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19 Titles Listed for the author selected: French, S
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995428 50. EMS in Jamaica Service and Training French, S (Dr)
7996 Approach to patient with multiple trauma. French, Simone
6294 Association between exposure/non-exposure to the mandatory seat belt law with regards to compliance in vehicle accident victims--a hospital review Williams, E. W. ; Reid, M. ; Lindo, J. L. ; Williams-Johnson, J. ; French, S. ; Singh, P. ; McDonald, A. H.
5856 Commentary: Re-viewing agency and structure Ffrench, Sean
7302 Emergency Medicine in Jamaica McDonald, Archibald H.; Williams-Johnson, Jean A.; Williams, Eric W.; French, Simone J
6395 Ethylene glycol poisoning highlighting the role of the Caribbean Poison Information Centre French, S. ; Williams, E. W.
6194 Image and diagnosis. Cutaneous larva migrans (CLM) Williams, E. W. ; Lindo, John F. ; French, S. ; Chambers, A. ; Williams-Johnson, J.
6825 Lessons from surgical embolectomy for saddle pulmonary embolism: A case report and literature review Williams, Eric W.; Cawich, Shamir O.; Irvine, Roger; Shah, Sundeep; Williams-Johnson, Jean; Blake, Garfield; Singh, Praim; Hall, Nadia; Espinosa, Kurdell; French, Simone J
7418 Metastatic gas gangrene French, Simone J.
6398 Metastatic gas gangrene French, S.
6290 Penetrating neck trauma and the aberrant subclavian artery Williams, E. W. ; Cawich, S. O. ; James, M. ; Felix, R. A. ; Ashman, H. ; Douglas, V. ; Williams-Johnson, J. ; French, S. ; McDonald, A. H.
994632 Reviewing Participation as a tool for people centered development Ffrench, Sean ; Wilson, Shakeisha
4509 Tetanus - going but not gone! preventive strategies revisited [Abstract] Williams, Eric W.; Harding, Hyacinth E.; Forde, R.; Chambers, D.; Alagappan, K.; Williams-Johnson, J; French, S. J.; Hutson, R.; Singh, P.; McDonald, Archibald H.
6622 The challenge of entrepreneurship-providing micro-credi to the poor in Jamaica: The case of the micro investment development agency (MIDA) - 1999 to 2003 Ffrench, Sean
6357 The effect of Hurricane Ivan on Emergency Department operations at the University Hospital of the West Indies Williams, E. W. ; Williams-Johnson, J. ; French, S. ; Singh, P. ; McDonald, A. H. ; Ford, R.
7543 The evolution of emergency medicine in Jamaica Williams, Eric; Williams-Johnson, Jean; McDonald, Archibald; French, Simone; Hutson, Rhonda; Singh, Praimanand; Sadock, J.; Butchey, R.; Ellis, M.; Thompson, C.; Espinosa, K.
8071 The evolution of Emergency Medicine in Jamaica. Williams, Eric W.; Williams-Johnson, Jean A.; McDonald, Archibald H.; French, Simone; Hutson, Rhonda; Singh, Paul
2207 The impact of socioeconomic factors on emergency department utilization of asthmatics at the University Hospital of the West Indies [abstract] French, S. J.; McDonald, Archibald H.
993487 The Role of the Informal Sector in Providing Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE) with Access to Non-Credit Business Development Services (BDS). Ffrench, Sean E.

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