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13 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bakir, Mohammed, A Processed on 11/24/2020
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13 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bakir, Mohammed, A
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1568 Binding and reduction of silver ions in thin polymeric films of poly-[Fe(vbpy) 2(CN) 2],poly-vbpy Bakir, Mohammed, A
1355 cis-dicarbonyltriphenylphosphine[hydroxybis(2-phyridyl)methanolato-k3-N, O, N']rhenium(I) dimer dimethyl sulfoxide solvate, [cis-Re(CO)2(PPh3)(dpkO, OH)].dmso Bakir, Mohammed, A ; Hassan, Ishamael
1512 Coordination chemistry in thin polymeric films poly-[Fe(vbpy)2(CN)2], poly-vbpy: Binding and reduction of [Rh(COD)Cl] and PdCl2 Bakir, Mohammed, A.; Sullivan, B. Patrick; MacKay, S.; Linton, R.; Meyer, T.
1511 Electrochemical reactions of CO2 with fac-Re(dpk)(CO)3Cl (dpk=di-2-pyridyl ketone) Bakir, Mohammed, A.; McKenzie, J.
2946 Optosensing properties of fac-Re(CO)3(dpknph)Cl (dpknph = di-2-pyridyl ketone p-nitrophenyl hydrazone) Bakir, Mohammed, A.; Abdur-Rashid, Kamaluddin; Mulder, Willem H.
3325 Rhenium carbonyls compounds of di-2-pyridyl ketone and its hydrazone derivatives electro-, optsensors and much more: The first x-ray structure determined at UWI-Mona Bakir, Mohammed, A
1571 Rhenium(I) di- and tri-carbonyl compounds of polypyridyl-like ligands: Electrochemical reactions of fac[Re (CO)3(dpk)cl] (dpk=Di-2-pyridyl ketone) with electrophiles and Group I and II metal ions Bakir, Mohammed, A
1612 Rhenium(I)-carbonyl compounds of Di-2-pyridyl ketone: Electrochemical sensors for electophiles and metal ions Bakir, Mohammed, A
1569 Synthesis and characterization of phenylimidorhenium (V) compounds containing polypyridyl ligands: Crystal structures of mer-[Re(NPh)Cl3(Bipy)], trans-[Re(Nph)-(Oet)(Bipy)2][PF6]2 an tans-[Re(NPh)Cl2(terpy)]PF6 (Bipy=2,2' -bipyridine, terpy=2,2' :6',2'- terpyridine) Bakir, Mohammed, A
3161 The development of molecular sensors at UWI for practical applications [Abstract only] Bakir, Mohammed, A.; Gyles, Collin
994376 The first rhenium (V)-imido compounds containing two chelating phosphine ligands of the type Trans-[Re(NPh)X(L-L)2]2+ (L-L=bidentate phosphine ligand; X=halide or hydroxide): The Structure of trans-[Re(NPh) (OH) (dppbe)2(CIO4)2.2H2O Bakir, Mohammed, A
2958 The optical sensor fac-tricarbonylchloro(di-2-pyridylmethanone p- nitrophenylhydrazone)rhenium(I) dimethyl sulfoxide solvate Bakir, Mohammed, A
3332 To lock or not to lock: Where is the pearl? Bakir, Mohammed, A

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