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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Crawford, Tazhmoye Processed on 10/27/2020
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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Crawford, Tazhmoye
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993163 A contemporary analysis of sexual trends and transmitted infections among outpatient at two public hospitals in Jamaica. Crawford, Tazhmoye; Gardner, Michael T.; McGrowder, Donovan A.
7236 Access to contraception by minors in Jamaica: A public health concern Crawford, Tazhmoye V.; McGrowder, Donovan A.; Crawford, Alexay
8039 Calcium excretion in preeclampsia and gestational hypertension. McGrowder, Donovan; Williams, Algie; Gordon, Lorenzo; Crawford, Tazhmoye; Alexander-Lindo, Ruby; Irving, Rachael R.; Hamilton, Michelle
6906 Decomposing mortality rates and examining health status of the elderly in Jamaica Bourne, Paul A.; McGrowder, Donovan A.; Crawford, Tazhmoye V.
8249 Lipid profile and clinical characteristics of women with gestational diabetes and preclampsia McGrowder, Donovan A.; Grant, Kevin; Irving, Rachael R.; Gordon, Lorenzo; Crawford, Tazhmoye; Alexander-Lindo, Ruby; Fraser, Yeiny T.P
6899 Response of patients to the introduction of a private magnetic resonance imaging service in Western Jamaica Anderson-Jackson, Lennox; McGrowder, Donovan A; Bourne, Paul A; Crawford, Tazhmoye; Whittaker,Wayne H.A.
7612 Socio-economics and child-bearing characteristics of young adults in Jamaica Crawford, Tazhmoye; McGrowder, Donovan; Gardner, Michael; Gordon, Lorenzo
8041 The impact of the North Coast Highway on socioeconomic status and family life of residents in Bogue Village, Jamaica. McGrowder, Donovan A.; Jackson, Lennox; Forrester, Rohan; Edie, Carla; Crawford, Angella; Simpson, Stephen; Crawford, Tazhmoye

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