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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Brady-West, D Processed on 9/21/2020
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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Brady-West, D
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993802 ‘Triple Negative Breast cancer: Therapeutic and Prognostic Implications” Brady-West, D. ; McGrowder D
6968 Chronic myeloid leukaemia at the University Hospital of the West Indies: A 17-year review Buchner-Daley, Loretta; Brady-West, Doreen C.
2115 Clear cell sarcoma of soft parts: A case report and review of the literature Reid-Nicholson, M.D.; Williams, Elaine E.; Brady-West, Doreen C.
6570 Clinico-pathological profile of gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST's): A five-year review Brady-West, D.C.; Blake, G.
1814 Retrospective audit of blood donation at a hospital-based blood centre: Implications for blood product supply and safety Brady-West, Doreen C.; Buchner, L. M.
1797 Solid and papillary epithelial neoplasm: Ultrasound and CT features of an unusual pancreatic tumour West, Wayne M.; Brady-West, Doreen C.
8007 Stroke Subtypes on Imaging in a Jamaican Population: a hospital-based study. West, Wayne M.; Younger, Novie O.; Brady-West, Doreen; Gilbert, David T.; Char, Gurendra; Barton, Everard N.
7358 Treatment of Multiple Myeloma: Something Old, Something New Brady-West, Doreen C.
4646 Ultrasonography and White Blood Cell Count in the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis [Abstract] West, Wayne M. ; Brady-West, Doreen C; McDonald, Archibald H.; Hanchard, Barrie; Mitchell, Derek I. G.
2193 Ultrasonography of the lower limbs for deep vein thrombosis at the University Hospital of the West Indies West,Wayne M.; Brady-West, Doreen C.
6205 Ultrasound and white blood cell counts in suspected acute appendicitis West, W. M. ; Brady-West, D. C. ; McDonald, A. H. ; Hanchard, B. ; Fearon-Boothe, D.
6574 Who gives blood and why?Blood donor profile and motivation-implications for donor recruitment and retention Buchner-Daley, L.; Brady-West, D.C.

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