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19 Titles Listed for the author selected: Ali, S Processed on 12/3/2020
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19 Titles Listed for the author selected: Ali, S
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3374 A 'snapshot' of the G-8 initiatives on international financial crime Ali, Shazeeda
3397 A gateway for money laundering: Financial liberalisation in transitional and developing economies Ali, Shazeeda
3373 A tale of two regions: The Latin American and Caribbean money laundering connection Ali, Shazeeda
995010 Academic performance in children with sickle cell disease in Jamaica King, L.; Bortuloso-Ali, S.; Chang-Lopez, S.; Reid, M.
4741 Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Sickle Cell Disease [Abstract] Cummings, V.; Ali, Susanna; Forrester, Terrence E.; Roye-Green, Karen J.; Reid, Marvin E
6411 Asymptomatic bacteriuria in sickle cell disease: a cross-sectional study Cumming, V. ; Ali, S. ; Forrester, T. ; Roye-Green, K. ; Reid, M.
3388 Case note: CNMB v Davies Ali, Shazeeda
7570 Epilepsy: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices in a Jamaican Suburban Community. Ali, A.; Ali, T.; Bortolusso-Ali, Susanna
3372 Fees, lawyers and money laundering: An analysis of Section 3(3) of the Money Laundering Act Jamaica Ali, Shazeeda; Sykes, Brian
993781 Impact of a comprehensive sickle cell centre on early childhood mortality in a developing country King, L.; Bortuloso-Ali, S.; Cunningham-Myrie, C.; Reid, M.
3398 Jamaica: Combating money laundering - A review of the Money Laundering Act 1996 Ali, Shazeeda
3369 Offshore trusts: Trusted friend or sinister enemy? Ali, Shazeeda
7085 Quality of life in patients with sickle cell disease in Jamaica: rural-urban differences Asnani, M. A; Reid, Marvin; Ali, S. B; Lipps, G; Williams-Green, P
995875 Quality of Life in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease in Jamaica: Rural-urban differences. Parshad-Asnani, Monika.; Reid, M.; Bortolusso Ali, S.; Lipps, Garth E.; Williams-Green, Pauline M.
3389 Report from the UN General Assembly Special Session Ali, Shazeeda
3370 Sticks and stones...? Or will name-calling really hurt the Caribbean? Ali, Shazeeda
3371 Taiwan: An examination of the money laundering control act Ali, Shazeeda
3381 Temporary management of an insolvent bank Ali, Shazeeda
3392 The United Nations strengthens international drug control efforts Ali, Shazeeda

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