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6 Titles Listed for the author selected: Andreu, R Processed on 11/25/2020
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6 Titles Listed for the author selected: Andreu, R
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3069 A kinetic model for the reductive desorption of self-assembled Thiol monolayers Mulder, Willem H.; Calvente, Juan J.; Andreu, Rafael
996098 Analytical Expressions for Proton Transfer Voltammetry: Analogy to Surface Redox Voltammetry with Frumkin Interactions Calvente, J.; Luque, A.; Andreu, R.; Mulder, Willem H..; Olloqui-Sariego, J.
4129 Calculation of ionic surface excess concentrations in the diffuse double layer at low field strengths for a restricted primitive model electrolyte Mulder, Willem H.; Andreu, Rafael; Molero, Miguel; Fawcett, W. Ronald
4131 Experimental study of the interplay between long-range electron transfer and redox probe permeation at self-assembled monolayers: Evidence for potential-induced ion gating Calvente, Juan José; López-Pérez, German; Ramírez, Pablo; Fernández, Héctor; Zón, María Alicia; Mulder, Willem H.; Andreu, Rafael
8139 Potential of zero charge as a sensitive probe for the titration of ionizable self-assembled monolayers. Ramírez, Pablo; Granero, Adrian; Andreu, Rafael; Cuesta, Angel; Mulder, Willem H.; Calvente, Juan J.
4114 The electrocapillary effect at an electrode modified with an insoluble redox-active self-assembled monolayer Mulder, Willem H.; Calvente, Juan José; Andreu, Rafael

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