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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bain, Brendan C Processed on 12/3/2020
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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bain, Brendan C
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1383 Characteristics of Jamaicans who smoke marijuana before sex and their risk status for sexually transmitted diseases Simeon, Donald T.; Bain, Brendan C. ; Wyatt, Gail E.; LeFranc, Elsie R-M; Ricketts, Heather; Chambers, Claudia ; Tucker, M. Belinda
1969 Comparison of testing saliva and serum for detection of antibody to human immunodeficiency virus in Jamaica, West Indies King, S. D.; Wynter, Shaun H.; Bain, Brendan C.; Brown, W. A.; Johnston, J. N.; Delk, A. S.
5371 Curriculum development across discipline as part of a comprehensive response to the HIV/AIDS crisis in the Caribbean Muturi, Nancy; Bhardwaj, Sanjana A.; Ramsay, Donnette Hope; Bain, Brendan C.
1770 Experiences and socialization of Jamaican men with multiple sex partners Simeon, Donald T.; LeFranc, Elsie R-M.; Bain, Brendan C. ; Wyatt, Gail E.
5419 Health education and communication for HIV/AIDS prevention in the Caribbean: A participatory approach Muturi, Nancy; Ruddock, Maxine; Bain, Brendan C.
7781 High Genetic Diversity in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Type 1 (HIV-1) in Jamaica. Heslop, Orville D.; Smikle, Monica P.; Vickers, Ivan E.; Christian, Nicole A.; Harvey, K. M.; Figueroa, John P.; Brown, Sherline E.; Christie, Celia D.; Bain, Brendan C.; Barton, Everard N.
1885 HIV risk: Knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of street boys in Kingston, Jamaica [abstract] Robinson, T.; Bain, Brendan C.; Thompson, T.
7179 HIV/AIDS - The rude Awakening/Stemming the tide Bain, Brendan C.
1904 HIV/AIDS curriculum development for health science students: A positive paper with implications for research [abstract] Bain, Brendan C.
2283 HIV/AIDS in women, infants, children and adolescents in Jamaica: A further 'call to action' Christie, Celia D.; Bain, Brendan C.; Pierre, Russell B.; Smikle, Monica ; Evans-Gilbert, Tracy ; Frederick, Joseph; Mullings, Anthony M.; Rattray, Carole A.; Pottinger, Audrey M.
2062 HIV/AIDS: Challenging a monster Bain, Brendan C.
1768 Improving community care for persons with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in Jamaica Bain, Brendan C.
1931 Jamaican doctors can help to prevent interpersonal violence Bain, Brendan C.
1344 Meaning of sexual partnerships: Re-examining the Jamaican family system LeFranc, Elsie R-M.; Tucker, M. Belinda; Wyatt, Gail E.; Bain, Brendan C.; Simeon, Donald T.
2245 Medical curricular reform at the Mona Campus of the West Indies: Responding to change [abstract] Branday, Joseph M.; Bain, Brendan C.; Fletcher, Cyril K.; Frederick, Joseph; Jackson, S.; Mills, James L.; Parshad, Omkar; Pierre, Russell B.; Ragoobirsingh, Dalip; Scott, Paul W.; Simon, Oswald R.; Singh, Paul D.; Williams, Elaine E.; Wierenga, Andrea M.
992921 Persistent use of Caribbean 'bush medicines' and liniments in Boston, Massachusetts by migrants from Trinidad and Tobago [abstract] Bain, Brendan C.
995845 Validation of the Beck Depression Inventory II in HIV Positive Patients. Lipps, Garth E.; Lowe, Gillian A.; De La Haye, Winston G; Longman-Mills, S.; Barton, E. N.; Clarke, T.; Bain, Brendan C.
1264 Working women's sexual risk taking in Jamaica LeFranc, Elsie R-M.; Wyatt, Gail E.; Chambers, Claudia; Eldemire, A.M. Denise; Bain, Brendan C.; Ricketts, Heather

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