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30 Titles Listed for the author selected: Hyslop, Eric J Processed on 11/25/2020
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30 Titles Listed for the author selected: Hyslop, Eric J
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3252 A study of the benthic macroinvertebrate community in the estuarine region of selected Jamaican rivers [Abstract only] Bent, S. M.; Hyslop, Eric J.
4126 A study of the taxonomy of gambusia spp. Poey 1854 in Jamaican rivers using molecular and morphological techniques [Abstract] Bennett, Kerri-Ann L.; Hyslop, Eric J.
4074 A survey of the freshwater fauna of the Cockpit country, Jamaica [Abstract] DAndrea, Michela E.; Hyslop, Eric J.
3038 A systematic and biogeographic study of the caddishfly fauna of Jamaica (Insecta: Trichoptera) Botosaneanu, Lazare; Hyslop, Eric J.
3037 Additional contribution to the knowledge of the caddyisfly fauna of Jamaica (Trichoptera) Botosaneanu, Lazare; Hyslop, Eric J.
2869 Applications of the nuclear analytical facilities at ICENS to research in natural sciences Vutchkov, Mitko K.; Lalor, Gerald C.; Allsworth-Jones, Philip; Bailey, Wilma R. ; Greenaway, Alan; Hyslop, Eric J.; Kahwa, Ishenkumba A.; Robinson, E.N.
3134 Biomonitoring of the lower Rio Cobre, St. Catherine, Jamaica, using Macroinvertebrates and Zooplankton as indicators of organic pollution [Abstract only] Ruddock, Sheries; Hyslop, Eric J.
3239 Biomonitoring of the north Elim River, Jamaica: Changes in the benthic macroinvertibrate community with reduced levels of heavy organic pollution (dunder) [Abstract only] John, Kimberly; Hyslop, Eric J.
3328 Biomonitoring of the Rio Cobre using macroinvertebrates as pollution indicators Hyslop, Eric J.; Nesbeth, D. A.; Shakes, Sherine; Ruddock, Sheries
3290 Eco-parasitological investigation of Thiara granifera at the Mona Reservoir [Abstract only] Mckoy, Stacey; Hyslop, Eric J.; Robinson, Ralph D.
4227 Effect of sublethal concentrations of endosulfan on growth and fecundity of two species of snails Ellis-Tabanor, M.; Hyslop, Eric J.
3250 Effect of the alumina waste on diversity and abundance of the benthic macroinvertebrates of the upper Rio Cobre [Abstract only] Nesbeth, D. A.; Hyslop, Eric J.
3254 Evaluation of the benthic macroinvertebrate composition of the Rio Cobre and selected tributaries, with special emphasis on the family thiaridae [Abstract only] Fender, Andrea B.; Hyslop, Eric J.
4046 Evaluation of the benthic macroinvertebrate fauna of Rio Cobre and selected tributaries, with special emphasis on the Family Thiaridae, Gastropoda [Abstract] Fender, Andrea B.; Hyslop, Eric J.
3199 First report of the occurrence on a population of gambusia affinis holbrooki (Girard, 1854) in Jamaican freshwaters, and an examination of aspects of the biology of the species [Abstract only] Hoo, Lesley S.; Hyslop, Eric J.
2905 Freshwater thiarid snails as biological monitors of aluminum levels in the Rio Cobre River Shakes, S.; Lalor, Gerald C; Vutchkov, Mitko K.; Hyslop, Eric J.
4117 Habitat partitioning, diet and radular structure of neritina punctulata, Bussu; in two Portland rivers [Abstract] Martin, Tamara R.; Wolf, Klaus W.; Hyslop, Eric J.
3036 Longitudinal variation in fish species composition in the Angabanga river, Papua New Guinea with observations on the trophic status of certain fish species Hyslop, Eric J.
3295 Longitudinal zonation of benthic macroinvertebrates in the Buff Bay River, Jamaica [Abstract only] Hunte, Meshagae; Hyslop, Eric J.
3253 Observation on the diet of various species of grey mullet (Mugilidae) from the South Coast Fishery, Jamaica [Abstract only] Gordon, June; Hyslop, Eric J.
3035 Observations on the diet of a community of freshwater fishes from the lower Kikori River, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea Hyslop, Eric J.
3256 Ontogenetic change in the diet of acanthuridę from Discovery Bay, Jamaica [Abstract only] Levy, Jahsen; Haley, Michael P.; Hyslop, Eric J.
3274 Research into the biology of Jamaican freshwater microinvertebrates and fishes - directions and overview [Abstract only] Hyslop, Eric J.
4113 Selected factors affecting the benthic macroinvertebrates of the lower Rio Minho, Clarendon [Abstract] Lawson, Christine A.; Hyslop, Eric J.
4062 The effect of urban and agricultural impacts on macroinvertebrate communities in the Upper Rio Minho [Abstract] Montaque, Keina K.; Hyslop, Eric J.
4102 The effects of a salinity gradient on benthic macroinvertebrate communities in Spanish and Bull Bay Rivers and the recovery of these organisms from major flooding and dredging events [Abstract] Leiba, Nneka S.; Hyslop, Eric J.
3198 The effects of exposure to endosulfan on the growth and reproduction of two species thiaridae (Gastropoda) [Abstract only] Tabanor, M. E.; Hyslop, Eric J.
3251 The effects of rum distillery effluent on the periphytic diatom community of the North Elim River, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, with special reference to community change as a response to river recovery [Abstract only] Hee, J. La; Hyslop, Eric J.; Webber, Dale F.
4881 The impact of the introduced red claw crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus (von Martens, 1868) in two Jamaican rivers [Abstract] Todd, Sacha-Renee L.; Warner, George F.; Hyslop, Eric J.
3289 The use of periphyton and benthic macroinvertebrates in the biomonitoring of the North Elim River, St Elizabeth, Jamaica [Abstract only] John, Kimberly; La Hee, Josette; Hyslop, Eric J.; Webber, Dale F.

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