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17 Titles Listed for the author selected: Hewitt, Hermi H Processed on 3/28/2015
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17 Titles Listed for the author selected: Hewitt, Hermi H
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1822 A proposed clinical ladder in two wards of a Jamaican public hospital Hewitt, Hermi H
4532 Antibacterial Effects of Carica Papaya Fruit on Common Wound Organisms Dawkins, Garth S.; Hewitt, Hermi H. ; Wint, Y. B. ; Obiefuna, P. C. ; Wint, B.
1947 Antibacterial effects of Carica papaya fruit on common wound organisms [abstract] Dawkins, Garth S.; Hewitt, Hermi H.; Wint, Yvonne B.; Obiefuna, P. C
4513 Comparison of Normal Saline and Heparinized for Patency of IV Locks in Neonates Schultz, A. A.; Drew, D.; Hewitt, Hermi H.
895 Contributions of nursing leader to the development of nursing education in Jamaica 1946-1987: a methodological approach. Hewitt, Hermi H.
894 Educating nurses to change their attitudes about caring for patients with HIV/AIDS. Hewitt, Hermi H.
1843 Imagining the worlds we wish for: Change makers, nurses impacting policy Hewitt, Hermi H.
7509 Managed Migration: The Caribbean Approach to Addressing Nursing Services Capacity Salmon, M; Yan, J; Hewitt, Hermi H.; Guisinger, V
1820 Passing on more than a blank disc: A task for nursing historians Hewitt, Hermi H.; Donahue, M
7518 Prevalence of asthma in the adult population in Jamaica Kahwa, Eulalia; K.; Younger, Novie O.; Waldron, Norman K.; Wint, Yvonne B.; Hewitt, Hermi H.
4607 Quality of Life of Informal Home-Based Caregivers of Persons with HIV/AIDS [Abstract] Campbell, A.; Scott, Angella A.; Stanley, S.; Wright, I.; Bancroft, Y.; Duff, Edith M.; Bailey, Ellen Y.; Kahwa, Eulalia; Manning, D.; Hewitt, Hermi H.
4510 Socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of Jamaican adolescents with HIV/AIDS Walker, E.; Mayes, B.; Ramsay, Donnette Hope; Hewitt, Hermi H.; Bain, Brendan C.; Christie, Celia D.
7444 The Jamaican asthma and allergies national prevalence survey Kahwa, Eulalia K.; Wint, Yvonne B.; Waldron, Norman K.; Hewitt, Hermi H.; Knight-Madden, Jennifer M.
1827 The need for a central nursing administrative structure within the Ministry of Health, Jamaica Hewitt, Hermi H
7278 The use of papaya on pressure ulcers: A natural alternative Hewitt, Hermi H.; Wint, Yvonne B.; Talabere, L.; Lopez, Sheryll A.; Bailey, Ellen Y.; Parshad, Omkar; Weaver, Steve R.
1836 Topical use of papaya in chronic skin ulcer therapy in Jamaica Hewitt, Hermi H.; Whittle, Sybil; Lopez, Sheryll A. ; Bailey, Ellen Y. ; Weaver, Steve R.
4512 Transluminal Oclusion of a Pseudoaneurysm Arising from a Thoracic Aortic Graft Patch Using Catheter Delivery of Thrombin Badran, M.F.; Gould, D.A.; Sampson, C.; Harris, P.L.; Hewitt, Hermi H.; Stables, R.; Rashid, A.

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