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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Christie, Celia .D Processed on 9/23/2020
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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Christie, Celia .D
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6848 Efficacy of a pentavalent rotavirus vaccine in reducing rotavirus-associated health care utilization across three regions (11 countries) Vesikari, T; Itzler, R; Matson, D; Santosham, M; Christie, Celia .D.; Coia, M.L; Cook, J.R; Koch, G; Heaton, P
995556 Health Care System Response to the Child and Adolescent – Lessons and Perspectives from the pMTCT of HIV in Jamaica Christie, Celia .D.
995671 Jamaica’s invited perspective on the validation data and changes in collection tools, for the certification of elimination of MTCT HIV and Syphilis in Latin America and the Caribbean, after the experience in Cuba Christie, Celia .D.
995664 Status of Training of Health Care Professionals on Adolescent Health Christie, Celia .D .
995595 The Passages Project: initial observations from a multi-country investigation into factors that impact transition from adolescent to adult HIV care Carty, C.R; Lambert, J.S.; Sidloyi, L; Oprea, C; Pierre, Rusell B; Christie, Celia .D..; Hansudewechakul, R; Watanporn, S; Archary, M; Machado, E; Lago Garcia, M.D.; Avramovic, G; Picone, M; D'Eredita, M
995502 Viremia copy-years over the first 2 years predicts immunologic outcome in a pediatric HIV cohort in Jamaica Pierre, Russell .B; Lu, Q; Myers, D; Moore, J.T; Christie, Celia .D.; Painstil, E
995545 Zika V – Research in Obstetric andPediatrics – Lessons learned from HIV/AIDS Christie, Celia .D.

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