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33 Titles Listed for the author selected: Figueroa, J.Peter
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995721 Randomized controlled trial on the effectiveness of counseling messages for avoiding unprotected sexual intercourse during STI and RTI treatment among female STI clinic patients. Anderson, Clive R; Hylton-Kong, Tina; Gallo, MF; Steiner, MJ; Hobbs, MM; Macaluso, M; Figueroa, J.Peter; Jamieson, DJ; Legardy-Williams, J; Wiener, J; Warner, L.
380 A baseline assessment of adherence to antiretroviral therapy among patients with HIV/AIDS in Jamaica. Carrington D; Duncan, Jacqueline P; Lindo, Jascinth L M; Barton, Everard N; Clarke. TR; Barrow, G; Figueroa, J.Peter; Harvey K.
1146 A case-control study of risk factors for seropositivity to human T- lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I) in Jamaica Murphy, Edward L.; Wilks, Rainford J.; Hanchard, Barrie; Cranston, Beverley; Figueroa, J.Peter; Gibbs, W.Nigel; Murphy, Jacquelyn J.; Blattner, William A.
130 A Phase IIA Randomized Clinical Trial of a Multiclade HIV-1 DNA Prime Followed by a Multiclade rAd5 HIV-1 Vaccine Boost in Healthy Adults Churchyard, GJ; Morgan, C; Adams, E; Hural, J; Graham, BS; Moodie, Z; Grove, D; Gray, G; Bekker, LG; McElrath, MJ; Tomaras, GD; Goepfert, P; Kalams, S; Baden, LR; Lally, M; Dolin, R; Blattner, W; Kalichman, A; Figueroa, J.Peter; Pape, J, Schechter, M; Defawe, O; De Rosa, SC; Montefiori, DC; Nabel, GJ; Corey, L; Keefer, MC; NIAID HIV Vaccine Trials Network. (HVTN204)
995785 Attitudes towards male circumcision among attendees of a sexually transmitted infection clinic in Kingston, Jamaica Figueroa, J.Peter; Jones Cooper, Carol M
995739 Audit and Feedback to improve the management of dyslipidemia in primary care in Jamaica: A randomized controlled trial. Harris, MA; Younger-Coleman, Novie O; Ferguson, Trevor S; Figueroa, J.Peter
995746 Epidemiology in Latin America and the Caribbean: current situation and challenges Barreto Sandhi, M; Miranda, Jaime J; Figueroa, J.Peter; Schmidt, Maria I; Munoz, Sergio; Kuri-Morales, Pablo; Silva Jarbas, B.
995787 Establishment of an HIV/sexually transmitted disease programme and prevalence of infection among incarcerated men in Jamaica. Andrinopoulos, K; Kerrigan, D; Figueroa, J.Peter; Reese, R; Gaydos, C; Bennett, L; Bloomfield, B; Plunkett, L; Maru, C; Ellen, JM.
995734 Glycaemic control among patients with diabetes in primary care clinics in Jamaica, 1995 and 2012 Harris, MA; James, K; Waldron, K; Ferguson, Trevor S; Figueroa, J.Peter
995797 High HIV Prevalence among MSM in Jamaica is associated with Social Vulnerability and other Sexually Transmitted Infections. Figueroa, J.Peter; Weir, SS; Jones Cooper, Carol M; Byfield, Lovette L; Hobbs, M; Mcknight, I; Cummings, S.
995771 High rates of HIV and bisexuality among MSM in Jamaica act as a bridge for HIV into the general population. Figueroa, J.Peter; Weir, SS; Jones Cooper, Carol M; Byfield, Lovette L; Hobbs, M; McNight, I; Cummings, S.
995753 HIV coping self efficacy: a key to understanding stigma and HIV test acceptance among incarcerated men in Jamaica Andrinopoulos, K; Kerrigan, D; Figueroa, J.Peter; Reese, R; Ellen, JM
995777 HIV Drug Resistance Surveillance among Jamaican Men who have Sex with Men should be prioritized for Reducing HIV Transmission. Collins-Fairclough, Aneisha M; Dennis, Ann M; Nelson, Julie AE; Weir, Sharon S; Figueroa, J.Peter
995748 HIV prevalence and related behaviours among sex workers in Jamaica Duncan, Jacqueline P; Gebre, Y; Grant, Y; Wedderburn, M; Byfield, Lovette L; Bourne, D; Brown, M; Figueroa, J.Peter
200 HIV-1 drug resistance in treatment naive, chronically infected patients in Jamaica Barrow, Geoffrey; Hylton-Kong, Tina; Rodriguez, Nyra; Yamamura, H; Figueroa, J.Peter
995790 HIV-1 Epidemic in the Caribbean Is Dominated by Subtype B. Nadai ,Yuka; Eyzaguirre, Lindsay M; Sill, Anne; Cleghorn, Farley; Nolte, Claudine; Charurat, Manhattan; Collado-Chastel, Santiago; Jack, Noreen; Pape, Jean W; Figueroa, J.Peter; Blattner, William A; Carr, Jean K
995731 HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment in the Region of the Americas: achievements, challenges and perspectives. Pérez, Freddy; Ravasi, Giovanni; Figueroa, J.Peter; Grinsztejn, Beatrize; Kamb, Mary; Sued Omar
995780 Hypertension Control: The Caribbean Needs Intervention Studies to Learn How to Do Better. Figueroa, J.Peter; Harris, MA; Duncan, Jacqueline P; Tulloch-Reid, Marshall K.
995769 Improved hypertension control among primary care patients in Jamaica between 1995 and 2013 Harris, Michelle A; Ferguson, Trevor S; Figueroa, J.Peter
995794 Long-Term Antiretroviral Treatment Outcomes in Seven Countries in the Caribbean Koenig, SP; Rodriguez, LA; Bartholomew, C; Carmichael, T; Barrow, G; Cabie, A; Hunter, R; Vasquez-Mora, G; Quava-Jones, A; Adomakoh, N; Figueroa, J.Peter; Liautaud, B; Torres, M; Pape, JW.
995795 Public Health Science and policy in low to middle income countries. Makubalo, LE; Lansang, MA; Figueroa, J.Peter
995743 Randomized controlled trial on the effectiveness of counseling messages for avoiding unprotected sexual intercourse during STI and reproductive tract infection treatment among female STI clinic patients Anderson, Clive; Gallo, Maria F; Hylton-Kong, Tina; Steiner, Marcus J; Hobbs, Marcia M; Macaluso, Maurizio; Figueroa, J.Peter; Jamieson, Denise J; Legardy-Williams, Jennifer; Wiener, Jeffrey; Warner, Lee
995783 Review of HIV in the Caribbean: Significant Progress and Outstanding Challenges Figueroa, J.Peter
995754 Sociodemographics and clinical presentation of HIV in Jamaica over 20 years-A comparative analysis of surveillance data. Duncan, Jacqueline P; Grant, Y; Clark, TR; Harvey, KM; Gibson, RC; Barrow, G; Abel, Wendel D; Barton, Everard N; Figueroa, J.Peter
995770 STI Prevalence and Risk Behaviours among Club-based Sex Workers and Street-based Sex Workers in Jamaica. Duncan, Jacqueline P; Weir, Sharon S; Byfield, Lovette; Jones Cooper, Carol M; Jarrett, Sharlene; Figueroa, J.Peter
995744 The Challenge of promoting safe sex at sites where persons go to meet new sex partners in Jamaica: results of the Kingston PLACE randomized controlled trial Figueroa, J.Peter; Weir, SS; Byfield, Lovette L; Hall, A; Cummings, S; Suckindron, C
995792 The Challenge of Sexually Active School Children in the Caribbean in the era of HIV/AIDS. Figueroa, J.Peter
995763 The HIV Epidemic in the Caribbean is the tide turning? Figueroa, J.Peter
7430 The need to strengthen malaria control in the Caribbean in the era of HIV/AIDS Figueroa, J.Peter
995788 The role of locally conducted research in guiding the response to the HIV epidemic in Jamaica. Figueroa, J.Peter
995751 Turning the tide towards an AIDS free generation: is it within reach? Figueroa, J.Peter
995750 Understanding Sexual Behaviour in Jamaica Figueroa, J.Peter
995767 Understanding the High Prevalence of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections among Socio-economically Vulnerable Men who have Sex with Men in Jamaica. Figueroa, J.Peter; Jones Cooper, Carol M; Edwards, J; Byfield, Lovette L; Eastman ,S; Hobbs, M; Weir SS.

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