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17 Titles Listed for the author selected: Kirton, Claremont Processed on 11/25/2020
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17 Titles Listed for the author selected: Kirton, Claremont
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994740 Kirton, Claremont
993811 Christie, Tamoya ; Kirton, Claremont
994001 Christie, Tamoya; Kirton, Claremont.
6149 Assessing the impact of financial instability : The Jamaican case study Tennant,David; Kirton, Claremont
5780 CARICOM regional agricultural policy: An evaluation Kirton, Claremont
7103 Costing the eurocentric aesthetic: The case of hair styling in Jamaica Figueroa, Mark F.; Kirton, Claremont D.
5657 Crime and development: The Jamaican experience Francis, Alfred A; Harriott, Anthony; Kirton, Claremont; Gibbison, Godfrey
5647 Defining and measuring flows of remittances to the Caribbean: The Jamaican case Figueroa, Mark; Kirton, Claremont; Alleyne, Dillon
5845 Establishment and development of a regional agricultural policy network in the Caribbean Kirton, Claremont; Bailey, Arlene
5632 Financial flows from the Caribbean Diaspora: Evidence from the Jamaican survey of living conditions Figueroa, Mark; Alleyne, Dillon; Kirton, Claremont
5906 Informal financial activity in Jamaica: A preliminary analysis of the recent experience with pyramid schemes Kirton, Claremont
993085 Jamaica's Debt Crisis: Causes, Impact, and Solutions Kirton, Claremont; Clarke, Christine
5596 New regionalism in CARICOM prospects and challenges Anderson, Alison; Freckleton, Marie; Kirton, Claremont
6217 Rapporteur's Notes : Round Table: Evolution of the Tourist Industry in Jamaica Kirton, Claremont
994633 Rotating savings and credit associations in Jamaica: Some empirical findings on partner Kirton, Claremont
2314 The economics of rotating savings and credit associations: Evidence from the jamaican `partner'. Handa, Sudhanshu; Kirton, Claremont
5623 The importance of the Diaspora to small island developing states Figueroa, Mark; McLeod, G.; Kirton, Claremont

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