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16 Titles Listed for the author selected: Clarke, T
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994571 “Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Symptoms among ambulatory HIV patients and a control population” T Thompson, T; Lee, M.G ; Clarke, T.R; Mills, M; Wharfe2, G; Walters, C
994233 “Stigma and discrimination: Effects on patients with schizophrenia”. Davey-Clarke, T.; Stewart, H.; Lindo, J
994656 “Transient Cortical Blindness Post Angiography. A case Report” Clarke, T.R; Johnson, P; Webster,D; Gilbert, D.T; Barton, E.N
7626 Abnormal liver function tests in patients attending an HIV/AIDS Outpatient Clinic: FMS annual research. Clarke, Tanya
6618 Abnormal liver function tests in persons attending an outpatient HIV treatment clinic in Kingston, Jamaica Clarke, T.R.
7571 Chronic Kidney Disease in HIV. Clarke, Tanya; Smith, Roger
7624 HIV/AIDS awareness in a Jamaican Outpatient Clinic: Conference Proceedings of UWI Medical Alumni Association Clarke, Tanya
7622 HIV/AIDS the UHWI Experience: Conference Proceedings of Advancements in Medicine Clarke, Tanya
6586 Influence of pumpkin seed oil supplementation on carivascular and histogical outcomes in female non-ovariectomized and overiectomized rats Lyttle, K.; Gossell-Williams, M.; Clarke, T.; Simon, O.; Gardner, M.
7625 Link between HAART Diabetes and Dyslipidaemia Clarke, Tanya
3154 Microalgal community of a coastal lagoon: Changes in water quality and the effect on sediment nutrient fluxes [Abstract only] Clarke, T. M.; Webber, Dale F.
7623 Profile of patients and their response to antiretroviral therapy: Conference proceedings of UWI Medical Alumni Association Clarke, Tanya
7003 Supplementation with pumpkin seed oil improves plasma lipid profile and cardiovascular outcomes of female non-ovariectomized and ovariectomized Sprague-Dawley rats Gossell-Williams, M. ; Lyttle, K. ; Clarke, T. ; Gardner, M. ; Simon, O.
6917 The mean levels of adherence and factors contributing to non-adherence in patients on highly active antiretroviral therapy Williams, M.; Clarke, Tanya; Williams, P.; Barton, Everard N.
993663 The Patterns of Depressives Symptoms among HIV Patients De La Haye, W.; Clarke, T.; Lipps, G.; Lowe, G.; Longman-Mills, S.; Barton, E. N.; Bain, B.
994664 Validation of the Beck Depression Inventory II in HIV Positive Patients Lipps, G.; Lowe, G. A.,; De La Haye, W.; Longman-Mills, S.; Barton, E. N.; Clarke, T.; Bain, B.

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