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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: East-Innis, Althea Processed on 12/4/2020
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11 Titles Listed for the author selected: East-Innis, Althea
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8112 Cutaneous Drug Reactions in Patients admitted to the Dermatology Unit at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica. East-Innis, Althea D.; Thompson, Debbie S.
1755 Leprosy: Forgotten but not eradicated East-Innis, Althea D.; Desnoes, R.; Jaggon, Jacqueline R.
8202 Lipodystrophy in HIV infection. East-Innis, Althea D.
6270 Pyoderma Gangrenosum associated with Osteomyelitis in a paediatric patient East-Innis, Althea D. ; Desnoes, R. ; Thame, K.T. ; Shirley, S.E. ; Gilbert, D
2189 Systemic phaeohyphomycosis in pregnancy and the puerperium Fletcher, Horace M.; Williams, Nadia P.; Nicholson, Alison M.; Rainford, Lois; Phillip, H.; East-Innis, Althea D
6207 The changing pattern of Tinea capitis in Jamaica East-Innis, Althea D. ; Rainford, L. ; Dunwell, P. ; Barrett-Robinson, D. ; Nicholson, A. M.
6805 The changing pattern of tinea capitis in Jamaica East-Innis, Althea; Rainford, Lois; Dunwell, P; Barrett- Robinson, D; Nicholson, Alison
6932 The prevalence of mucocutaneous disorders among HIV-positive patients attending an out-patient clinic in Kingston, Jamaica Thompson, D.S.; Bain, Brendan; East-Innis, Althea
4438 The Quest for the Global Elimination of Leprosy East-Innis, Althea D.
8203 The truth about Beauís Lines. East-Innis, Althea D.
4457 The Variation of Dermatophyte Species Cultured (for Tinea capitis) from Hair and Scalp Samples at the University Hospital of the West Indies [Abstract] East-Innis, Althea D.; Nicholson, Alison M.

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