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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Barnett, A Processed on 10/27/2020
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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Barnett, A
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7011 An assessment of the process of informed consent at the University Hospital of the West Indies Barnett, A. T. ; Crandon, I. ; Lindo, J. F. ; Gordon-Strachan, G. ; Robinson, D. ; Ranglin, D.
6940 An assessment of the process of informed consent at the University Hospital of the West Indies. Barnett, Alan Taylor; Crandon, Ivor; Lindo, John F.; Gordon-Strachan, Georgiana; Robinson, Dwight; Ranglin, D.
995658 Cardiovascular function in adult survivors of severe childhood malnutrition Tennant, Ingrid A; Barnett, Alan T; Kips, J; Thompson, Debbie S; Boyne,Michael S; Chung, EE; Chung, AP; Osmond, C; Hanson, MA; Gluckman, PD; Sergers, P; Cruickshank,JK; Forrester, Terrence E
6233 Conjoined twins: bioethics, medicine and the law Duncan, N. D. ; Barnett, A. ; Trotman, Helen L.; Ramphal, P. S.; West, W. ; Badal, G. ; Christie, C. D.
7473 Conjoined twins: Bioethics, medicine and the law Duncan, Newton D.; Barnett, Alan; Trotman, Helen L; Ramphal, Paul S.; West, Wayne M.; Badal, Garfield H.; Christie, Celia D.
995695 Fasting indices do not correlate with dynamic measures of insulin sensitivity in Afro-Caribbean adults Boyne, Michael S; Thompson, Debbie S; Osmond, C; Ferguson, Trevor S; Tulloch-Reid, Marshall K; Wilks, Rainford J; Barnett, AT; Forrester, Terrence E
995529 Glucose metabolism in adult survivors of severe childhood malnutrition Francis-Emmanuel, Patrice M; Thompson, Debbie S; Barnett, AT; Osmond, C; Byrne, CD; Hanson, MA; Gluckman, PD; Forrester, Terrence E; Boyne, Michael S
2259 HLA-DQ and DRB1 polymorphism and susceptibility to type 1 diabetes in Jamaica Heward, J. M.; Mijovic, C. H.; Kelly, M. A.; Morrison, Errol Y.; Barnett, A. H.
8019 Informed consent : lessons learnt. Barnett, Alan
6373 Open splenectomy in Jamaican children with sickle cell disease Duncan, N. D. ; Tennant, I. ; Crawford-Sykes, A. ; Barnett, A. ; Scarlett, M. ; Dundas, S. E. ; Badal, G. ; Chin, B.
995879 Potential role for advanced trauma life support programme in improving trauma care in Jamaica McDonald, Archibald H.; Ali, J.; Mitchell, Derek.I.; Newnham, Mark .S.; Barnett, A.; Williams, Eric; Martin, Allie C.
4489 Potential Role for Advanced Trauma Life Support Programme in Improving Trauma Care in Jamaica McDonald, Archibald. H.; Ali, J.; Mitchell, Derek I. G.; Newnham, Mark S. ; Barnett, Alan; Williams Eric W.; Martin, Allie C.
995639 Predictors of physical activity and energy expenditure in children of African origin Campbell, CP; Barnett, AT; Boyne, Michael S; Soares-Wynter, Suzanne S; Osmond, C; Fraser, RA; Badaloo, Asha V; Taylor Bryan, Carolyn R; Forrester, Terrence E
995537 Prenatal factors contribute to the emergence of Kwashiorkor or marasmus in severe undernutrition: evidence for the predictive adaptation model Boyne, Michael S; Forrester, Terrence E; Badaloo, Asha V; Osmond, C; Thompson, Debbie S; Green, C; Taylor-Bryan, C; Barnett, A; Soares-Wynter, S; Hanson, MA; Beedle, AS; Gluckman, PD
8000 Recognition of the management of shock. Barnett, Alan
7897 Sedation in the GPs office. Barnett, Alan
6352 The roles and responsibilities of physicians in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Services: A Caribbean perspective Barnett, A. T. ; Segree, W. ; Matthews, A.
993456 Trehalose metabolism in the post - harvest storage of Pleurotus sp. Barnett, A; Reese, Paul B

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