris, Mervyn E.
736 Book, Chapter Paul Keens-Douglas: It not easy at all, at all, at all Morris, Mervyn E.
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554 Book, Chapter Paved with good intentions: Relations between Haiti and CARICOM Dash, Jean Michael
1284 Book, Chapter Peasants, plantations and a place for people: Continuities in the analysis of George Beckford and W. Arthur Lewis Figueroa, Mark
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2500 Book, Chapter