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27 Titles Listed for the author selected: Johnson, J
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4696 A Reasoned Approach to the Management of Ureteric Colic in the Emergency Department Williams-Johnson, J. ; Aiken, William D.; Donald, Archibald H.
6598 An assessment of clinical predictors of intracranial head injury using CTscans West, W.; Chambers, D.; Myint, K.; Cornwall, D.; Johnson, J.
6294 Association between exposure/non-exposure to the mandatory seat belt law with regards to compliance in vehicle accident victims--a hospital review Williams, E. W. ; Reid, M. ; Lindo, J. L. ; Williams-Johnson, J. ; French, S. ; Singh, P. ; McDonald, A. H.
7045 Asymptomatic Microscopic Haematuria Williams, Eric W.; Williams-Johnson, Jean A.; McDonald, Archibald H.; Williams, Winston
7417 Asymptomatic microscopic haematuria Williams, Eric; Williams-Johnson, Jean A.; McDonald, Archibald H.
4639 Chest Pain in the Emergency Department: The Broad Spectrum of Causes [Abstract] Williams-Johnson, J.; Williams, Eric W.; Harris, C.; McDonald, Archibald H.
7201 Emergency department physician training in Jamaica: a national public hospital survey Crandon, I. W. ; Harding, H. E. ; Cawich, S. O. ; Williams, E. W. ; Williams-Johnson, J.
7302 Emergency Medicine in Jamaica McDonald, Archibald H.; Williams-Johnson, Jean A.; Williams, Eric W.; French, Simone J
4609 Epidemiology of Admissions for Sports-Related Injuries at the University Hospital of the West Indies [Abstract] Williams-Johnson, J. ; McDonald, Archibald H.; Meeks-Aitken, Nicola; Williams, Eric W.; Lindo, John F.; Singh, P.
4515 Falls: A Modifiable Risk Factor for the Occurrence of Hip Fractures in the Elderly Williams-Johnson, J. ; Wilks, Rainford J. ; McDonald, Archibald H.
2206 Hip fractures: A University Hospital of the West Indies emergency room experience [abstract] Williams-Johnson, J.; McDonald, Archibald H.
6194 Image and diagnosis. Cutaneous larva migrans (CLM) Williams, E. W. ; Lindo, John F. ; French, S. ; Chambers, A. ; Williams-Johnson, J.
6825 Lessons from surgical embolectomy for saddle pulmonary embolism: A case report and literature review Williams, Eric W.; Cawich, Shamir O.; Irvine, Roger; Shah, Sundeep; Williams-Johnson, Jean; Blake, Garfield; Singh, Praim; Hall, Nadia; Espinosa, Kurdell; French, Simone J
4472 Oesophageal Foreign Bodies at the University Hospital of the West Indies Williams, Eric W. ; Chambers, D. ; Ashman, Hugh ; Williams-Johnson, J.; Singh, P. ; McDonald, Archibald H. ; Reid, Marvin E.; Brown, B.
4500 Oesophageal Foreign Bodies at the University Hospital of the West Indies [Abstract] Williams Eric W.; Chambers, D.; Ashman, Hugh; Williams-Johnson, J.; Singh, P.; McDonald, Archibald. H.; Lindo, John F.; Wierenga, Andrea M.; Forde, R.
6290 Penetrating neck trauma and the aberrant subclavian artery Williams, E. W. ; Cawich, S. O. ; James, M. ; Felix, R. A. ; Ashman, H. ; Douglas, V. ; Williams-Johnson, J. ; French, S. ; McDonald, A. H.
917 Radioimmunotherapy of Interleukin-2R - Expressing adult T-cell leukemia with yttrium-90-labeled anti-tac. Waldmann, Thomas A.; White, Jeffrey D.; Carrasquillo, Jorge A.; Reynolds, James C.; Paik, Chang H.; Gansow, Otto A.; Brechbiel, Martin W.; Jaffe, Elaine S.; Fleisher, Thomas A.; Goldman, Carolyn K.; Top, Lois E.; Bamford, Richard; Zaknoen, Sara; Roessler, Eric; Kasten Sportes, Claude; England, Richard; Litou, Hariklia; Johnson, John A.; Jackson White, Terri; Manns, Angela; Hanchard, Barrie; Junghans, Richard P.; Nelson, David L.
6959 Retrospective evaluation of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in Jamaica Cawich, Shamir O.; Arthurs, Milton; Williams, Eric W.; Mitchell, Derek I.G.; Laws, Dale A.L.; Williams-Johnson, Jean; Plummer, Joseph M.; Brown, Hilary
6982 Simultaneous spontaneous bilateral pneumothoraces in an asthmatic Williams-Johnson, Jean; Williams, Eric; Hart, N.; Maycock, C.; Bullock, K.; Ramphal, Paul
6306 Six years experience of angioedema at the University Hospital of the West Indies Williams-Johnson, J. A. ; Hemmings, S. ; Williams, E. W. ; Channer, G. ; McDonald, A. H.
7600 Spectrum of admissions for sports related injuries at the University Hospital of the West Indies Kingston Jamaica: A look at injury prevention Williams-Johnson, Jean; Williams, Eric; Meeks-Aitken, Nicola; McDonald, Archibald H.; Singh, Praimanand
6227 Spontaneous haemo-pneumothorax: a rare but life-threatening phenomenon Williams, E. W. ; Ramphal, P. S. ; Williams-Johnson, J. ; Ford, R. ; McDonald, A. H.
4509 Tetanus - going but not gone! preventive strategies revisited [Abstract] Williams, Eric W.; Harding, Hyacinth E.; Forde, R.; Chambers, D.; Alagappan, K.; Williams-Johnson, J; French, S. J.; Hutson, R.; Singh, P.; McDonald, Archibald H.
6357 The effect of Hurricane Ivan on Emergency Department operations at the University Hospital of the West Indies Williams, E. W. ; Williams-Johnson, J. ; French, S. ; Singh, P. ; McDonald, A. H. ; Ford, R.
7543 The evolution of emergency medicine in Jamaica Williams, Eric; Williams-Johnson, Jean; McDonald, Archibald; French, Simone; Hutson, Rhonda; Singh, Praimanand; Sadock, J.; Butchey, R.; Ellis, M.; Thompson, C.; Espinosa, K.
6601 The experience with percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy at the University Hospital of the West Indies Cawich, S.O.; Arthurs, M.; Williams, E.W.; Laws, D.A.L.; Williams-Johnson, J.
7440 Trends from the UHWI of non-fatal intentional and accidental selfpoisoning with benzodiazepines, phenothiazines, tricyclic antidepressants, paracetamol and non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs Gossell-Williams, Maxine D.; Williams-Johnson, Jean A.; Simon, Oswald R.

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