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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Jackson, Yvette, A Processed on 11/27/2020
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12 Titles Listed for the author selected: Jackson, Yvette, A
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89 Antifertility effects of naturally occurring phenyl propanoid derivatives against Boophilus microplus (Canestrinii) Williams, L.A.D.; Simpson, G.I.; Jackson, Yvette, A.
1608 Congener development in Jamaican rum over an aging period of three years Jackson, Yvette, A.,; Thompson, I.L.; Thomas, E.A.C.
1605 Development of process parameters from full scale production of sorghum syrup Jones, S.,; Jackson, Yvette, A.; Forrest, D.
1606 Improved synthesis of dihydroisoquinoline reissert compounds Jackson, Yvette, A.,; Stephenson, E.K.; Cava, M.P.
1579 Improved synthesis of esculetin Jackson, Yvette, A
1607 Insecticidal activity of synthetic 2-carboxylbenzfurans and their coumarin precurors Jackson, Yvette, A.,; Anderson, Mario; Williams, L.A.D.
1615 Insecticidal properties of selected benzofuran-2-carboxylic acid derivatives Jackson, Yvette, A.,; Williams, Mark F.; Williams, L.A.D.; Morgan, K.
995224 Nitrosoalkenes: Synthesis and properties of nitroso derivatives of a vinylogous tetrathiafulvalene Jackson, Yvette, A.,; Cava, M. P.; Parakka, J.P.; Lakshmikantham, M.V.
1614 Novel heterocycles from 2-Aminopyridine and derivatives of 3-Mehtylbenzofuran-2-carboxylic Acid Jackson, Yvette, A.,; Williams, Mark F.
1609 Predictive strategies for retention indices of some allylic alcohols and their ester by gas chromatography Jackson, Yvette, A.,; Simpson, G.I.
1581 Reply to 'Comments on predictive strategies for determining retention indices' Simpson, G.I.,; Jackson, Yvette, A.,
1554 The regioselective animation of some simple indole-4,7 - quinones Jackson, Yvette, A.,; Billimoria, A. D.; Sadanandan, E.V.; Cava, M. P.

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