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27 Titles Listed for the author selected: Henry-Lee, Aldrie Processed on 10/21/2020
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27 Titles Listed for the author selected: Henry-Lee, Aldrie
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6128 Henry-Lee, Aldrie; Yearwood, Andrea
6172 [Review of] Community involvement in health development : a review of the concept and practice Henry-Lee, Aldrie
2288 A profile of health research in Jamaica 1991-1995. Essential National Health Research Task Force Figueroa, J. P. ; Henry-Lee, Aldrie
993926 A Sociology of Child Poverty in Jamaica Henry-Lee, Aldrie
994356 Child Rights in Jamaica since Independence Henry-Lee, Aldrie
5007 Children of Convicted Drug Mules: Do they have rights too? Henry-Lee, Aldrie
6644 Chronic poverty in urban ghettos in Jamaica Henry-Lee, Aldrie
4963 Conflict, gender relations and the health of women in two low income communities In Jamaica Henry-Lee, Aldrie; Bailey, Wilma R.; Branche, Clement
4925 Convergence or exclusivity: The Lewis model and the rights based approach to development. [Abstract] Henry-Lee, Aldrie
6046 Convergence? The Lewis Model and the rights-based approach to development Henry-Lee, Aldrie
4919 Economic deprivation and private adjustments: The case of security guards in Jamaica Henry-Lee, Aldrie
6664 Gender and equity in access to health care in Jamaica and Barbados Brenzel, Logan; Henry-Lee, Aldrie; Le Franc, Elsie
4256 Gender relations and conflict managment in inner-city communities in Jamaica: The importance of community participation Bailey, Wilma R.; Branche, Clement; Henry-Lee, Aldrie
7362 Implications for Social Service Delivery in a Weak Social Policy Environment Henry-Lee, Aldrie
6655 Implications for social service delivery in a weak social policy environment Henry-Lee, Aldrie
4977 Implications for Social Service Delivery in a Weak Social Policy Environment Henry-Lee, Aldrie
7505 Linking researchers and policy-makers: some challenges and approaches Gordon-Strachan, Georgiana; Bailey, Wilma; Lalta, Stanley; Ward, Elizabeth; Henry-Lee, Aldrie; LeFranc, Elsie
2803 Patterns of contraceptive use among female clients utilizing the public health services in Jamaica [Abstract] Henry-Lee, Aldrie; Fox, Kristin
5031 Poverty Eradication and the CSME. [Abstract] Henry-Lee, Aldrie
4916 Private poverty and gender in Guyana and Barbados Henry-Lee, Aldrie; LeFranc, Elsie R-M.
5013 Research and Policy: Essential National Health Research in Jamaica W.I. Henry-Lee, Aldrie; Figueroa, J.P.
6739 Strategic Planning for Children in Jamaica Henry-Lee, Aldrie; Heron, Taitu
7268 The 'total' character of incarceration in Jamaica Clarke, Mary; Henry-Lee, Aldrie
993468 The dynamics of poverty in Jamaica, 1989-1999 Henry-Lee, Aldrie
2804 The impact of contraceptive side effects on family planning use among female clients of the public health services in Jamaica [Abstract] Fox, Kristin; Henry-Lee, Aldrie
5035 The nature of poverty in the garrison constituencies in Jamaica Henry-Lee, Aldrie
7617 Violence against children in the Caribbean : A regional assessment Chevannes, Pauletta; Meeks-Gardner, Julie; Henry-Lee, Aldrie.; Thomas, P.; Henningham, Helen; Coore, Charlene

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