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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Edwards, N Processed on 3/29/2015
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15 Titles Listed for the author selected: Edwards, N
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3620 'Talking about a little culture': Sylvia Wynter's early essays Edwards, Norval R.
3491 'That sailor's mistake': 'West Indian discourse' in four nineteenth-century travelogues Edwards, Norval R.
456 Derek Walcott: The poetics of two margins Edwards, Norval R
5402 Diaspora, difference, and black internationalisms Edwards, Norval R.
3621 George Lamming's literary nationalism: Language between The Tempest and Tonelle Edwards, Norval R.
442 Iconic Drummond: The musician as muse in four Jamaican poems Edwards, Norval R
2135 Job satisfaction among midwives working on a maternity unit [abstract] Edwards, N.; Duff, Edith M.; Bailey, Ellen Y.
5557 Man is a question that the beast asks himself: George Lamming's radical humanism Edwards, Norval R.
709 Roots and some routes not taken: A Caribcentric reading of The Black Atlantic Edwards, Norval R
3568 States of emergency: Reggae representations of the Jamaican nation state Edwards, Norval R.
7519 Strengthening health systems for HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean: A program of research Edwards, N.; Kahwa, Eulalia K.; Kaseje, D.; Mills, James L.; Weber, J.; Roelofs, S.
3505 Talking about culture: Re-thinking the popular Edwards, Norval R.
3450 Teaching undergraduates at Mona Edwards, Norval R.
5466 Towards that distance eye land of sound: Kamau Brathwaite's representations of diaspora Edwards, Norval R.
5290 What does hybridity do? Edwards, Norval R.

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