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14 Titles Listed for the author selected: M.G
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993632 “Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome” Whittle,D.O ; Lee,M.G; Hanchard, B
994177 “Health-beneficial properties of uncommon Jamaican fruits”. Bowen-Forbes, C.S; McCook-Russell, K; Mulabagal, V; Liu, L; Nair, M.G; Yuan, T; Seeram, N.P
994337 “Health-promoting properties of exotic Jamaican fruits” Bowen-Forbes, C.S; McCook-Russell, K. S; Nair, M.G; Seeram, N.P; Tao, Y
993683 “Potential Health Problems with the use of Energy Drinks” Hurlock, L; Lee, M.G.
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994683 “Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Symptoms Among Ambulatory HIV Patients and a Control Population” Thompson,T ; Lee, M.G; Clarke,T; Mills, M; Wharfe, G; Walters C
993642 “Upper Gastrointestinal bleeding: A Jamaican perspective” Kaliamurthy,M; Lee,M.G; Mills,M ; Murphy.T
8088 Bioactive Compounds Present in the Indian Herbal Drink Prepared by Boiling the Commercial Product Panamrutham. Liu, Y.; Mulabagal, V.; Bowen-Forbes, Camille S.; Nair, M.G.
994357 Coinfections of dengue, leptospirosis and malaria in Jamaica Lindo, J.F.; Brown, P.D.; Vickers, I.E; Brown; M.G; Jackson, S.T.; Fuller, E.L.
6308 Colon cancer screening Lee, M.G.
993156 Novel stemodin - derived analogues with lipid peroxidation, cyclooxygenase enzymes and human tumour cell proliferation inhibitory activities. Russell, F.A.; Mulabagal, V; Thompson, D.R.; Singh-Wilmot, Marvadeen .A.; Reynolds, W.F.; Nair, M.G.; Langer,V; Reese, Paul B.
7208 Relative Inhibition of Lipid Peroxidation, Cyclooxygenase Enzymes, and Human Tumor Cell Proliferation by Natural Food Colors Reddy, M.K; Alexander-Lindo, R.L; Nair, M.G
995499 Saccharides and Fructooligosaccharides Composition of Green and Ripe Averrhoa carambola, Blighia sapida and Spondias dulcis Fruits Benkeblia, Noureddine; Lopez, M.G
7151 Safety and Efficacy of a Pentavalent HumanBovine (WC3) Reassortant Rotavirus Vaccine in preventing rotavirus gastroenteritis and associated healthcare contacts Vesikari, T; Matson, D.O; Dennehy, P; Van Damme, P; Santosham, M; Rodriquez, Z; Dallas, M.J; Heyse, J.F; Goveia, M.G; Black, S.B; Shinefield, H.R; Christie, Celia D.; Ylitalo, S; Itzler, R.F; Coia, M.L; Onorato, M.T; Adeyi, B.A; Marshall, G.S; Gothefors, L; Campens, D; Karvonen, A; Watt, J.P; O'Brien, K.L; DiNubile, M.J; Clark, H.F; Boslego, J.W; Offit, P.A; Heaton, P.M

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