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22 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bryan, Beverley A Processed on 5/27/2018
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22 Titles Listed for the author selected: Bryan, Beverley A
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3624 Defining literacy for Jamaica: Issues in theory and practice Bryan, Beverley A.
3552 Defining the role of linguistic markers in manufacturing classroom consent Bryan, Beverley A.
642 English in its place Bryan, Beverley A
607 Fostering meaning-making: A case of pre-service teachers in Jamaica Bryan, Beverley A; Hall, Winnifred Madge
5501 Gender, literacy and language learning in Jamaica: Considerations from the literature Bryan, Beverley A.
684 Group work in the Jamaican language classroom: teachers' reflection on and experience in collaborative learning Bryan, Beverley A
5530 Homesickness as a construct of the migrant experience Bryan, Beverley A.
3623 Introduction: The story so far Bryan, Beverley A.
685 Investigating language in a Jamaican primary school: Perceptions and findings of a group of primary school teachers Bryan, Beverley A
3554 Issues of theory and practice in a plan of action for literacy improvement in Jamaica Bryan, Beverley A.
5397 Jamaican creole: in the process of becoming Bryan, Beverley A.
5396 Language and literacy in a creole-speaking environment: A study of primary schools Bryan, Beverley A.
5430 Language variation and language use among Dominican teachers Bryan, Beverley A.
5500 Language variation and language use among teachers in Dominica Bryan, Beverley A.; Burnette, Rosalind
686 Learning school: Cross-cultural differences in the teaching of English Bryan, Beverley A
3587 Promoting language awareness through language study Bryan, Beverley A.
5395 Reconciling contradictions and moving for change: Towards a language education policy for Jamaica Bryan, Beverley A.
3435 Rethinking pathways to excellence in teacher education Hall, Winnifred Madge; Bryan, Beverley A.
3553 Some correspondences between West African and Jamaican creole speakers in learning standard English Bryan, Beverley A.
491 The role of context in defining adolescent responses to Caribbean poetry: A comparative case Bryan, Beverley A
7932 The writing performance in English of African Heritage Pupils in two urban environments: 121 Birmingham, England and Kingston, Jamaica. Bryan, Beverley A.
5378 Towards a learning society: Emerging issues in developing a policy and plan for literacy in four OECS countries Bryan, Beverley A.

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