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36 Titles Listed for the author selected: Down, Lorna Processed on 5/21/2018
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36 Titles Listed for the author selected: Down, Lorna
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995482 A Community-Centred Approach to Education for Sustainable Development. Down, Lorna O
992966 Addressing the challenges of mainstreaming education for sustainable development in higher education Down, Lorna
993324 Beginning teachers as change agents - for sustainable societies Down, Lorna O
993649 Case Study: Literature and Education for Sustainable Development Down, Lorna O
992984 Changing Concepts of Professionalism among Beginning Teachers in Jamaica Hordatt Gentles, Carol C; Down, Lorna O.; Collins-Figueroa, Marceline L..; Newman, Mairette T
5436 Collaboration in teacher education : Reflections on the UNESCO/Mico College/IOE literature for sustainable development project Down, Lorna; Morgan, Karen
993025 Education for Sustainable Development Latest Buzzword or a Paradigmatic Shift in Education Down, Lorna O
6549 Education for sustainable development networks, potential and challenge: A critical reflection on the formation of the Caribbean Regional Network. Down, Lorna
995978 Education for Sustainable Development/Climate Change Education for Sustainability in the Region Down, Lorna O.
5326 Establishing networks of co-operation for peace : Reflections on the UNESCO/Mico/IOE literature for sustainable development project Down, Lorna; Morgan, Karen
7686 Exemplary teaching in the Caribbean : Experiences from early literacy classrooms. Down, Lorna O; Warrican, S. J.; Spencer-Ernandez, J.
6814 Flying inna massa face: Woman, nature and sacred rites/Rights in Marie-Elena John’s Unburnable. Down, Lorna O.
993280 Higher Education and Sustainability in the Caribbean region. Higher Education in the World 4, Higher Education Commitment to Sustainability: from Understanding to Action Down, Lorna O
992951 How Climate Change Education is Influencing Pedagogy for Teacher Education Down, Lorna O
5401 Hybridity as resistance to the homogenizing pulse of Western culture in Earl Lovelace's The wine of astonishment Down, Lorna
5508 Infusing key issues of sustainability in the teaching of literature Down, Lorna
5320 Infusing key issues of sustainable development education at Mico Teachers College Down, Lorna
5511 Literature - A classroom tool for transformation and sustainablilty Down, Lorna
5301 Literature and education for sustainable development Down, Lorna
5451 Navigating the web of place : Trapped identities in Donna Hemans' 'River Woman' Down, Lorna
5302 New hegemonies- -The critical tradition and the fiction of Earl Lovelace Down, Lorna
5559 Peace education for sustainable communities Down, Lorna
992948 Reading Olive Senior: Reading Poet as ‘Memory Keeper’ Down, Lorna O.
1060 Rethinking Teacher Education and Teacher Development Down, Lorna O.; Newman, Mairette T (eds)
6538 Stepping out of the Kumbla-Kincaid's AIDS narrative, 'my brother'. Down, Lorna
993384 The Challenges of Reorienting Teacher Education for Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development Down, Lorna O.
5303 The nature and prevalence of violence in Jamaican Schools with special reference to the change from within project Down, Lorna
7292 The SSME approach to assessing the effectiveness of Jamaican primary schools. Down, Lorna O; Evans, Hyacinth L.; Hordatt-Gentles, Carol C
5323 Towards a profile of the Jamaica literacy specialist Down, Lorna; Lambert, Clement T. M
5515 Towards a profile of the Jamaican literacy specialist Lambert, Clement T. M.; Down, Lorna
5325 Towards an infusion model : Literature and education for sustainable development Down, Lorna
7361 Transforming the culture of violence in Jamaican schools: Innovative intervention model Down, Lorna; Lambert, Clement; McPherson-Kerr, Ceva; Solomon, R. Patrick
7512 Transforming the Culture of violence in Schools from an 'Externally Imposed' model to a 'Change from within' Model Down, Lorna; Solomon, P
5298 UN decade of education for sustainable development : Engaging teacher education institutions Down, Lorna; Hopkins, Charles; McKeown, Rosalyn
996054 UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Project Report Down, Lorna O.; Collins-Figueroa, Marceline L..; Hordatt-Gentles, Carol C.
5324 Writing aids in Jamaica Kincaid's 'My Brother' Down, Lorna

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