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20 Titles Listed for the author selected: Brown, C
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995431 “Jamaican mothers’ influences of adolescent girls’ beliefs and sexual behaviors” Hutchinson, K.M.; Kahwa, E.,; Waldron, N.; Hepburn Brown, C.; Hamilton, P.I.; Hewitt, H.H.; Aiken, J.; Cederbaum, J.; Alter, E.; Sweet Jemmott, L.
995248 “The psychosocial effects of pregnancy on teenage mothers in Jamaica”. Hepburn, S.A.; Waldron, N.K.; Hepburn-Brown, C.; Pitter, C.; Lindo, J.L.M.
2108 Adeno-associated virus and development of cervical neoplasia Strickler, Howard D.; Viscidi, R. ; Escoffery, Carlos T.; Rattray, Carole A.; Kotloff, K. L. ; Goldberg, J. ; Manns, Angela ; Rabkin, C. ; Daniel, R. ; Hanchard, Barrie; Brown, Claudette; Hutchinson, M. L.; Zanizer, D. ; Palefsky, J. ; Burk, R. D.; Cranston, Beverley; Clayman, B. ; Shah, K. V.
6742 Art as an Assessment Tool for Caribbean Children exposed to Violence Crawford-Brown, Claudette
5778 Beyond the barrel children phenomenon Crawford-Brown, Claudette P.
4546 Chlamydia Trachpmatis, Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and Human T-Cell lymphotropic Virus Type I are not Associated with Grade of Cervical Neoplasia in Jamaica Colposcopy Patients. Castle, P. E.; Escoffery, Carlos T.; Schachler, J.; Rattray, Carole A.; Schiffman, M.; Moncada, J.; Sugai, K.; Brown, Claudette; Cranston, Beverley ; Hanchard, Barrie; Palefsky, J. M.; Burk, R. D.; Hutchinson, M. L.; Strickler, H. D.
7952 Gathering speed and taking flight. Atkinson, Uki A.; Grundy, Q.; Harrowing, J. N.; Hepburn-Brown, Cerese C.; Mill, J. E.; Minnie, K.; Owino, J.; Rae, Tania D.; Ritcher, M.S.
95 Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I and severe neoplasia of the cervix in Jamaica. Strickler, Howard D.; Rattray, Carole A; Escoffery, Carlos T.; Manns, Angela; Schiffman, Mark H.; Brown, Claudette; Cranston, Beverley; Hanchard, Barrie; Palefsky, Joel M.; Blattner, William A.
2488 Parent-child relationships in Caribbean families Crawford-Brown, Claudette P; Rattray, Melrose
5774 Profile of violent youth: A study of the characteristics of children exhibiting delinquent behaviour in Jamaica Crawford-Brown, Claudette P.; Prescott, Patricia
1805 Shortness at birth is associated with insulin resistance in pre-pubertal Jamaican children Bennett, Franklyn I.; Watson-Brown, C.; Thame, Minerva M.; Wilks, Rainford J.; Osmond, C.; Hales, N.; Barker, D. J. ; Forrester, Terrence E.
994519 The 'Barrel children' of the Caribbean: The socio-cultural context of the migrant Caribbean family Crawford-Brown, Claudette P.; Rattray, Melrose
994654 The Effects of S-Nitrosoglutathione and S-Nitroso-N-Acetyl- D,L-penicillamine in a Rat Model of Pre-Eclampsia Brown, C.; McFarlane-Anderson, N.; Alexander-Lindo, R.L., ; Bishop, K.; Dasgupta, T.; McGrowder, D.
5776 The ethics of parenting in the etiology of child maltreatment in Jamaica Crawford-Brown, Claudette P.
2597 The impact of migration on the rights of children and families in the Caribbean Crawford-Brown, Claudette P
1202 The impact of parent-child socialisation on the development of conduct disorder in Jamaican male adolescents Crawford-Brown, Claudette P.; Rattray, Melrose
2316 The impact of parenting on conduct disorder in Jamaican male adolescents. Crawford-Brown, Claudette P
8146 The international research internship program for nurses. Hepburn-Brown, Cerese C; Rae, Tania D; Dover-Roberts, Dawn A.; Kahwa, Eulalia; Edwards, N.; Roelofs, S.
993222 Type-specific prevalence of human papillomavirus DNA among Jamaican colposcopy patients. Rattray, Carole A; Strickler, Howard D.; Escoffery, Carlos T.; Cranston, Beverley; Brown, Claudette; Manns, Angela; Schiffman, Mark H.; Palefsky, Joel M.; Hanchard, Barrie; Blattner, William A.
5775 Violence and the Jamaican child 2002: The impact of violence on the Jamaican child Crawford-Brown, Claudette P.

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