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31 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bewaji, John Processed on 4/21/2018
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31 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bewaji, John
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7053 African aesthetica (A 29) Bewaji, John A.
5262 African Languages and critical discourse Bewaji, John
7696 Art and consciousness future pasts and past futures of identity crises. Bewaji, John A.
861 Critical comments on Pearce, African philosophy and the sociological thesis Bewaji, John
993482 Culture as site for contest: tracing the stress factors in European cultural influence on the Caribbean society Bewaji, John A.
993410 Destroyed Past, Truncated Present, Dubious Future The Challenge of Black Identity in a Globalized World Bewaji, John A.
6511 Discoursing Philosophy through Cultures - Challenges, Opportunities and Dangers Bewaji, John A.
7705 Education and society requiem for western education in Africana societies to transcend plantocracy, coloniality and neo-coloniality. Bewaji, John A.
391 Empiricism vs pragmatism: Truth vs evidence Bewaji, John
993160 Epistemicide, Epistemic Deficit, Leadership Mis-education and the Vicious Cycle of Africana Underdevelopment Bewaji, John A.
5314 Ethics and morality - critical exploration of western and African diaspora intellectual and practical perspectives Bewaji, John
7735 Ethics and morality : Critical exploration of western and African philospohical perspectives Bewaji, John A.
5249 Ethics and morality in Yoruba culture Bewaji, John
6466 Ethics and morality: Critical exploration of Western and African philosophical perpectives Bewaji, John A.
6171 If my people must go, they will have to find their way by themselves; Critical comments on Wim Van Binsbergen's Ubuntu and the Globalisation of Southern African Thought and Society Bewaji, John
5247 Language, culture, science, technology and philosophy Bewaji, John
866 Male youth physical culture in Esa-Oke Bewaji, John
993211 Multiculturalism, Leadership and Development: prospects, challenges and opportunities for Africana societies Bewaji, John A.
863 Olodumare: God in Yoruba belief and the problem of evil Bewaji, John
7690 Parallel epistemologies, parallel justice systems an analysis of the foundations of three justice systems in Nigeria. Bewaji, John A.
6155 Philosophical exploration of leadership in Caribbean and diaspora polities Bewaji, John
7702 Philosophy, cultures and errors of ontogenesis: challenges, and dangers Bewaji, John A.
5252 Symbols, images and stereotypes in contemporary cultures Bewaji, John
993127 Teaching of Philosophy at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus Bewaji, John A.
6846 Tertiary Education and the Place of Education in Society - Requiem to Western Tertiary Education in Africana societies to transcend Plantocracy, Coloniality and Neo-Coloniality Requiem to western tertiary education in Africana societies Bewaji, John A.
5111 The Bewaji, van Binsbergen and Ramose debate on ubuntu Bewaji, John ; Ramose, M. B.
865 The certain, the evident, and the problem of criterion: Perspectives in Roderick Chisholm's response to skeptical epistemology Bewaji, John
6888 The Politics of philosophy as history of culture. Bewaji, John A.
862 The self as the focus of identity: A preliminary philosophical analysis of Professor Nettleford's discussion of the crisis of individuality in the Caribbean Bewaji, John
3472 The social contract tradition Bewaji, John
993055 Truth and ethics in African philosophy: A reply to Emmanuel Eze Bewaji, John

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