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2 Titles Listed for the author selected: Anderson-Allen, Millicent Processed on 11/27/2020
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2 Titles Listed for the author selected: Anderson-Allen, Millicent
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7119 Challenges and successes of HIV voluntary counselling and testing programme in antenatal clinics in Greater Kingston, Jamaica Moore, Jacynth; Palmer, Paulette; Anderson-Allen, Millicent; Billings, Collette; McDonald-Kerr, C.; Kingston Paediatric and Perinatal HIV; AIDS Study Group
7451 Effectiveness of highly active antiretroviral drugs in preventing mother to child HIV transmission and reducing HIV-attributable mortality in Jamaican children. Christie, Celia D.C.; Steel-Duncan, J.; Palmer, Paulette; Pierre, Russell; Harvey, K.M.; Johnson, Nadine; Samuels, L.; Dunkley-Thompson, J.; Singh-Minott, Indira.; Anderson-Allen, Millicent; Billings, Collette; Evans-Gilbert, T.; Rodriquez, B.; Moore, Jacynth; McDonald-Kerr, C.; Taylor, F.; Smikle, Monica; Williams, Eric; Whorms, S.; Davis, Denver; Mullings, Anthony; Morgan, Orville; McDonald, D.; Alexander, G.; Onyonyur, A.; Hylton-Kong, T.; Weller, Peter; Harris, Michelle; Haughton, D.; Woodham, A.; Carrington, D.; Figueroa, J.P.

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