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6 Titles Listed for the author selected: Gunter, Gavin C Processed on 10/27/2020
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6 Titles Listed for the author selected: Gunter, Gavin C
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4134 A new species of omphalocyclus (foraminiferida) from the upper cretaceous of Jamaica and its stratigraphical significance Gunter, Gavin C.; Robinson, Edward; Mitchell, Simon F.
4136 Biostratigraphy and taxonomy of the rudist chiapasella in the titanosarcolites limestones (maastrichtian) of Jamaica. Mitchell, Simon F.; Gunter, Gavin C.
3997 Catastrophic extinction of Caribbean rudist bivalves at the cretaceous-tertiary boundary Steuber, Thomas; Mitchell, Simon F.; Buhl, Dieter; Gunter, Gavin C.; Kasper, Haino U.
3992 First Record of the Rudist Bivalve Mitrocaprina tschoppi (Palmer) from the Maastrichtian of Jamaica Mitchell, Simon F.; Gunter, Gavin C.
4137 Late maastrichtian rudist and coral assemblages from the central inlier, Jamaica: Towards an event stratigraphy for shallow-water Caribbean limestones Mitchell, Simon F.; Stemann, Thomas A.; Blissett, Donovan; Brown, Ian C.; Ebanks, Winston O'Brian; Gunter, Gavin C.; Miller, David J.; Pearson, Andrew G.; Wilson, Byron S.; Young, Winston A.
4039 Palaeotemperature estimates for the Upper Cretaceous (Late Maastrichtian) of Jamaica [Abstract] Gunter, Gavin C.; Marshall, James D.; Mitchell, Simon F.

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