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3 Titles Listed for the author selected: Kalra, L Processed on 11/26/2020
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3 Titles Listed for the author selected: Kalra, L
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4813 Ethnic Differences in Arterial Responses and Inflammatory Markers in Afro-Caribbean and Caucasian Subjects Kalra, Lalit; Rambaran, Curtis; Chowienczyk, Philip; Goss, David; Hambleton, Ian R.; Ritter, James; Shah, Ajay; Wilks, Rainford J.; Forrester, Terrence E.
3786 The role of inheritance and environment in predisposition to vascular disease in people of African descent Kalra, L. ; Rambaran, C. ; Iveson, E. ; Chowienczyk, P. J. ; Hambleton, I. ; Ritter, J. M. ; Shah, A. ; Wilks, Rainford J. ; Forrester, T.
6408 The vascular effects of metabolic impairment clusters in subjects of different ethnicities Rambaran, C. ; Chowienczyk, P. ; Ritter, J. ; Shah, A. ; Wilks, R. ; Forrester, T. ; Kalra, L.

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