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6 Titles Listed for the author selected: Dundas, S. E Processed on 12/4/2020
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6 Titles Listed for the author selected: Dundas, S. E
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4554 Circumcision of Jamaican newborn using the Plastibell TM device Duncan, Newton D; Dundas, S. E.; Brown, B.; Pinnock-Ramsaran, C.; Badal, G.
6393 Hermaphroditism: cytogenetics, gonadal pathology and gender assignment: a case report Duncan, N. D. ; Gabay, L. ; Williams, E. ; Dundas, S. E. ; Plummer, N. ; Leake, P. A.
4527 Newborn nircumcision using the Plastibell device: An audit of practice Duncan, Newton D. ; Dundas, S. E. ; Brown, B. ; Pinnock-Ramsaran, C. ; Badal, G.
6291 Obstruction of the duodenum by a preduodenal portal vein in situs inversus Duncan, N. D. ; Trotman, H. ; Seepersaud, M. ; Dundas, S. E. ; Thame, M. ; Antoine, M.
6373 Open splenectomy in Jamaican children with sickle cell disease Duncan, N. D. ; Tennant, I. ; Crawford-Sykes, A. ; Barnett, A. ; Scarlett, M. ; Dundas, S. E. ; Badal, G. ; Chin, B.
6244 Pancreaticopleural fistula: a rare thoracic complication of pancreatic duct disruption Duncan, N. D. ; Ramphal, P. S. ; Dundas, S. E. ; Gandreti, N. K. ; Robinson-Bridgewater, L. A. ; Plummer, J. M.

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