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6 Titles Listed for the author selected: Collins, J Processed on 12/1/2020
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6 Titles Listed for the author selected: Collins, J
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194 A new species of Arcoscalpellum (Crustacea, Cirripedia) from the Pliocene Bowden Shell bed of Jamaica Collins, J.S.; Donovan, S.K.
7980 A new species of land crab, Sesarma Say, 1871 (Decapoda, Brachyura), from the Pleistocene of Jamaica. Mitchell, Simon F.; Collins, Joe S.H.; Donovan,Stephen K.
208 A new species of Necronectes (Decapoda) from the Upper Oligocene of Antigua Collins, J.S; Donovan, S.K.
262 Crabs and barnacles (Crustacea: Decapoda and Cirripedia) from the late Pleistocene Port Morant formation of southeast Jamaica Collins, J.S.; Donovan, S.K.; Dixon, H.L.
7822 Fossil crustacean of the Late Pleistocene Port Morant Formation, west Port Morant harbor, southeastern Jamaica. Stemann, Thomas; Collins, J.; Donovan, S.
265 Unique preservation of an Echinometra Gray (Echinodermata : Echinoidea) in the Pleistocene of Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Collins, J.S.

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