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114 Titles Listed for the author selected: Donovan, S
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124 A camerate crinoid from the Upper Silurian (Ludlow) Moydart Foundation of Nova Scotia, Canada Donovan, S.K.; Pickerill, R.K.
3008 A field guide to the geology of the University of the West Indies Campus, Mona Donovan, S. K.; Jackson, Trevor A.
271 A late Cretaceous terebratulid brachiopod from Jamaica, and its significance for Mesozoic brachiopod palaeobiogeography and evolution Sandy, M.R.; Harper, D.A.; Donovan, S.K.; Miller, David, J.
993006 A new smooth-shelled Argyotheca Dall (Brachiopoda, Articulata) from the Eocene of Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Harper, D.A.; Doyle, E.N.
194 A new species of Arcoscalpellum (Crustacea, Cirripedia) from the Pliocene Bowden Shell bed of Jamaica Collins, J.S.; Donovan, S.K.
208 A new species of Necronectes (Decapoda) from the Upper Oligocene of Antigua Collins, J.S; Donovan, S.K.
206 A new species of regular echinoid from the Richmond Formation (Eocene) of Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Pickerill, R.K.
266 A new species of stalked crinoid (Echinodermata) of possible Late Silurian age from central Newfoundland Donovan, S.K.; Dickson, W.L..; Boyce, W.D.; Ash, J.S.
361 A possible barnacle from Maastrichtian (Upper Cretaceous) of Jamaica, West Indies. Donovan, S.K.; Davis-Strickland, D.
236 A record of Paper Nautilus (Argonauta) in Puerto Rico: Comment Donovan, S.K.
198 A regular echinoid from the Walderston Formation (Lower Oligocene) of Jamaica Donovan, S.K.
354 A Rhuddanian (Silurian, Lower Llandovery) pelmatozoan fauna from south-west Wales Donovan, S. K.
247 A septarian nodule from the sedimentary record of Jamaica: Lessons from a museum specimen Wood, Sharon J.; Donovan, S.K.
3109 A unique pebble from the Pliocene Bowen Formation of southern Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.; Pickerill, Ron K.; Donovan, S. K.
147 Always give credit where it's due Donovan, S.K.
123 Aspects of ancient rocky shorelines: The Hopegate and Falmouth Formations, Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Miller, David, J.
264 Availability of fossiliferous sediment from the Red Hills Road Cave (late Pleistocene), Jamaica. Donovan, S.K.
185 Bichordites monastiriensis from the Pleistocene of southeast Jamaica Pickerill, R.K.,; Donovan, S.K.; Dixon, H.L.
212 Broody sea urchins Donovan, S.K.
125 Clypeaster lamprus H.L.Clark (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) in the Manchioneal Formation (early Pleistocene) of Jamaica. Donovan, S.K.; Portell, R.W.
263 Comparative morphology of the stems of the extant bathycrinid Democrinus Perrier and the Upper Palaeozoic platycrinitids (Echinodermata, Crinoidea). Donovan, S.K.
358 Contractile tissues in the cirri of ancient crinoids: Criteria for recognition. Donovan, S.K.
262 Crabs and barnacles (Crustacea: Decapoda and Cirripedia) from the late Pleistocene Port Morant formation of southeast Jamaica Collins, J.S.; Donovan, S.K.; Dixon, H.L.
222 Crinoid and ophiuroid ossicles from the Oligocene of Jamaica Dixon, H.L.; Donovan, S.K.; Veltkamp, C.J.
205 Crinoid columns preserved in life position in the Silurian Arisaig Group of Nova Scotia, Canada Donovan, S.K.; Pickerill, R.K.
157 Crinoids from the upper Ashgill (Upper Ordovician) of Wales Donovan, S.K.; Veltkamp, C.J.
207 Crinoids, asteroids and ophiuroids in the Jamaican fossil record Donovan, S.K.,; Gordon, C.M.; Veltkamp, C.J.; Scott, A.D.
993336 De la Beche, C.A. Matley and the Jamaican 'Palaeozoic' Donovan, S.K.
148 De la Beche: A birthday party Donovan, S.K.
268 Dropstones: Their origin and significance: A comment Donovan, S.K.; Pickerill, R.K.
203 Early Pleistocene echinoids of the Manchioneal Formation, Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Embden, B.J.
156 Echinoderms Donovan, S.K.; Paul, C.R.; Lewis, D.N.
993071 Echinoid taphonomy and the fossil record: Supporting evidence from the Plio-Pleistocene of the Caribbean Donovan, S.K.; Gordon, C.M.
211 Echinoids of the Upper Eocene Somerset Formation of Jamaica Donovan, S.K.
357 Ecology of ancient barnacles. Donovan, S.K.
238 Enigmatic cobbles and boulders in the Paleogene Richmond Formation of eastern Jamaica Pickerill, R.K.; Donovan, S.K.; Dunn, J.T.
195 Evolution of the Jamaican echinoid fauna during the Eocene-Oligocene extinction crisis Donovan, S.K.
5 Field guide to the geology of Port Morant and Bowden, Southeast Jamaica. Donovan, S.K.,; Pickerill, R.K.
3012 Fieldwork: A key component in teaching geology and geomorphology at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica Donovan, S. K.; Jackson, Trevor A.; Miller, David J.
164 Fish teeth from the Pleistocene of Jamaica Purdy, R.W.; Donovan, S.K.; Pickerill, R.K.; Dixon, H.L.
7822 Fossil crustacean of the Late Pleistocene Port Morant Formation, west Port Morant harbor, southeastern Jamaica. Stemann, Thomas; Collins, J.; Donovan, S.
201 Fossil echinoderms in the Lucas Barrett collection, Geology Museum, University of the West Indies, Mona Donovan, S.K.
197 Fossils explained 15: Palaeozoic crinoids Donovan, S.K.
267 Fossils explained 19: Post-Palaeozoic crinoids Donovan, S.K.; Lewis, D.N.
204 Functional morphologies of the columns of Upper Ordovician Xenocrinus and Dendrocrinus Donovan, S.K.,; Kallmeyer, J.W.; Veltkamp, C.J.
133 Further Tertiary cephalopods from Jamaica Donovan, S.K.,; Portell, R.W.; Pickerill,R.K.; Robinson, Edward; Carter, B.D.
233 Geologic provinces of the Caribbean region Draper, Grenville; Jackson, Trevor A.; Donovan, S.K.
353 Geological excursion guide 9: Jamaica Donovan, S.K.
3097 Geomorhpology of the natural bridge at Riversdale, Parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica Miller, David J.; Donovan, S. K.
183 Geomorphology, stratigraphy and paleontology of Wait-a-Bit Cave, central Jamaica Miller, David, J.; Donovan, S.K.
993038 How to fossilize a sea urchin Donovan, S.K.
49 Ichnology and biotic interactions on a Pleistocene gastropod from southeast Jamaica Pickerill, R.K.,; Donovan, S.K.
2974 Ichnology and biotic interactions on a Pliestocene gastropod from south-east Jamaica Pickerill, Ron K.; Donovan, S. K.; Mitchell, Simon F.
186 Ichnology of the Paleogene Richmond Formation of eastern Jamaica The final chapter? Pickerill, R.K.; Donovan, S.K.; Doyle, E.N.; Dixon, H.L.
254 Ichnology of the Pliocene Bowden Formation of southeastern Jamaica Pickerill, R.K.; Keighley, D.G.; Donovan, S.K.
227 Insects and other arthropods as trace-makers in non-marine environments and palaeoenvironments Donovan, S.K.
217 Invertebrate trace fossils: Ancient interactions between organisms and sediments Donovan, S.K.; Pickerill, R.K.
214 Isocrinid crinoids from the late Cenozoic of Jamaica Donovan, S.K.
138 Jamaica Cenozoic Echinoidea Donovan, S.K.
153 Jamaican Cretaceous crinoidea Donovan, S.K.,; Milsom, C.V.; Veltkamp, C.J.
228 Jamaican Cretaceous echinoidea Donovan, S.K.
221 Key for field identification of rudist bivalves from the Cretaceous of Jamaica Davis-Strickland, E.R.; Donovan, S.K.
152 Late Cenozoic reef mollusc faunas from Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Littlewood, D.T.
3322 Late cenozoic trace fossils from southeast coastal Jamaica Pickerill, Ron K.; Donovan, S. K.; Mitchell, Simon F.; Keighley, David G.
995929 Leaves from the sea: A flora from the Pliocene Bowden Formation of Jamaica Locatelli, Emma Rose; Briggs, Derek; Stemann, Thomas; Portell, Roger W; Means, Harley; Donovan, Stephen K.
209 Local extinction patterns and the decline of the Jamaican Paleogene echinoid fauna Dixon, H.L.; Donovan, S.K.
142 Lower Cambrian fossil Volborthella: The whole truth or just a piece of the beast?: Comment Donovan, S.K.; Paul, C.R.
135 Lucas Barrett's collection: Jamaican echinoids hiding amongst British immigrants Donovan, S.K.; Wood, Sharon J.
218 Middle and Upper Eocene echinoids of Jamaica Donovan, S.K.
272 Middle Cretaceous reef collapse linked to ocean heat transport: Comment Skelton, P.W.; Donovan, S.K.
6420 MPhil in the earth sciences at the University of the West Indies Jackson, Trevor A. ; Donovan, S.K
141 New fossil crinoids from Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Miller, S.A.; Graham, A.P.; Dixon, H.L.
4181 New fossil sea cow exhibit at the geology museum, University of the West Indies [Abstract] Brown, Ian C.; Mitchell, Simon F.; Domning, Daryl P.; Portell, Roger; Donovan, S. K.
128 No evidence for an echinoderm equivalent of the Hirnantia fauna Donovan, S.K.
139 Northern South America Donovan, S. K.
149 Palaeo-reply to Ichnotaxonomic revision and the importance of type material Donovan, S.K.
362 Palaeoecology and palaeobathymetry of Pleistocene brachiopods from the Manchioneal Formation of Jamaica. Harper, D. A.; Doyle, E. N.,; Donovan, S. K.
136 Pelmatozoan (crinoid?) columnals from the Hirnantian (Ordovician, Ashgill) of Keisley, Cumbria, UK Donovan, S.K.; Wright, A.D.
196 Pelmatozoan columnals from the Ordovician of the British Isles: Part 3 Donovan, S.K.
223 Perchance to scrutinise the field Donovan, S.K.
132 Pleistocene echinoid (Echinodermata) fauna from southeast Jamaica Donovan, S. K.; Dixon, H.L.; Pickerill, R.K.; Doyle, E.N.
993496 Pleistocene echinoids from Bermuda and Barbados Donovan, S.K.; Jones, B.
143 Preservation of a clypeasteroid echinoid in Holocene beachrock, Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Williams, R.A.; Rocke, J.A.
359 Publications of the Department of Geology, UWI, Mona, 1961-1996 Donovan, S.K.; MacGillivray, Catriona
3982 Quo vadis the Transactions? Publishing Strategy and the Future of the Caribbean Geological Conferences Donovan, S. K.; Jackson, Trevor A.
993517 Report of a field meeting to east Port Morant Harbour, parish of St. Thomas, SE Jamaica, April 5, 1997 Donovan, S. K..; Pickerill, R. K.,; Mitchell, Simon F.
3098 Report of a field meeting to south-central Jamaica, 23rd May, 1998 Donovan, S. K.; Miller, David J.
3119 Sedimentology and palaeoenvironment of the Pliocene Bowden Formation, southeast Jamaica Pickerill, Ron K.; Mitchell, Simon F; Donovan, S. K.; Keighley, David G.
216 Skeletal morphology and paleontological significance of the stem of extant Phrynocrinus nudus A.H. Clark (Echinodermata: Crinoidea) Donovan, S.K.; Pawson, D.L.
131 Some echinoid plates from the Lower Eocene Richmond Formation of Jamaica Donovan, S. K.; Dixon, H.L.; Veltkamp, C.J.
213 Some fossil echinoids ( Echinodermata ) from the Cenozoic of Jamaica, Cuba and Guadeloupe Donovan, S.K.
172 Some fossil echinoids (Echinodermata) from the Neogene of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Gordon, C.M.; Donovan, S.K.
154 Stephanocrinus (Echinodermata, Blastozoa) from Europe Donovan, S.K.; Paul, C.R.
199 Testing the marine and continental fossil records: Comment Donovan, S.K.
993367 The benthic mollusk faunas of two contrasting reef paleo subenvironments: Falmouth Formation (late Pleistocene, last interglacial) Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Littlewood, D. T.
993017 The brachiopods Tichosina and Terebratulina from the Miocene of Jamaica Harper, D.A.; Donovan, S.K.; Portell, R.W.
993136 The clypeasteroid echinoid Encope homala Arnold and Clark, 1934, in the Cenozoic of Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Dixon, H.L.; Littlewood, D.T.; Milsom, C.V.; Norman, Y.J.
38 The contact between the Troy Formation and the Troja granodiorite in the area east of Riversdale, parish of St. Catherine Donovan, S. K.,; Miller, David, J.; Patel, Fatima
155 The echinoderm fauna of the Bowden shell bed (early Pliocene), southern Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Paul, C.R.
252 The eocrinoid Ascocysitites barrande (Echinodermata, Blastozoa) from the Middle Ordovician of central Portugal, with comments on the stratigraphy of the Brejo Fundeiro Formation Young, T.P.; Donovan, S.K.
231 The H.L. Hawkins collection of Caribbean fossil echinoids: Annotated catalog of rediscovered specimens from the University of Reading, England Donovan, S.K.; Lewis, D.N.
7353 The irregular echinoid Nucleopygus from the Upper Cretaceous of western Jamaica Donovan, S; Mitchell, Simon; Lewis, D
126 The irregular echinoids Echinoneus Leske and Brissus Gray in the Cenozoic of the Antillean region Donovan, S.K.; Veale, C.
224 The late Ordovician extinction of the crinoids in Britain Donovan, S.K.
993424 The micromorphic articulate brachiopod Gwynia from the Western Approaches, UK Harper, D.A.,; Donovan, S.K.; Veltkamp, C.J.
151 The pelmatozoan fauna of the high Mains Formation (Ordovician: Hirnantian) of the Craighead Inlier, Strathclyde Donovan, S.K.; Harper, D.A.
174 The trace fossil Dactyloidites ottoi (Geinitz, 1849) from the Neogene August Town Formation of south-central Jamaica Pickerill, R.K.; Donovan, S.K.; Dixon, H.L.
175 Tobago Jackson, Trevor A.; Donovan, S.K.
225 Trinidad Donovan, S.K.
219 Trinity in 1984 and the origin of Joly rugby Donovan, S.K.
265 Unique preservation of an Echinometra Gray (Echinodermata : Echinoidea) in the Pleistocene of Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Collins, J.S.
134 Unusual preservation of late Quaternary millipedes from Jamaica Donovan, S.K.; Veltkamp, C.J.
269 Upright crinoids of the Thornton Reef, Wenlock (Silurian) of Illinois, U.S.A. Donovan, S.K.,; Pickerill, R.K.; Mikulic, D.G.; Kluessendorf, J.
202 Use of the SEM in interpreting ancient faunas of sea urchins Donovan, S.K.

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