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10 Titles Listed for the author selected: Figueroa, Mark F Processed on 12/2/2020
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10 Titles Listed for the author selected: Figueroa, Mark F
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7103 Costing the eurocentric aesthetic: The case of hair styling in Jamaica Figueroa, Mark F.; Kirton, Claremont D.
7734 Development of Economics as an Academic Discipline in the English speaking Caribbean. Figueroa, Mark F.
7102 Does the Market Undermine its Social (Resource) Base? Figueroa, Mark F.
7739 Economic incentives and non-biodegradable waste in the English-speaking Caribbean. Figueroa, Mark F.
7101 Female schooling achievement in Jamaica: A market and non-market analysis. Figueroa, Mark F.
993261 Gender privileging and socio-economic outcomes: The case of health and education in Jamaica. Figueroa, Mark F.
7104 Jamaica’s cultural capital: An assessment. Figueroa, Mark F.
7737 Preparing for participatory environmental planning in the English speaking Caribbean: The case of the SCCF in Jamaica. Figueroa, Mark F.; Espeut, Peter
7738 Social Capital in the Defence of Natural Capital: The Case of Solid Waste Management. Figueroa, Mark F.
7736 Towards a Caribbean Policy on Urban Forests: The Case of Kingston, Jamaica. Figueroa, Mark F.

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