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87 Titles Listed for the author selected: Ford, R
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849 A 'new world' view from the periphery Nettleford, Rex
1684 A pilot study of alcohol and drug-related traffic accidents and death in two Jamaican parishes, 1991. Francis, M.,; Eldemire, A. M. Denise; Clifford, R.
772 A Seaga-Patterson TV debate? Entertainment to what end? Nettleford, Rex
887 A tribute to Mr. Michael Manley Nettleford, Rex
793 A voice from the Caribbean Nettleford, Rex
737 Affirming the now/new generation Nettleford, Rex
993249 Blacks in the diaspora: Redefinitions for the third millennium Nettleford, Rex
779 Built by labour- the Caribbean Nettleford, Rex
739 Bye-bye boom boom: A farewell to arms Nettleford, Rex
846 Caribbean cultural identity Nettleford, Rex
805 Caribbean culture: Paradoxes of the 1990s Nettleford, Rex
742 Cause for concern: (Of ammunition, police uniforms and peace accords at election time) Nettleford, Rex
6333 Cecil Baugh Nettleford, Rex
6495 Cecil Baugh-A tribute Nettleford, Rex
847 Celebrating tolerance, peace and understanding: Jamaica's NDTC as cultural ambassador Nettleford, Rex
993113 Collaboration, equity, mutual respect: Value for the free market Nettleford, Rex
3838 Contrasting problems facing universities in the developed and developing worlds: The same difference Nettleford, Rex
3932 Cricket and the artistic tradition: West Indian cricket as a performing art Nettleford, Rex
781 Dare to dream: The Ken Ramsey exhibition Nettleford, Rex
994671 Discourse on Rastafarian reality Nettleford, Rex
3654 Draw wisdom and listen: How to eat and remain human Nettleford, Rex
5998 Education for our times Nettleford, Rex
743 Education is freedom Nettleford, Rex
744 Election fever-1993: Is it general elections or is it war? Nettleford, Rex
745 Election victory: Voting for substance, style and civil society Nettleford, Rex
746 Fifty years of pantomime Nettleford, Rex
747 Garvey is dead! That is the deal Nettleford, Rex
783 Global learning for the twenty first century Nettleford, Rex
3929 Governance in the contemporary Caribbean: Towards a political culture of partnership Nettleford, Rex
741 Heritage tourism and the myth of a Caribbean paradise Nettleford, Rex
5997 Ideology, identity, culture Nettleford, Rex
3787 International education: A view from the Caribbean Nettleford, Rex
834 Introduction Nettleford, Rex
5993 Jamaican dance theatre : celebrating the Caribbean heritage Nettleford, Rex
749 John Hearne, author Nettleford, Rex
784 Joshua, deliverer, prophet of God: With and without honour Nettleford, Rex
3852 Keynote address: The Caribbean artist's presence and education for the third millenium Nettleford, Rex
992922 Leadership crisis and the Jamaican corporate management structure Nettleford, Rex
785 Libraries, literacy and learning: Tribute to Dr. Joyce Robinson Nettleford, Rex
751 M. G. Smith: The passing of a major intellectual Nettleford, Rex
6687 Manley, Norman Nettleford, Rex M.
752 Marjorie Whylie, ethnomusicologist Nettleford, Rex
6042 Migration, transmission and maintenance of the intangible heritage Nettleford, Rex
786 Multiculturalism, the arts and nation-building: The new South Africa Nettleford, Rex
787 New beginning Nettleford, Rex
754 No way back home? (Mr. Charles, Mr. Anderson and the BITU) Nettleford, Rex
755 Nobel laureates extraordinary! Another look at W. Arthur Lewis Nettleford, Rex
756 Noel Vaz, theatre director Nettleford, Rex
757 Norman Washington Manley: Institution builder Nettleford, Rex
758 Of scandal bags and Emancipation Day: Still rivers run deep Nettleford, Rex
788 On being a West Indian prime minister Nettleford, Rex
995072 Our common heritage Nettleford, Rex
3653 Our debt to history Nettleford, Rex
759 Philip Manderson Sherlock: Sage, guide and nation-builder Nettleford, Rex
889 Physician heal thyself: Our hearts are laced with larceny Nettleford, Rex
993230 Political rapprochement: Talking to each other in high places Nettleford, Rex
993380 Preparing for the twenty-first century Nettleford, Rex
762 President-General Shearer thank you HL and bless you Nettleford, Rex
763 Principled resignations-disaster or re-assurance: The case of Hugh Small Nettleford, Rex
992938 Race, identity and independence in Jamaica Nettleford, Rex
917 Radioimmunotherapy of Interleukin-2R - Expressing adult T-cell leukemia with yttrium-90-labeled anti-tac. Waldmann, Thomas A.; White, Jeffrey D.; Carrasquillo, Jorge A.; Reynolds, James C.; Paik, Chang H.; Gansow, Otto A.; Brechbiel, Martin W.; Jaffe, Elaine S.; Fleisher, Thomas A.; Goldman, Carolyn K.; Top, Lois E.; Bamford, Richard; Zaknoen, Sara; Roessler, Eric; Kasten Sportes, Claude; England, Richard; Litou, Hariklia; Johnson, John A.; Jackson White, Terri; Manns, Angela; Hanchard, Barrie; Junghans, Richard P.; Nelson, David L.
791 Random notes on random fears Nettleford, Rex
771 Reports to government: (For implementation or to gather dust?) Nettleford, Rex
738 Return to simplicity and dignity Nettleford, Rex
3938 Ritual of the sunrise: The legacy of Roy Augier and the early UWI historians Nettleford, Rex
792 Schindler's List: Can Jamaicans learn anything from it? Nettleford, Rex
773 Shalom! The battle for peace Nettleford, Rex
774 Sir Philip Sherlock, poet-historian Nettleford, Rex
775 Slackness versus tolerance? Nettleford, Rex
6227 Spontaneous haemo-pneumothorax: a rare but life-threatening phenomenon Williams, E. W. ; Ramphal, P. S. ; Williams-Johnson, J. ; Ford, R. ; McDonald, A. H.
3843 Statement at the opening session of symposium Nettleford, Rex
852 The aesthetics of negritude: A metaphor for liberation Nettleford, Rex
6535 The Arts and Post Colonial certitude Nettleford, Rex
3848 The Caribbean artist's presence and education for the third millenium Nettleford, Rex
6043 The Commonwealth-reconnection and renewal: a voice from the Caribbean Nettleford, Rex
833 The continuing battle for space: The Caribbean challenge: Final session Nettleford, Rex
6357 The effect of Hurricane Ivan on Emergency Department operations at the University Hospital of the West Indies Williams, E. W. ; Williams-Johnson, J. ; French, S. ; Singh, P. ; McDonald, A. H. ; Ford, R.
748 The Honourable Derek Alton Walcott, O.M., Poet - Noble Laureate 1993 Nettleford, Rex
6527 The lessons and the legacy: A challengeto the church Nettleford, Rex
753 The matter of violent crimes: An issue for all of us Nettleford, Rex
761 The Pope in Jamaica Nettleford, Rex
6252 The role of UNESCO and higher education Nettleford, Rex
3768 The Vice Chancellor's installation address Nettleford, Rex
776 U.W.I. into the third millennium Nettleford, Rex
777 W. Arthur Lewis: Another view Nettleford, Rex
851 What the Caribbean is saying through its art and artists Nettleford, Rex
778 Who said the Cold War was over?: Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin and Russian democracy Nettleford, Rex

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