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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Brown, B Processed on 12/4/2020
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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Brown, B
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1960 Chronic relapsing pancreatitis in a child: Use of the Puestow procedure to achieve ductal drainage Duncan, Newton D.; McDonald, Archibald H.; James, Michael V.; Brown, B.; Mitchell, Derek I. G
4554 Circumcision of Jamaican newborn using the Plastibell TM device Duncan, Newton D; Dundas, S. E.; Brown, B.; Pinnock-Ramsaran, C.; Badal, G.
5963 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, a Nightmare. Is it the Patient's or the Physician's? Anglin-Brown, Blossom
6236 Haplotypes of IL6 and IL10 and susceptibility to human T lymphotropic virus type I infection among children Brown, E. E. ; Brown, B. J. ; Yeager, M. ; Welch, R. ; Cranston, B. ; Hanchard, Barrie ; Hisada, M.
364 Heavy metal pollution in Jamaica 1: Survey of cadmium, lead and zinc concentration in the Kintyre and Hope Flats districts Anglin-Brown, Blossom; Armour-Brown, A.; Lalor, Gerald C.
6000 HIV Policy in a tertiary institution Anglin-Brown, Blossom
7664 Jamaica Davies, Rose Y; Brown, B.; Williams, S.
363 Lead in a residential environment in Jamaica Anglin-Brown, Blossom; Armour-Brown, A.; Lalor, Gerald C.; Preston, John; Vutchkov, Mitko K.
4633 Minimal Intervention Management for Gastroschisis: A Preliminary Report. Duncan, Newton D.; Brown, B.; Dundas, S.E.; Wierenga, Klaas J.; Kulkarni, Santosh K.; Pinnock-Ramsaran, C.; Abel, C.
2255 Neonatal plastibell circumcision: A preliminary report [abstract] Duncan, Newton D.; Smith, A.I.; Badal, G.; Brown, B.; Ramsaran, C.
4527 Newborn nircumcision using the Plastibell device: An audit of practice Duncan, Newton D. ; Dundas, S. E. ; Brown, B. ; Pinnock-Ramsaran, C. ; Badal, G.
4472 Oesophageal Foreign Bodies at the University Hospital of the West Indies Williams, Eric W. ; Chambers, D. ; Ashman, Hugh ; Williams-Johnson, J.; Singh, P. ; McDonald, Archibald H. ; Reid, Marvin E.; Brown, B.
6614 Student wellness at Mona: Moving from research to intervention Anglin-Brown, B.; Weller, P.; Mullings, J.
1842 Surgery for anorectal malformations: A ten year review [abstract] Duncan, Newton D.; Badal, G.; Brown, B.
995543 The prevalence of major potential drug-drug interactions at a University health centre pharmacy in Jamaica Kennedy-Dixon, Tracia-Gay; Gossell-Williams, Maxine D; Hall, Jannel; Anglin-Brown, Blossom M

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