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4 Titles Listed for the author selected: Chambers, B Processed on 11/25/2020
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4 Titles Listed for the author selected: Chambers, B
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4824 Maldigestion and malabsorption of dietary lipid during severe childhood malnutrition Murphy, Joseph L. ; Badaloo, Asha V.; Chambers, B. ; Forrester, Terrence. E. ; Wootton, S. A. ; Jackson, Alan A.
2811 The effect of aromatic amino acid supplementation on , -antitrypsin synthesis in oedematous malnutrition [Abstract] Reid, Marvin E.; Badaloo, Asha V.; Howell, Sharon; Chambers, B.; Gallimore, H.; Forrester, Terrence E.; Jahoor, Farook
995594 The Need for Improved BPA Testing and Awareness among Stakeholders in Underdeveloped Countries: A Jamaican Pilot Study Chambers, Bentley B; Luke, Amy; Forrester, Terrence G; Rattray, Vaughn R; Badal, Simone A
2535 Whole body oxidation of dietary fatty acids during rehabilitation from severe childhood malnutrition [Abstract only] Murphy, J.L.; Badaloo, Asha V.; Chambers, B.; Hounslow, A.; Forrester, Terrence E.; Wootton, S.A.; Jackson, Alan A.

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