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32 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bailey, Barbara Processed on 5/26/2018
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32 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bailey, Barbara
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5058 Caribbean experience in the international women's movement: issues, process, constraints and possibilities Bailey, Barbara
7376 Caribbean labour markets: Potential of the CSME for reducing gender disparities Bailey, Barbara; Ricketts, Heather
2519 Challenges of multi-grade teaching in rural Jamaica Whittaker, Norma; Bailey, Barbara
2520 Comments on male underachievement Bailey, Barbara
993665 Education for all: A curriculum design for special needs learners Bailey, Barbara; Hall, Winnifred Madge
5057 Engendering governance: Strategies for promoting gender equality Bailey, Barbara; Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
1174 Factors affecting the choice of science subjects by high school students: A pilot study Bailey, Barbara; Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.
1172 Feminism and educational research and understanding: The state of the art in the Caribbean Bailey, Barbara
1178 Financing democratization of education in the Caribbean: Interplay of private and public sources Bailey, Barbara; Tomlinson, Esperanza
5060 Gender and education in Jamaica: Who is achieving and by whose standard? Bailey, Barbara
2420 Gender myths and realities: Education and women's social advancement in Jamaica Bailey, Barbara
365 Gender perspectives in a teacher education distance programme Tomlinson, Esperanza; Bailey, Barbara
5783 Gender vulnerabilities in Caribbean labour markets and decent work provisions Ricketts, Heather; Bailey, Barbara
4909 Gender vulnerabilities in Caribbean labour markets and decent work provisions Bailey, Barbara; Ricketts, Heather
5059 Gender-Sensitive Educational Policy and Practice: The Case of Jamaica Bailey, Barbara
1179 Gender: The not so hidden issue in language arts material used at the primary level Bailey, Barbara; Parkes, Lois
5062 Gendered realities: Fact or fiction?: The realities in a secondary level co-educational classroom Bailey, Barbara
2779 Globalisation and labour market transformations: Implications for women's human resource development in Jamaica Bailey, Barbara; Dunn, Leith L
5064 HIV/AIDS: A Multi-Faceted Problem Caribbean Strategic Plan of Action: Strategies for preventing and controlling the epidemic Bailey, Barbara
1176 Innovation and change strategies: The case of CXC Bailey, Barbara
5063 Jamaica Bailey, Barbara; Davis, Michelle
5061 Jamaica Bailey, Barbara
2522 Micro-enterprise development in Jamaica Browne, Joan; Bailey, Barbara
1175 Not an open book: Gender, achievement and education in the Caribbean Bailey, Barbara
7267 Petticoat and coat-tails: The Dialectic of Educational Attainment and Socio-Economic, Political Autonomy and Control in the Caribbean Bailey, Barbara
2872 Reengineering the primary curriculum in Jamaica: Improving effectiveness Bailey, Barbara; Brown, Monica M.
2523 School failure and success: A gender analysis of the 1997 General Proficiency Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Examinations in Jamaica Bailey, Barbara
2721 Schooling and masculinity: Boys' perceptions of the school experience Bailey, Barbara; Brown, Monica M.
1173 Sexist patterns of formal and non-formal education programmes: The case of Jamaica Bailey, Barbara
2607 The feminization of tertiary education Bailey, Barbara
6009 Why theory? Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.; Bailey, Barbara; Morris, Jeanette
1177 Why theory? Bailey, Barbara; Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.; Morris, Jeanette

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