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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Duncan, Jacqueline P Processed on 11/24/2020
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7 Titles Listed for the author selected: Duncan, Jacqueline P
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995737 Hamilton, CC; Roye, ME; Figueroa, J Peter; Eyzaguirre, LM; Carr, JK; Duncan, Jacqueline P
995728 'Do you think your main partner has other sex partners? A simple question provides insight into sexual risk in Jamaica Weir, Sharon S ; Figueroa, J Peter; Byfield, Lovette L; Scott, Marion A; Hobbs, Marcia M ; Edwards, Jessie E ; Duncan, Jacqueline P
380 A baseline assessment of adherence to antiretroviral therapy among patients with HIV/AIDS in Jamaica. Carrington D; Duncan, Jacqueline P; Lindo, Jascinth L M; Barton, Everard N; Clarke. TR; Barrow, G; Figueroa, J.Peter; Harvey K.
995748 HIV prevalence and related behaviours among sex workers in Jamaica Duncan, Jacqueline P; Gebre, Y; Grant, Y; Wedderburn, M; Byfield, Lovette L; Bourne, D; Brown, M; Figueroa, J.Peter
995780 Hypertension Control: The Caribbean Needs Intervention Studies to Learn How to Do Better. Figueroa, J.Peter; Harris, MA; Duncan, Jacqueline P; Tulloch-Reid, Marshall K.
995754 Sociodemographics and clinical presentation of HIV in Jamaica over 20 years-A comparative analysis of surveillance data. Duncan, Jacqueline P; Grant, Y; Clark, TR; Harvey, KM; Gibson, RC; Barrow, G; Abel, Wendel D; Barton, Everard N; Figueroa, J.Peter
995770 STI Prevalence and Risk Behaviours among Club-based Sex Workers and Street-based Sex Workers in Jamaica. Duncan, Jacqueline P; Weir, Sharon S; Byfield, Lovette; Jones Cooper, Carol M; Jarrett, Sharlene; Figueroa, J.Peter

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