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3 Titles Listed for the author selected: Garwood, David Processed on 3/27/2015
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3 Titles Listed for the author selected: Garwood, David
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1982 Comparing two exercise programmes on metabolic activity and oxidative stress indicators in non-insulin dependent diabetic patients using a multivariant analysis [abstract] Gordon, Lorenzo A.; Cespedes Miranda, Ela M.; Cabrera, Elsa; Alonso, C.; Garwood, David; Terry, Yeiny
1983 Effect of diet and exercise on hormonal and biochemical studies in NIDDM [abstract] Rodriguez, Celia A. Alonso; Martinez, Elena I Cancio; Cabrera, Elsa; Gordon, Lorenzo A.; Brossad, Aramis; Garwood, David; Terry, Yeiny
7611 Effect of yoga and traditional physical exercise on hormones and percentage insulin binding receptor in patients with type 2 diabetes Gordon, Lorenzo; Morrison, Errol Y.; McGrowder, Donovan; Fraser Penas, Yeiny; Martorell, Eslaen Zamoraz; Garwood, David; Alexander-Lindo, Ruby; Irving, Rachael

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