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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Haughton, Michael Processed on 6/23/2018
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8 Titles Listed for the author selected: Haughton, Michael
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5696 A methodology for improved synergy between the classroom and management practices Haughton, Michael A.; Crick, Anne P; Moore, Stanford; Nicholson, Lawrence
2599 Comparing strategies for addressing delivery shortages in stochastic demand settings Haughton, Michael A.; Stenger, Alan J.
2480 Quantifying the benefits of route reoptimixation under stochastic customer demands Haughton, Michael A.
5579 Route reoptimization's impact on delivery efficiency Haughton, Michael A.
1254 Semi-variable delivery routes and the efficiency of outbound logistics Haughton, Michael; Stenger, Alan J.
2579 The performance of route modification and demand stabilization strategies in stochastic vehicle routing Haughton, Michael A.
2629 The role of benchmarking in the performance of the import process Haughton, Michael A.
5888 The role of multi-faceted approaches to resource scheduling problems in Jamaica's health care sector Haughton, Michael A.

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