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26 Titles Listed for the author selected: Byron, Jessica Processed on 10/21/2016
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26 Titles Listed for the author selected: Byron, Jessica
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2697 'La subregión de la - CARICOM/CARIFORUM en el periodo 1999-2000: ¿Hacia un nuevo modelo de gobernabilidad regional?' Byron, Jessica
5790 'Singing from the same hymn sheet': Caribbean diplomacy and the Cotonou Agreement Byron, Jessica
5819 CARICOM and the current challenges of multilateral trade negotiations Byron, Jessica.
5602 CARICOM at thirty: New and old foreign policy challenges Byron, Jessica.
1237 Cuba's rol op het westelijk halfrond Byron, Jessica
7824 G.K. Lewis and Reflections on Sovereignty in the Caribbean: From Colonial Nationalism to the Present Day. Byron, Jessica
5603 Gender and human rights issues in the Commonwealth Caribbean Byron, Jessica .
1266 Gender and international relations: A global perspective and issues for the Caribbean Byron, Jessica; Thorburn, Diana
5785 La Comunidad del Caribe Frente a los Procesos del ALCA y de la UE Byron, Jessica.
2394 Microstates in a macro-world: Federalism, governance and viability in the Eastern Caribbean Byron, Jessica
2592 Migration, national identity and regionalisn in the Caribbean: A Leeward Islands case study Byron, Jessica
5822 Rethinking international relations: Changing paradigms or more of the same? A Caribbean small state perspective Byron, Jessica
5674 Review of 'Politics in a half-made society: Trinidad and Tobago 1925-2001' by Kirk Meighoo Byron, Jessica
2587 Square dance diplomacy; Cuba and CARIFORUM, the European Union and the United States Byron, Jessica
5946 State, society and security issues in the Caribbean community post-September 11 2001 Byron, Jessica
6545 Strategic repositioning: Foreign policy shifts in Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago 1990-2000 Byron, Jessica
1268 The Association of Caribbean States: Growing pains of a new regionalism? Byron, Jessica
8032 The Caribbean Community’s Fourth Pillar: The Evolution of Security Governance. Byron, Jessica
5947 The Caribbean in a globalised world: Responses to a changing international political economy Byron, Jessica.
2581 The CARICOM/CARIFORUM integración regional y los temas del comercio internacional Byron, Jessica; Girvan, Norman P
1269 The Eastern Caribbean in the 1990's: New security challenges Byron, Jessica
8038 The Emergence of the Dominican Republic as an assertive international actor in the Caribbean: Responses of Jamaica and CARICOM Byron, Jessica
2591 The impact of globalization on the Caribbean Byron, Jessica
1267 The mid-term review of the Lome IV Convention: Heralding the future? Arts, Karin; Byron, Jessica
2588 The return of the Cocolos: Migration, national identity and regionalism in the Leeward Islands Byron, Jessica
5803 The role of mulilateral organizations, CARICOM and the ACS Byron, Jessica

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