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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: Mitchell, S.A Processed on 11/30/2020
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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: Mitchell, S.A
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995104 “Drug interaction with herbal medicine”. Mitchell, S.A.
994147 “Folk medicine should be integrated into the formal, conventional medical system in the Caribbean” Mitchell, S.A
995438 “The Jamaican root tonics: a botanical reference” Mitchell, S.A
994999 “The prevalence of herbal medicine home use and concomitant use with pharmaceutical medicines in Jamaica”. Picking D; Younger, N; Mitchell, S.A.; Delgoda, R
994444 “Use of microplants and associated biotechnologies to combat climate change in Jamaica, a Small Island Developing State (SIDS), by developing New Crops” Mitchell, S.A.
995306 “A botanical reference of Jamaican root tonic plants to maintain health and strength”. Mitchell, S.A.
995398 “Impacts of environmental pressure on Jamaica - Responses in terms of Bioresources and Technology”. Mitchell, S.A.
995183 “Investigating potential drug-herb interactions” Delgoda, R.; Picking, D; Mitchell, S.A.
994295 “Plants used in Jamaican folk medicine against the common cold, flu and diarrhea” Mitchell, S.A.
994201 “The prevalence of herbal medicine home use in treating illness in Jamaica” Picking D; Mitchell, S.A.
6318 Application of biotechnology in environmental management and sustainable development: Medicinal plant utilization Mitchell, S.A.; Millar, M.; Webster, S.; Ahmad, M.H.

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