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14 Titles Listed for the author selected: Cohen, J Processed on 11/24/2020
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14 Titles Listed for the author selected: Cohen, J
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995485 Gordon, A; Cohen, Jane E.
993776 Assessing drought tolerance in rain-fed and irrigated crop production - the case of sweet potatoes, Ipomoea batatas. Rankine, D.R.; Taylor, M.A; Cohen, J.E.; Simpson,L.A; Lawrence, J ; Murray, A .
995351 Weed management benefits of soil solarisation in Jamaica: solarisation in the warm dry months can reduce weed pressure in the succeeding rainy season. Reid, N.T.P.; Cohen, J.E.
994061 Alternative weed management strategies for vegetables: solarization and mulching in onions. Reid, N. T. P.; Cohen, J.
4239 Contour hedgerows in an agroforestry system: Effects on crop productivity and soil fertility Lowe, Donna; Cohen, Jane E.; McDonald, Morag
6833 Effects of alternative weed management strategies on Commelina diffusa Burm. infestations in Fairtrade banana (Musa spp.) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines Isaac, W.A.P; Brathwaite, R.A.I; Cohen, J.E; Bekele, I
2998 Effects of plastic mulches on the levels of N, P, and K in soil and leave of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Cohen, Jane E.; Ogle, L. R.; Coates-Beckford, Phyllis L.
3973 Herbicidal effectiveness of three household disinfectiants: Preliminary findings [Abstract] Cohen, Jane E.; Hutton, Dave G.
995640 Increasing the Accuracy and Automation of Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation from Digital Photographs Coy, Andre D; Rankine, Dale R; Taylor, Micheal A.; Nielsen, David C; Cohen, Jane E.
994245 Investigations on Jamaican pomegranate (Punica granatum): comparisons of vegetative propagation, flowering and fruit:juice ratio with commercial varieties. McLymont, P.E.; Cohen, J
2997 Mulching soil to increase yield and manage plan - parasitic nematodes in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) fields: Influence of season and plastic thickness Coates-Beckford, Phyllis L.; Cohen, Jane E.; Ogle, L. R.; Prendergast, Christopher H.; Riley, Deta M.
3242 Root distribution, productivity and soil fertility in a contour hedgerow agroforestry system [Abstract only] Lowe, Donna; Cohen, Jane E.; McDonald, Morag
4238 The vegetative propagation of trees by stem cuttings for use in reforestation in Jamaica Morgan, Lois A.T.; Cohen, Jane E.
995258 Towards parameterization of the FAO AquaCrop Model for rain-fed and irrigated sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas. Rankine, D.R.; Taylor,M.A; Cohen, J.E.; Simpson, L.A; Murray, AA.

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