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28 Titles Listed for the author selected: Byron, Jessica Processed on 2/21/2017
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28 Titles Listed for the author selected: Byron, Jessica
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2697 'La subregión de la - CARICOM/CARIFORUM en el periodo 1999-2000: ¿Hacia un nuevo modelo de gobernabilidad regional?' Byron, Jessica
5790 'Singing from the same hymn sheet': Caribbean diplomacy and the Cotonou Agreement Byron, Jessica
993119 A Caribbean Perspective on Regional Integration and the Future of CELAC Byron, Jessica
5819 CARICOM and the current challenges of multilateral trade negotiations Byron, Jessica.
5602 CARICOM at thirty: New and old foreign policy challenges Byron, Jessica.
1237 Cuba's rol op het westelijk halfrond Byron, Jessica
993195 Emerging Social and Economic Issues for Small Island developing States post 2015 Byron, Jessica
7824 G.K. Lewis and Reflections on Sovereignty in the Caribbean: From Colonial Nationalism to the Present Day. Byron, Jessica
5603 Gender and human rights issues in the Commonwealth Caribbean Byron, Jessica .
1266 Gender and international relations: A global perspective and issues for the Caribbean Byron, Jessica; Thorburn, Diana
5785 La Comunidad del Caribe Frente a los Procesos del ALCA y de la UE Byron, Jessica.
2394 Microstates in a macro-world: Federalism, governance and viability in the Eastern Caribbean Byron, Jessica
2592 Migration, national identity and regionalisn in the Caribbean: A Leeward Islands case study Byron, Jessica
5822 Rethinking international relations: Changing paradigms or more of the same? A Caribbean small state perspective Byron, Jessica
5674 Review of 'Politics in a half-made society: Trinidad and Tobago 1925-2001' by Kirk Meighoo Byron, Jessica
2587 Square dance diplomacy; Cuba and CARIFORUM, the European Union and the United States Byron, Jessica
5946 State, society and security issues in the Caribbean community post-September 11 2001 Byron, Jessica
6545 Strategic repositioning: Foreign policy shifts in Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago 1990-2000 Byron, Jessica
1268 The Association of Caribbean States: Growing pains of a new regionalism? Byron, Jessica
8032 The Caribbean Community’s Fourth Pillar: The Evolution of Security Governance. Byron, Jessica
5947 The Caribbean in a globalised world: Responses to a changing international political economy Byron, Jessica.
2581 The CARICOM/CARIFORUM integración regional y los temas del comercio internacional Byron, Jessica; Girvan, Norman P
1269 The Eastern Caribbean in the 1990's: New security challenges Byron, Jessica
8038 The Emergence of the Dominican Republic as an assertive international actor in the Caribbean: Responses of Jamaica and CARICOM Byron, Jessica
2591 The impact of globalization on the Caribbean Byron, Jessica
1267 The mid-term review of the Lome IV Convention: Heralding the future? Arts, Karin; Byron, Jessica
2588 The return of the Cocolos: Migration, national identity and regionalism in the Leeward Islands Byron, Jessica
5803 The role of mulilateral organizations, CARICOM and the ACS Byron, Jessica

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