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63 Titles Listed for the author selected: Figueroa, Mark
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994709 “Introducción (introduction)” Figueroa, Mark
995138 “Visions of the West Indies: Extending the Images of Lewis and his Critics”. Figueroa, Mark.
7149 A city confronts its problems: The 1938 economic and industrial conference called by Kingston’s Mayor Anderson. Figueroa, Mark.
993499 Caribbean Precursors to Lewis's Economic Policy Proposals of the 1950's Figueroa, Mark
6874 Challenging gender privileging: A Caribbean experience Figueroa, Mark.
1506 Common themes in the post world war two economic thought of the English-speaking Caribbean Figueroa, Mark
7103 Costing the eurocentric aesthetic: The case of hair styling in Jamaica Figueroa, Mark F.; Kirton, Claremont D.
5647 Defining and measuring flows of remittances to the Caribbean: The Jamaican case Figueroa, Mark; Kirton, Claremont; Alleyne, Dillon
7734 Development of Economics as an Academic Discipline in the English speaking Caribbean. Figueroa, Mark F.
7102 Does the Market Undermine its Social (Resource) Base? Figueroa, Mark F.
2450 Does the market undermine its social (resource) base? Figueroa, Mark
7739 Economic incentives and non-biodegradable waste in the English-speaking Caribbean. Figueroa, Mark F.
5624 Economic perspectives of the English-speaking Caribbean (in Spanish) Figueroa, Mark
5671 Economic thought as a constraint on the contribution of economists to Caribbean society Figueroa, Mark
7101 Female schooling achievement in Jamaica: A market and non-market analysis. Figueroa, Mark F.
5632 Financial flows from the Caribbean Diaspora: Evidence from the Jamaican survey of living conditions Figueroa, Mark; Alleyne, Dillon; Kirton, Claremont
5661 From critical pluralism to marginal mainstream: Economics in social and economic studies - the first fifty years Figueroa, Mark
5855 Garrison politics and criminality in Jamaica: Does the 1997 election represent a turning point? Figueroa, Mark; Sives, Amanda
7153 Gender differentials in educational achievement in Jamaica and other Caribbean territories. Figueroa, Mark.
1303 Gender privileging and socio-economic outcomes: The case of health and education in Jamaica Figueroa, Mark
993261 Gender privileging and socio-economic outcomes: The case of health and education in Jamaica. Figueroa, Mark F.
7154 Gender, household structure and leadership in Jamaica: Can we believe the survey of living conditions? Figueroa, Mark.
7221 George Cumper and the critical tradition: Common themes in post World War II Caribbean thought. Figueroa, Mark.
2302 Homogenous voting, electoral manipulation and the 'garrison' process in post-independence Jamaica Figueroa, Mark; Sives, Amanda
993146 Insights from the 1938 (All Jamaica) Economic and Industrial Conference Figueroa, Mark
7144 Insights from the 1938 (All Jamaica) Economic and Industrial Conference. Figueroa, Mark.
6869 Is the hegemony of male political leadership at risk in the English-speaking Caribbean? Figueroa, Mark; Mortley, Natasha
5749 Jamaica's political garrisons as a context for gang activity Figueroa, Mark
7104 Jamaica’s cultural capital: An assessment. Figueroa, Mark F.
681 Jamaican children with special needs: Concerns, realities and possibilities Hall, Winnifred Madge; Figueroa, Mark
995808 Lessons from W. Arthur Lewis for Contemporary Economics Figueroa, Mark
5589 Lewis, New World and the Marxists in a neo-liberal world: Reflections on the critical tradition in Caribbean economic thought. Figueroa, Mark
2452 Making sense of male experience: The case of academic underachievement in the English-speaking Caribbean Figueroa, Mark
5691 Male privileging and male 'academic underperformance' in Jamaica Figueroa, Mark
7148 Migration and remittances: Typologies and motivations. Figueroa, Mark.
2447 Neo-liberalism and mercantilist: Ironic parallels Figueroa, Mark
5738 Neoliberalism and mercantilism: ironic parallels Figueroa, Mark
5873 Old (female) glass ceiling and new (male) looking glasses: Challenging gender privileging in the Caribbean Figueroa, Mark
1284 Peasants, plantations and a place for people: Continuities in the analysis of George Beckford and W. Arthur Lewis Figueroa, Mark
2448 Peasants, plantations and people: Continuities in the analysis of George Beckford and W.Arthur Lewis Figueroa, Mark
7737 Preparing for participatory environmental planning in the English speaking Caribbean: The case of the SCCF in Jamaica. Figueroa, Mark F.; Espeut, Peter
7244 Progress towards gender equality in political leadership in the Caribbean: The case of local versus central government in Jamaica, 1944-2007 Figueroa, Mark; Mortley, Natasha
6872 Rethinking Caribbean Agriculture: Re-evaluating Lewis’s Misunderstood Perspective Figueroa, Mark
6868 Rethinking Caribbean agriculture: Re-evaluating Lewis’s misunderstood perspective. Figueroa, Mark.
7738 Social Capital in the Defence of Natural Capital: The Case of Solid Waste Management. Figueroa, Mark F.
5571 The co-management and valuation of coral reefs in the Caribbean: A Jamaican NGO perspective Figueroa, Mark
7205 The academic economist as teacher: Lessons from Lewis and the Caribbean policy discourse Figueroa, Mark.
2449 The community as a resource for solid waste management Figueroa, Mark
7204 The community as a resource for solid waste management. Figueroa, Mark
7152 The growing impact of Jamaican garrison politics: Does the 1997 election signal a break in the trend? Figueroa, Mark; Sives, Amanda
5623 The importance of the Diaspora to small island developing states Figueroa, Mark; McLeod, G.; Kirton, Claremont
7155 The origin and spread of the garrison phenomenon in Jamaica. Figueroa, Mark
1215 The plantation school and Lewis: Contradictions, continuities and continued Caribbean relevance Figueroa, Mark
6546 The political economy of Jamaica's inner-city violence: A special case Figueroa, Mark; Harriott, Anthony; Satchell, Nicola
2453 Thinking about gender at UWI Figueroa, Mark
5827 Thirty five years after Best's 'Thought and Freedom': Looking forward to Caribbean development Figueroa, Mark
5622 Thought and freedom: Thirty-five years after Figueroa, Mark
7736 Towards a Caribbean Policy on Urban Forests: The Case of Kingston, Jamaica. Figueroa, Mark F.
6732 Underachieving Caribbean boys: Marginalization or gender privileging Figueroa, Mark
7156 Valuing water quality. Figueroa, Mark
5828 W. Arthur Lewis vs the Lewis model: Agricultural or industrial development ? Figueroa, Mark
5747 W. Arthur Lewis's social analysis and the transformation of tropical economies Figueroa, Mark
6873 Women and leadership in Jamaican government, politics and state administration. Figueroa, Mark; Mortley, Natasha

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