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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Greenaway, Anthony M Processed on 10/27/2020
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18 Titles Listed for the author selected: Greenaway, Anthony M
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7069 Bacterial iron oxide reduction in a terrigenous sediment-impacted tropical shallow marine carbonate system, north Jamaica Taylor, Kevin G; Perry, Christopher T; Greenaway, Anthony M; Machent, Philip G
2994 Combined carbon isotope and C/N ratio as indicators of source and fate of organic matter in a poorly-flushed, tropical estuary: Hunts Bay, Kingston Harbour, Jamaica Andrews, A. M.; Greenaway, Anthony M.; Dennis, P. F.
2993 Comparison of bauxite and bayer liquor humic materials by 13C NMR spectroscopy: implications for the fate of humic substances in the bayer process Baker, Alex R.; Greenaway, Anthony M.
4093 Groundwater nutrient fluxes to Discovery Bay, Jamaica [Abstract] Ramsay, Debbie-Ann ; Greenaway, Anthony M.
993494 Identifying possible associations of minor and trace elements with major elements in Jamaican hillside and catchment bauxites using multivariate analysis tools Greenaway, Anthony M.; Bucknor, A.; Henry, K.; Coley, M.
2989 Isotopic effects on inorganic carbon in a tropical river caused by caustic discharges from bauxite processing Andrews, A. M.; Greenaway, Anthony M.; Dennis, P. F.; Barnes-Leslie, D. A.
3996 Nitrogen and phosphorus contamination in and strategies for monitoring Jamaican coastal waters Greenaway, Anthony M.
3257 Nitrogen and phosphorus in Jamaican coastal waters [Abstract only] Greenaway, Anthony M.
2991 Pollution history of a tropical estuary revealed by combined hydrodynamic modelling and sediment geochemistry Andrews, J. E.; Greenaway, Anthony M.; Bigg, Grant R.; Webber, Dale F.; Dennis, P. F.; Guthrie, G. A.
2968 Stable isotopic composition of dissolved inorganic carbon and sediment carbonate in Hunts Bay, Kingston Harbour Andrews, J. E.; Dennis, P. F.; Greenaway, Anthony M.
3330 The Department of Chemistry's undergraduate industrial chemistry work-study programme Greenaway, Anthony M.
4101 The estimation of nutrient concentration changes in the intersitial waters of a polluted estuary following a simulated remediation of the overlying waters [Abstract] Wright, Paul R.; Greenaway, Anthony M.
2992 The Jamaica society for scientists and technologists inter-laboratory calibration programme Greenaway, Anthony M.
2988 The planetary environment: A chemical perspective Greenaway, Anthony M.
3258 The proposed Jamaican accreditation standards for chemical testing laboratories [Abstract only] Greenaway, Anthony M.
3065 Water quality characteristics of a small tropical embayment affected by groundwater instrusion: Discovery Bay, Jamaica [Abstract only] Ramsay, Debbie-Ann; Greenaway, Anthony M.
4064 Water quality in the Black River, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica [Abstract] Taylor-Campbell, Francine S.; Greenaway, Anthony M.
4065 Water quality of the Great River watershed [Abstract] Campbell, Kayan P.; Greenaway, Anthony M.

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