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26 Titles Listed for the author selected: Golden, K Processed on 9/23/2020
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26 Titles Listed for the author selected: Golden, K
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995375 “Metabolic and Psychological Adaptations in Jamaican Athletes”. Beckford, T.; Golden, K.; Irving, R; Poudevigne, M.
7503 ACC deaminase from Issatchenkia occidentalis Palmer, C; Golden, Kerith D.; Daniels, L; Ahmad, H
1987 ACC oxidase from Carica papaya: Isolation and characterization Dunkley, Hope M.; Golden, Kerith D.
1966 Amino acid, fatty acid, and carbohydrate content of Artocarpus altilis (breadfruit) Golden, Kerith D.; Williams, Opal J.
6 An inhibitor of extensin peroxidase in cultured tomato cells Brownleader, M.,; Golden, Kerith D.; Dey, P.
7 b-galactosidase from Coffea arabica: Its role in fruit ripening Golden, Kerith D.; John, M.; Kean E.A.
994811 Characterization of Bromelain from Morinda citrifolia (Noni) Smith-Marshall, J; Golden, K.D.
994958 Characterization of Jamaican Agro- Industrial Wastes. Part 11, fatty acid profiling using HPLC: Precolumn derivatization with phenacyl bromide Bailey-Shaw, Y. A; Golden, K.D.; Pearson A.G.M; Porter, R.B.R.
8190 Characterization of Jamaican Agro-Industrial Wastes. Part I: Characterization of Amino Acids Using HPLC: Pre-column Derivatization with Phenylisothiocyanate Bailey-Shaw, Y.; Golden, Kerith D.; Pearson, Andrew G.; Porter, Roy B.
993337 Characterization of Jamaican Agro-Industrial Wastes. Part II, Fatty Acid Profiling Using HPLC: Precolumn Derivatization with Phenacyl Bromide Bailey-Shaw, Y.; Golden, Kerith D.; Pearson, Andrew G.; Porter, Roy B.
6581 Descriptive characteristics affecting uterine fibroids risk in Jamaican women : Role of oestrogen availability determinants Simon, G.A.; McFarlane-Anderson, N.; Fletcher, H.; Golden, K.; Wharfe, G.
6556 Determination of the capsaicinoid content of Jamaican peppers before and after microwave irradiaton using HPLC Saunders, Marsha; Golden, Kerith D.
4270 Ethylene biosynthesis in tropical fruits: Controlling the ripening process via postharvest technology [Abstract] Golden, Kerith D.; Williams, Opal J.; Raghavan, Vijaya; Gariepy, Y.
4327 High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Analysis of Amino Acids in Ackee Fruit with Emphasis on the Toxic Amino Acid Hypoglycin A. Golden, Kerith D.; Williams, Opal J.; Bailey-Shaw, Yvonne A.
8 Inhibition of the ethylene forming enzyme of the coffee berry (Coffee arabica) Golden, Kerith D.
4292 Modified atmosphere storage of cavendish bananas using silicone membrane and diffusion channel systems Stewart, Opal J; Raghavan, G.S.V.; Golden, Kerith D.; Gariepy, Y.
993901 Morinda citrifolia: Amino Acid and Lipid Content of the Noni Fruit at Various Stages of Maturity Lindsay, C; Golden, K.D.
9 Peroxidase activity from callus cells, fruit and root of tomato plant (Lycopersicon esculentum) Golden, Kerith D.; Bell, M.A.
7514 Phytoestrogen levels in Selected Jamaican Food C Simon, Garfield A.; McFarlane-Anderson, Norma D.; Fletcher, Horace M.; Golden, Kerith D.; Wharfe, Gilian H.; Ogegbo, O.; Bligh, Annie ; Branford-White, C.J.
6557 Post harvest biochemistry of the plantain (Musa paradisiacal L.) Agoreyo, Blessing O.; Golden, Kerith D.; Asemota, Helen N.; Osagie, Anthony
4328 Postharvest Storage of Giant Cavendish Bananas Using Ethylene Oxide and Sulphur Dioxide Williams, Opal J.; Raghavan, G. S. V.; Golden, Kerith D. ; Gariepy, Y.
1986 Purification and characterization of ACC oxidase from Artocarpus altilis (breadfruit) Williams, Opal J.; Golden, Kerith D.
6558 The amino acid ,and carbohydrate content of Artocarpus Altilis:The white heart cultivar from the West Indies Golden, Kerith D.; Williams, O.J
4291 The effect of drying on unsaturated fatty acids and trypsin inhibitor activity in soya bean Williams, Opal J; Raghavan, G.S.V.; Orsat, V.; Golden, Kerith D.
4284 The isolation and elucidation of the hypoglycaemic principles of the indigenous Jamaican plant Pilea elizabethae [Abstract] Salmon, Colleen; Lindo, Ruby L.; Golden, Kerith D.
1989 The production of ethylene and ethylene oxide in some tropical fruits and the increased synthesis of these gases due to colbaltous sulphate Golden, Kerith D.; Williams, Opal J.; Dunkley, Hope M.

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