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14 Titles Listed for the author selected: Buddan, Robert Processed on 4/19/2018
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14 Titles Listed for the author selected: Buddan, Robert
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5659 'Sugar without slavery and the failure of democratization and diversification.' Review essay: Slavery without sugar: Diversity in Caribbean economy and society since the 17th century edited by Verene Shepherd Buddan, Robert
5587 Book review Caribbean Economics in the twenty-first century edited by Irma T. Alonso Buddan, Robert
6673 Hill, Ken Buddan, Robert Maxwell
5584 Jamaica : The politics of transformation in the twenty-first century Buddan, Robert
6674 Leon, Rose Buddan, Robert Maxwell
5643 My generation comes to power: A time for Caribbean leadership and political transformation Buddan, Robert
5586 Review essay Deadlock: ethnicity and electoral competition in Triniadad and Tobago,1995-2005 by Selwyn Ryan. St Augustine, trinidad; SALISES Buddan, Robert
5594 Reviewing Emmanuel: The Caribbean state in the new century Buddan, Robert
5593 Revisiting and revising Stone and Clientelism Buddan, Robert
6675 Shearer, Hugh Buddan, Robert Maxwell
5581 The Bar Association and the CCJ Buddan, Robert
5919 Universal adult suffrage in Jamaica and the Caribbean since 1944 Buddan, Robert
6676 West Indies Democratic Labour Party Buddan, Robert Maxwell
6677 West Indies Federal Labour Party Buddan, Robert Maxwell

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