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3 Titles Listed for the author selected: Behets, F
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993041 Does a choice of condoms impact sexually transmitted infection incidence? A randomized, controlled trial Steiner, M. J. ; Hylton-Kong, T. ; Figueroa, J. P. ; Hobbs, M. M. ; Behets, F. ; Smikle, M. ; Tweedy, K. ; Powell, S. ; McNeil, L. ; Brathwaite, A.
4461 Does a choice of iondom impact sexually tranmitted infections: A randomized controlled trial [Abstract] Steiner, M. J.; Hylton-Kong, T.; Figueroa, J. P.; Hobbs, M.; Behets, F.; Smikle, Monica ; Tweedy, K.; Powell, S.; McNeil, L.; Brathwaite, Alfred R.
1696 The decentralization of syphilis screening for improved care in Jamaican public clinics: Collaborative Working Group on Decentralization Syphilis Screening. Behets, F. M. T.,; Brathwaite, Alfred R.; Bennett, L.; Douglas, Ken G.; Dallabetta, G. A.; Figueroa, J. Peter

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