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13 Titles Listed for the author selected: Haley, Michael P Processed on 12/3/2020
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13 Titles Listed for the author selected: Haley, Michael P
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2507 Are males with more attractive resources more selective in their mate preferences Itzkowitz, M. I.; Haley, Michael P.
2505 Considerations on the use of video playbacks as visual stimuli: The Lisbon workshop consesus Oliveira, R. F.; Rosenthal, G. G.; Schlupp, I.; McGregor, P.K.; Cuthlii, I. C.; Endler, J. A.; Fleishman, L. J.; Zeil, J.; Barata, E.; Burford, F.; Gonsalves, Dennis; Haley, Michael P.; Jakobsson, S.; Jennison, M. D.; Korner, K. E.; Linstrom, L; Peake, T.; Pilastro, A.; Pope, D. S.; Roberts, S. B.; Rowe, C.; Smith, J.; Waas, J. R.
2521 Does it matter that male beaugregory damselfish have a mate preference? Itzkowitz, M.I.; Draud, M.J.; Barnes, J.L.; Haley, Michael P.
2555 Female choice for males in the beaugregory damselfish Haley, Michael P.; Itzkowitz, M.I.; Cleveland, A.
993009 Inter and intra-sexual patterns of fluctuating asymmetries in the red-billed streamertail: Should symmetry always increase with ornament size? Evans, M. R.; Martins, T. L. F.; Haley, Michael P.
3256 Ontogenetic change in the diet of acanthuridĉ from Discovery Bay, Jamaica [Abstract only] Levy, Jahsen; Haley, Michael P.; Hyslop, Eric J.
2543 Population fluctuations of the sea urchins Diadema antillarum and Tripneustes ventricosus at Discovery Bay, Jamaica: A case of biological succession? Haley, Michael P.; Solandt, J.L.
4790 Reef morphology and community structure along a fluvial gradient, Rio Bueno, Jamaica Mallela, Jennie; Perry, Christopher T.; Haley, Michael P.
1062 Resource-holding power asymmetries, the prior residence effect, and reproductive pay-offs in male nothern elephant seal fights Haley, Michael P.
2920 Territorial behaviour of beaugregory damselfish (Stegastes leucostictus) in response to egg predators Haley, Michael P.; Müller, Christian R.
2506 Territorial boundaries in male beaugregory damselfish Itzkowitz, M. I.; Ludlow, A.; Haley, Michael P.
2602 The mating patterns of females when territorial differences among males are reduced: A test in the polygynous beaugregory damselfish Itzkowitz, M.I. ; Draud ,M.J.; Triefenbach,F.; Haley, Michael P.
4777 The Role of NGOs in Environmental Policy Failures in a Developing Country: The Mismanagement of Jamaica's Coral Reefs Haley, Michael P.; Clayton, Anthony

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