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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bruce, Carl A Processed on 12/2/2020
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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bruce, Carl A
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7997 C1-C2 fusion pros and cons and technique pearls for fixation of the lateral mass, pedicles, lamina and transarticular. Bruce, Carl A.
7888 Epidemiology of intracranial tumors across Jamaica. Bruce, Carl A.
8027 Examination of the management of traumatic brain injury in the developing and developed world: focus on resource utilization, protocols and practices that alter outcome. Harris, Odette A.; Bruce, Carl A.; Reid, Marvin; Cheeks, Randolph; Easley, Kirk; Surles, Monique C.; Pan, Yi; Rhoden-Salmon, Donnahae; Webster, Dwight; Crandon, Ivor W.
7998 Fusion options and techniques. Bruce, Carl A.
8002 Head and spinal injuries. Bruce, Carl A.
8004 Intracranial pressures monitoring and management of head and spinal injury. Bruce, Carl A.
8005 Medical treatment in severe head trauma. Bruce, Carl A.
8022 Minimal approach to Chiari associated Syringomyelia. Bruce, Carl A.
7885 Options for posterior cervical fusion. Bruce, Carl A.
7999 Osteobiology in cranial and spinal surgery. Bruce, Carl A.
7992 Outcome in traumatic brain injuries: A comparative study between a Developed Country and a Developing Country. Bruce, Carl A.
7887 Result of the multicentre head injury trial comparing care in the developed and developing world. Bruce, Carl A.
7889 Results of the Caribbean and Latin America multicentre dural substitute trial. Bruce, Carl A.
8016 Revision surgery in patients with lumbar fusion. Bruce, Carl A.
8015 The role of neuronavigation in skull base tumours. Bruce, Carl A.

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